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Google's Sundar Pichai tells the Wall Street Journal there will be a new Samsung Nexus 10

Sundar Pichai, the same Googler we had breakfast with yesterday in San Francisco, has reportedly given the Wall Street Journal's Amir Efrati a couple tidbits about the next generation Nexus 10 -- the who and the when.

Samsung apparently will continue to be the manufacturer of the Nexus 10. Much like how Google decided to stick with Asus through two versions of their Nexus 7, it appears the same will be true with their 10-inch tablet.

Efrati tweeted that we will see the new Nexus 10 "in the near future." If Google decides to follow the same release strategy with their 10-inch tablet as they have with their 7-inch tablet (which had a product cycle of about a year), it would mean a release date around November.

Perhaps they will invite us to lunch this time?

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Samsung said to make the next Nexus 10, coming in 'the near future'



For what I need a 10" tablet to do, I will be more than happy getting the current N10 at an even lower price once the 2nd gen hits the scene.

People on eBay are already selling like new condition 32GB N10s for $300-$350. That's a great deal considering the 16GB goes for $399 plus tax brand new...

Yeah, I agree.

Every other mobile device coming forth is using a Snapdragon chipset of some sort. Exynos is the odd ball, regardless of however powerful it is. It'll make developing easier and the end user's experience much greater.

I like how Google is spreading the Nexus love so to speak. Asus getting two generations of the 7" tablet; Samsung getting another try at the Nexus 10; and hopefully LG to bring a 2nd gen Nexus 4.

Pretty smart on Google's part, as they're allowing different manufacturers to capitalize on Android; thus securing competition in the long run. Imagine if say Samsung was given the green light on the N4, N7, and N10; that would pretty much halt competition. By having different manufacturers bring to market the different form factors, it's making everyone happy and giving everyone a chance to make money off the Android pie; that secures Google's Android platform future even more while chipping away at Apple... 3-4 solid manufacturers will beat 1, eventually.

This is my primary concern as well!!! I want a Nexus 10 refresh with a snapdragon 800 and perhaps louder speakers... Everything else is perfect as is. However, with the recent news of an upgraded Exynos 5... I feel that us probably what we'll end up getting. I'll buy it either way... But I'd much rather have the snapdragon.

I am disappointed by my Nexus 10. Chrome has never worked right. I need to restart every day to keep lag down to a minimum. Graphically intensive games like Sworcery, Frozen Synapse, The Room crash constantly.

I wish I had bought an iPad instead.

Almost 24 hours in with 4.3 and it's a completely different device now. Much smoother, no crashes, no restarts. It's everything I had hoped it would be when I bought it back in December.

I hope it works out for you too.

Took mine back and figured I'd just wait for the next version about 2 months ago. But if you think the iPad doesn't freeze or have issues too your hearts gonna be broken. I'm gonna have to see how the windows 8/android duo tablets perform.

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I have a gs4 and a ipad2 and let me tell you the ipad never once froze or lagged I like both platforms but you r wrong about the ipad perfect everytime

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I love android and dislike ios, but my ipad 2 that I purchased when it first launched, has never disappointed me. I've had 2 nexus 7 and sold them. When it comes to tablets, the ipad is hard to beat. I would like to try a nexus 10 though.

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I use an iPad for work and I hate it. I have to reset it in the middle of some process almost every time I use it. I bought a Nexus 7 specifically so I could stop using the POS iPad.

Yep we have them at work too glad I don't have to support them they are always having issue. Simply put nothing is perfect but when people expect it to be that is when the fun starts.

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So you have had a laggy experience with 1 android product. Maybe you shouldn't assume they all run exactly the same. I had an ipod touch that was horrendously buggy. I still buy apple products.

I hear so many Apple fans talk about how they never have problems with their laptops or iPhones or iPads... yet when I'm actually around them when they're in use, I hear them cursing and mumbling in frustration just as much as any other tech user. Apple is magical with the mind voodoo.

How come if someone likes apple they r nuts but when people like you make things up to make yourself feel better are not nuts I have both plat forms so I am a fan of both before you use the sheep word

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I have no problem having a civil debate with you. It is so hard though because of the complete lack of punctuation and terrible spelling.

You cant be too smart then to understand what I wrote I think a 2 year old would figure it out smart ass

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Reread what you just wrote:

"You cant be too smart then to understand what I wrote I think a 2 year old would figure it out smart ass"

That "sentence" makes no sense.

You're generous, to call that a sentence. It's more like a runaway fragment lol.

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He wasn't saying that Apple users are nuts, if you actually tried to understand what he was saying, you would understand that this is a reference to Apple's marketing ability.

indeed, Apple employ very clever engineers who make their products very easy to use and great to look at, and marketing people who persuade people that buying Apple means their customers are very clever too.

Same, I hear about how well siri works. But my coworker I sit next to, whenever trying to use Siri for reminders has to redo it 2 or 3 times because it isn't following his commands correctly. While I say to Google Now "Remind me to take out the trash tonight at 5:30 pm" and thats it, flawless.

Apple products are an essential part of my life. I work on an iMac at home and an OG Mac Pro at work, and I wouldn't want to change that. On the other hand I would never spend the money on any Apple product with a battery. I have had nothing but bad luck with ipod touches and poor luck with an OG Macbook pro. Apple makes beautiful hardware, but their batteries and extremely over priced accessories are enough to keep me away.

Same with chrome it hardly works but use safari flawless you can nick pick both all day long but in the end not one is better they are both good

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I have about a couple hundred thousand people that will disagree with you. I know the even most hardcore Apple fans and they still use Firefox or Chrome over Safari.

Don't use it then. It's Android you aren't locked down.

I had a Note 2 and have a friend with a S4. neither of us had issues with Chrome.

Really?? Even Google will concede that Chrome is a lag-fest.

You like android like most of us here. That doesn't mean you have to blatantly lie. I will have to try very hard to find a browser which lags more than chrome.

OK, but most people that would say Android "sucks" aren't fans and users of Android (at least anymore). While people that say Safari sucks are still Apple users. You are comparing two different things.

You should look right below and read better.

Quote me:
"Apple products are an essential part of my life. I work on an iMac at home and an OG Mac Pro at work, and I wouldn't want to change that. On the other hand I would never spend the money on any Apple product with a battery. I have had nothing but bad luck with ipod touches and poor luck with an OG Macbook pro. Apple makes beautiful hardware, but their batteries and extremely over priced accessories are enough to keep me away."

And I never once used the term "brainwashed"

You are clearly arguing just to cause a rise.

Can the two of you please continue, it is pretty funny.

Joe for once I have to be on your are actually trying hard to have a conversation.

Wow, this kid is pathetic. Listen ridge sack you need to go somewhere else and troll. Why haven't you sold your gs4 or traded it for a precious iPhone? I remember you trolling on another comment section months ago and trying to start arguments with people. Hint the word "start", you failed miserably. Oh and don't bother replying to me ridge sack, I will not feed your troll self.

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I only buy android phones. I haven't used anything but android phones since the Samsung captivate. All I was saying is that I have had a great experience with my ipad 2. I'm not a fanboy of either OS. I like android on phones and ios on tablets. But I will try a new nexus 7.

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My iPad doesn't freeze or lag. My Nexus 10 always did and my Nexus 7 might have a couple times (but not enough to make it notable). I'll be purchasing the new Nexus 7 and skipping the 10 and 4 upgrades this year. I was very disappointed with Samsung's first Nexus 10 and the Nexus 4, while a good device, wasn't by any means a flagship device. So Google Editions from now on, I suppose.

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What was your poor experience with the Nexus 4? I have had nothing but an amazing experience with mine. It still outdoes current flagship phones imo.

I can't say for the Nexus 10, never used one but have been tempted to get one.

I love my Nexus 7, I will admit that it has stuttered here and there but nothing major at all, it is a wonderful device. I think a lot of that has to do with 4.2.2. I have heard good things from people who have got 4.3 pushed to them already.

My N4 is amazing in my opinion. To put that in perspective, I owned every iPhone from 1st gen to the 4s. I then had a GS3. The Nexus is the best of the lot

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I sold my nexus 4 so I could buy the gs4 and run a google edition rom on it. The nexus 4 is still a better experince for stock android IMO.

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I never had problems with lag on my Nexus 10... never anything frustrating or noticeable anyway. The only exception was the Chrome browser which would lag and cause crashes before the 4.2.2 update... but I haven't had any problems since March.

So I'm super excited for the next Nexus 10.

You might also just want to keep an eye on how many apps you're running simultaneously. Especially if any of them are streaming or video apps... Usually I only experience lag w/ 8-10+ apps open sometimes... But closing a few solves that.

I never have problems with Chrome, but I do get random restarts every couple of weeks. But like others have said... If you think you will not run into occasional problems on an iPad, you must have never owned one.

The original N10 is the under appreciated ugly duckling of the Nexus family (okay, perhaps that's the Nexus Q). It is a more of a media device compared to the N7's gaming device target market. But it is a fabulous tablet, and I cherish it daily. Smoothest Android device I've ever used.

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I agree, but I felt stock ran like crap on mine. Really realized my N10s potential when I unlocked and started flashing

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I've seen no reports that it's live yet. It takes a few days for these rollouts to fully complete.

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Not quite accurate. All that happened is someone from LG said they currently had no plans to, but were very open to the idea of making the next one.

Basically, at the time they didn't know if they were making it. They very well could be.

So in other words we'll get another tablet with no accessories. I love Samsung's Nexus products but their accessory support is abysmal.

Seriously. They may as well just leave the pogo pins off of the next model, since we're obviously never going to see a dock.

We never saw any of the pogo pin chargers for the Galaxy Nexus either, although Google said there would be lots of cool accessories using them.

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First off, it is a Nexus. Samsung only makes what is ordered. Google would also be the ones to order up accessories.

It is a mistake to lay it on Samsung. Now if it would have sold like gangbusters, many companies would have made accessories, but the fact that no one did shows you there was not enough of a market for it.

If you sell it, they will come....

I really doubt a new nexus 10 is coming soon- they are basing that off of the thought that Google will release one ever 12 months.

Google releases nexus products with new versions of android, so my guess is Nov/December time.


I love my N10. Still fast and reliable. This only means, for me, that N10 2 will get more visibility, so maybe we'll get a dock this time!

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I hope they do a better job than they did on the last one with all the quality control issues. Also maybe they will actually calibrate the screen this time so it doesn't look so washed out. The screen looks awful compared to an iPad 4. Plus LTE. Plus a much better gpu.

Take 15 mins to unlock/root it and you can calibrate the screen EXACTLY to your liking. It's a's MEANT for tinkering. How much does that iPad w/ LTE cost? ~$750. Right.

9 out of 10 people don't know how to root and tinker or they don't want to, they just want their device to work out of the box.

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Mine is coming up on a year old and I have no idea what you mean by 'quality control issues'. I haven't had any problems with the software or build quality at all.

The screen looks freaking awesome. My father has an iPad 4 and is planning to switch to the new Nexus. I switched from an iPad 3. The Nexus 10 is easy to recommend to anyone not fully committed to the Apple ecosystem.

I will still be going with the wifi version, but I can certainly understand the desire for LTE. If anything, I wish they'd offer a 64 GB option though. And a much better gpu is a given... it will either have the updated Exynos 5 or a Snapdragon 800.

How about the new "version" coming with a smaller and less rounded bezel. The current model just looks ugly!!!

Fix the problems and I will buy!!!

You want sharp-cornered bezels? :-/... I like the look and design of the current model myself. The bezels aren't even that thick... the only part that looks thick are the sides with the speaker grille.

But those speakers are so practical that I do not want to go back to using a tablet that places them on the back of the device... so by all means they should keep the design as is imo.

I'm sure I'll get ripped for this (I must be clueless) but why isn't Google pushing Motorola hardware/innovation since they OWN them? Did I miss something there?

I'm a huge fan of Samsung mobile and ASUS everything and actually don't care for most Motorola things (cable modems are quality) but this seems odd to hand a @#$% ton of business to 2 other companies when you own a huge hardware maker like Motorola.

Google is a huge member of the Open Handset Alliance.

I shouldn't have to elaborate beyond that.

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Part of the deal with Google buying Moto was that they had to treat ALL manufacturers fairly, and could not just favor moto on the nexus products for a period of 5 years from close. This was the deal they made with the Chinese. Not sure what the penalties would be but there it is.

If moto comes up with the best Nexus device, they will get the contract for it. Right now it looks like Google is going with what works. Asus, Samsung, LG (we'll see about the N5 if they hold pattern)

and the device will have limited availability (at least in my country). Seems Samsung doesn't want to market it compared to Asus. Nexus7 is available in all major office/computer store so I can see/feel and evaluate the device firsthand. Nexus10 is only available from the playstore :/