Motorola XYBOARDs

With pre-orders for both the Wifi-only Motorola XYBOARD 10.1 and 8.2 having started up a while ago, Motorola has no decided its a good a time as any to actually start shipping the device out. An email was sent out, letting folks know the devices are now up for purchase on the Motorola website with free two-day shipping available as well for orders over $75. That's not a problem for those of looking to get a Motorola XYBOARD though considering the prices are as follows:

  • XYBOARD 10.1 32GB: $599.99
  • XYBOARD 10.1 16GB: $499.99
  • XYBOARD 8.2 32GB: $499.99
  • XYBOARD 8.2 16GB: $399.99

We've reviewed both the Motorola XYBOARD 10.1 and the XYBOARD 8.2 already, so if you're considering grab one, make sure you check out the reviews. If you've already decided you're going all in -- then you can hit the source links below to place your orders.

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Wifi-only Motorola XYBOARDs now shipping


I get what you are saying, but with the WiFi problems and the GPS not working all the time, and the fact that not even a month of the release, Asus announces a new model with a better screen coming out in the next quarter. Why pay top dollars for a device that is plagued with problems? Quad Core or not, I want my WiFi working correctly on a device that relies on WiFi for connectivity.

No WiFi issues with my Eee Pad Transformer Prime. Hell I'm typing this on the tablet, it's an amazing little device Yes, the GPS needs more work but for the price you're paying, the other features are well worth it than a tiny GPS issue.

I'm not saying that all the Prime's have issues, but it had to be a good amount that a major company issues a release of a redesigned model coming out in the upcoming months.

The new one will cost $100 more and has a release date for June. (which is the earliest estimate) Consider that there might be delays with that too.

That's about 5 months away AND it'll cost $100 more.

It's called a redesign because there really isn't anything major to add besides the resolution (btw, the screen on the Prime is pretty good already)

If you absolutely must use GPS on a tablet (I don't see why this would be the case when most people who buy tablets should already own a smartphone which should have GPS) then wait if you want.

I'm sorry but just too expensive for the features, should've been at least $100 cheaper for the 10.1 and $50 off for the 8.2

The Xoom was not a mistake and works wonderfully.
If you mean sucked into pay the pre-price-lowered-price.... that I can understand.

These prices are $100 higher than the Xoom, and make no sense.

Except the first Xoom was too expensive, was too heavy, and had a terrible screen.

My original transformer cost $50 less and beat the Xoom in basically everything else.

The Xoom worked, but a lot of things work -- you still need to compare it to other options.

It is not much heavier than other tablets of its age, it was more expensive because it was FIRST (and the price dropped to be competitive) and the screen looks just fine to me.

By the way- I just found out today that the Prime doesn't have stereo speakers like the Xoom.

OK Motorola is officially on crack. They're about $150 overpriced. These will be like the Playbook by later this year. Stupid ass Motorola smh.

My prime was $450 at Microcenter and it has 32GB memory (they recently raised their price though). This is a pretty tough sell considering the quad core prime is $499 for 32gb. I have no wifi problems. GPS is weak but who uses a tablet for navigation in a vehicle anyway which is the only thing it can't do.

Guess moto didn't learn their lesson with the xoom release.

My prediction.... They will sell less of these 4 tabs combined than the xoom overall.

Motorola sold 1,000,000 Xooms. But most of them were AFTER the price drop to the reasonable levels. Why they would go right back up to the pre-drop pricing again is truly baffling.

They make nice tablets... but not worth these prices they are starting out with.

They had a captive audience when they first released the Xoom- it was a Nexus. It was the first real Android tablet. It was the first Honeycomb device. But there is plenty of competition and choices now....

How about some help with pronunciation! I am guessing it is pronounces Z-Board or ZI-Board?

While you are at it How do we pronounce
HAUWEI? Howie?

Are they seriously charging $100 extra for what is, at absolute most, $20 worth of additional memory? And that's retail cost.

Who do they think they are, Apple?

Agree here. I am waiting for them to drop the price so I can pick the 32GB Xyboard 8.2".

My target price is $400. If they had it with 64GB for $450 it will be sweet. I really don't know what the management is smoking.

I bought the Xoom Wi-Fi on day of release knowing that every Android tablet after would be cheaper and/or better. It was the first Honeycomb device and that was the price of being an early adopter and I don't regret it. However, this Xyboard is being launched at the same high price and it is not much better. In fact, it could be argued that it is worse than than the Xoom as it has lost the microSD slot. I have played with the Xyboard at Verizon and the Transformer Prime at Best Buy and I cannot see any logical reason to take the Xyboard.

Well I pre-ordered this, I went for the 8.2 model with 16GB. Of course this is just the starting price, it will go down considerably til at Xmas, I expect it will be atleast $100 cheaper. Is the price i paid for it worth it: YES!
Here is why:

* It has an IR Blaster and the DIGIT app turns this into a virtual TV guide. Switch channels, look at what's playing, search.
* I can print my emails and my documents to my wifi printer ... i no longer need to boot up my computer for something like printing out email or pdf documents.
* I like the form factor, sleek, small and sexy. Perfect for browsing the web while watching TV, or just reading on. (NY Time app works nicely if you up the font size).
* Screen is awesome
* Speakers are awesome
* Motocast allows me to access my files anywhere
* No wifi problems, no GPS problems it all works .

Choice is good. Yes i could have gotten a bigger Quad core power house tablet. All points above is what primarily use the tablet for. Some chatting, some surfing, maybe some games, some tv control. I can see why some would want the flexibility, of a laptop, but if i need to modify documents, i don't want to do it on a 10 inch screen, without a mouse. I'll boot my computer thanks.

All fairly smooth now (some stuttering on Maps), when ICS comes out ... optimized for TI's Omap processor ... Ill be golden. Its a great investment for me and Ill pay the price to be able to access it a little earlier.