Verizon Upgrade Policy

Guess that makes it official, folks. The Wall Street Journal has confirmed the news we broke more than a week ago -- that Verizon's ending the NE2 program and that customers on two-year contracts will have to go through 20 months of their 24-month contract before upgrading. Couple more days, and they can confirm the one we broke about Verizon switching to a 14-day return policy. In the meantime, we ask that you all direct your displeasure in the comments below. Namaste. [WSJ]

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icebike says:

Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back there Phil.

Especially when you ignore virtually all the tips people send you till weeks later, and then claim you found them yourselves.

trenen says:

Never used NE2.

silverfang77 says:

What a ridiculous change. Why are phone carriers so arrogant and condescending toward their customers?

Davest says:

It's simple, really...they think that they'll be more profitable with this change. They're in business to make money, and they apparently feel that they'll gain more by making this change than they'll lose to people leaving because of it. They're probably right.

Our job is to vote with our wallets...if this is change is the finaly straw that makes another carrier more of a value for you, make the change. If enough of us do, they'll get the message.

That's possibly the best comment on any blog I've ever read. Thank you, sir.

Go Android! says:

Because it sounds like something Jerry would say :P

lol. Maybe that's why I like it so much.

But he is absolutely right. We (consumers) need to stop believing everything we see on television, or read, and examine how things like this affect each of us. If this doesn't affect you, no action is needed. If it does, then do what works best for you.

Remember, the people who make policy for Verizon are paid to make money for stockholders. If they don't, they will soon be looking elsewhere for a job. While they might not be evil, they do not have your best interests at heart -- that's your job.

WhoIsThis says:

Pretty much at this point, they'll do this sort of thing because they CAN. They know that most people are not going to switch, and that the few that do is less lost profit than the gains with their newer policies. I can imagine that similar policies may go in place with time over the next few days.

ChaosShadow says:

Couldn't have said it any better. :)

netposer says:

You do realize Apple iPhone drones are coming to Verizon right? This is why V is so arrogant. iPhone drones don't care as long as they get their iPhones.

bj1126 says:

One more reason to switch to Sprint.

hrbib21 says:

Too many entitlement happy folks out there. If you don't like it, go elsewhere. That's the beauty of a free country; you can spend YOUR money wherever YOU want.

dacp283 says:

Double post

dacp283 says:

Not entirely true. Some people have to use one service simply because limitations in others result in only one service being provided. Sorry for those of you stuck in a monopoly.

dq2477 says:

I just got off the phone with Customer Service at Verizon and she tried telling me that this is not true and that if it was true us customers would have recieved some sort of mail or email about the change. I don't believe her for a second. If and the wall street journal is reporting it, well then for goodness sakes it must be true!!! See what happens on the 16th.


trenen says:

One of those sources also misstated the release of the iPhone to VZW for several years.

bilbotn says:

I'm glad that T-mo has been putting more towers in my area. It will atleast give a viable choice after my contract expires.

hfm says:

T-Mo has a rather nice loyalty department as well..

jaimev27 says:

This Sucks, is this only for new costumers or for everyone?

ddarvish#IM says:

will i still be able to use my NE2 and annual upgrade one last time before this policy goes into effect?

kindaskimpy says:

Doesn't look like it, no. Sorry.

dacp283 says:

Nope after the 16th it's the shaft

darkrisen says:

So what are they putting in place of new every 2 or is there something going in its place? If I can get the 2 year contract price on phones anytime I choose to buy one then I'll be fine with it. Otherwise theres no way in hell im paying 400+ every time I need a new phone.

dacp283 says:

Get used to it man. You still get rebates, upgrade discount but can't do it every year unless on a year contract. Otherwise waiting at least 20 months for an upgrade without full retail cost.

dacp283 says:

At least that's what I'm gathering from this

Marshy says:

Wait, so 2 year upgrades are going away?
I think I'm confused. :p

jjbones says:

My guess is that this is related to the new Verizon iPhone. Now they don't have to be the best mobile provider - just better than AT&T.

cadis12 says:

Will I be grandfathered in and if not can I break my 2 year contract since they are making changes from my original contract?

gafly says:

They are not breaking your original contract... your original contract will be honored; however, when you go to use an early upgrade and they want you to sign a 2 year contract you'll be stuck with a phone for 20 months if you do sign it.

I'm trying to get someone from VZW to tell me that when I go to use my early upgrade this next time around they will let me sign a 1 year contract instead of a 2 year contract without charging me an ETF ...but so far no one "knows anything".

chsszc says:

Would this mean we can leave without an ETF when it officially is put in place?

loooney2ns says:

Of course my early upgrade would be January 31st so I miss by 2 weeks. I might have to use one of my other upgrades for the Bionic.

Kage87Z says:

TMobile is starting to look better all the time.

rkhaudio says:

I hope that Verizon will apply something back, maybe some lower prices, better plan costs etc. Verizon has always been very customer service friendly. This seems a like a step backwards, but who knows until the 16th ...

chief113 says:

Love ATT. If you lived near me, you would love it too. Verizon sucks an egg.

ranger363 says:

Is NE2 a policy or is it part of the actual contract you agreed to? I do not remember reading anything in the contract that stated anything about upgrading every two years. I believe, but may be mistaken, this is a policy and not part of your actual agreed to contract. If so, they are not breaking a contract, just stopping a policy they have had in place for quite a few years. And, if memory serves me correctly, they have altered this policy before and it did not affect the contract.

DibDab says:

Am I reading it wrong, or does it not say that Beginning January 16th customers will be eligible for promotional pricing as well as special offers they make available? Is that for all customers to get new phones then you can't upgrade for 20 months? Or are they saying that since they are canceling this NE2 and 1 year early upgrade that we will now be able to get a phone at the promo cost when we want? I'm not sure which way it's going on it.

Jaredshoes says:

was so looking forward to all the cool droids coming to VZw but i might have to switch to T-MO i cant stand this damn 2 year uprade policy

troyanthony says:

Oh that's why I have been with Sprint for 12 all you ship jumping iPhone users will have someone to beat up on besides poor AT&T. The iPhone is a great phone but after using a 4.3 inch screen there is no way I would down size to a 3.5 inch screen. Once you have had a 2 liter, a coke can just won't do. So good luck to all you new Verizon iPhone customers, lets see if they can keep from pissing you off like ol' AT&T did.

You chug 2 liters? lol wow, JK

dabaum says:

I'm happy with Verizon. My wife has the second line and keeps using her old phone that she likes, she doesn't want to change so I basically get the benefit of annual upgrades at 2 year pricing by alternating which line I upgrade. It's a win win for me.

theMehi says:

Is that IE6 in the picture border????

Haso17 says:

I apologize in advance if the image is huge but hopefully this will calm some nerves

rmidson says:

Trust me.

Verizon wouldn't change their policies just because....didn't anyone notice that this changes right before the iPhone comes out. Apple converts everyone to their rules.....

bduschel says:

You still get the NE2. You just dont receive the 50/100 dollar credit anymore. And there are no more Annual Upgrades on the primary line. Secondary lines had to wait 20 months while primary lines were 1 year. Now everyone waits 20 months.

kb31550 says:

I work for a verizon retailer while I dont really care about loosing the ne2 I do about the annual, so to answer someones question above yes you can do a 1 year the device will cost you a little more in store, but you will be eligible again in 10 months

nhf7170 says:

I imagine that Verizon will accelerate the end-of-lifing of its smartphones accordingly.

rawheat200 says:

I just used my early upgrade in December 2010. Does this mean I have one early upgrade left in 2011? Once I use it, I fall victim to VZW's NE2 screw you policy?

IzelTokatl says:

Sadly it is gone, but you can still do the phone exchange for credit. This should offset the new phone price, better than nothing.