Win Phil's Nexus One

I've said it before and I'll say it again: We have the coolest readers on the Internet. Better than PreCentral, better than TiPB, better than CrackBerry, even, and them's big words.

Anyhoo, after the break we bring you the third installment of entries in the quest to win my Nexus One, and they keep getting better and better. Can't wait to see what we get over the coming days.  And there's still time to enter. Details here. Good luck, everybody!

Nathan ... well, the video speaks for itself ...

Stephan from Germany sings us a tune ...

And you can download Stephan's song here. :)

Jake is trying for his first Android phone ...

Jose sacrifices his Windows Mobile phone ...

Here's Rolando (pimping his ROM site)...

Samat's third (and final ... and official) entry ...

Lulz. Android eggs.


Reader comments

Win Phil's Nexus One: Third batch of entries [contest]


Nathan for president lol

Nathan +3
Jose +2 (bad sas truck! if you run over a whyphone you win)
samat +1(for persistence atleast)

Jose, you could probably just buy a Nexus One for the cost of a few tanks of gas for that thing!

Nathan, what do you use to model and animate your Android?

Hi everybody.
I got only 2 videos. And this is my final one.
By the way +1 to Nathan!
How did you do that my friend?

Seriously, give your Nexus One away already before it becomes obsolete (by the time the HTC Incredible is available).

lol I agree! I want to win a phone too but I'm not as creative with the camera. Hopefully my Good vs Evil post wins the HTC Incredible contest!

I think Nathan should get it just for the awesome video-talk about originality!!!

Other than that my vote goes to Samat because I think he really deserves it-he was passionate about making that video all day!

I think Jose definitely should NOT get the phone. I mean, how much did all that stuff he put on his truck-flashing lights, fancy rims, low pro tires, all that chrome-cost? He can DEFINITELY afford his own! And, he probably could've gotten a warranty on the phone he destroyed...had he not destroyed it.

I tried getting it replaced through the warranty department repeatedly, but said that my claim was most likely damage related so they wouldnt. I've been without my own phone for about 6 weeks now.

Hey this is Jose. I guess I should of put a note in my vid, that truck is my brother-in-laws.
He was generous enough to help me out with the Vid. Hate to sound like a whiner but I don't have a phone right now, im sharing phones with one of my sisters.

This is about the best video, and why you deserve a Nexus 1. Not "can you afford a Nexus 1". So please, stay off the people who actually took their time to make videos and stop judging them because you think they can afford their own.

On a technical note, Nathan didn't actually put his face on camera, as was requested in the directions.

i think nathans was the coolest, i empathise the most with joes (i talk people out of buying TP2's every day), but i think the phone should go to Samat.
Its not just because he's the only one that cant actually afford the Nexus, its because hes bustin his butt and trying to rise above things AAND cant afford the nexus.

No offence, but I think that Samat is able to afford an android phone, because the house is in an area which semms not that poor and there are welathy familys in his country and I'm not convinced that the Hero is his brothers, I think it's his phone.
I think that Stephan, the german guy, was very creative and you shuld acknowledge that. Nathan was very creative, too, but he's not in the video himself and that was part of the idea, wasn't it?
Maybe I'm a bit biased, because I'm from Germany, too, but I vote for Stephan