What makes a movie a classic? Truthfully, there is no simple answer to that question. If there was, every movie production company in the business would be throwing big bucks your way.

But for now, while you try to figure out that secret formula, here are a few movies that are undoubtedly classics: The Usual Suspects, Citizen Kane, Terminator 2, Casablanca, It's a Wonderful Life, and Back to the Future

Now take those movies and toss a little Android in them -- and what do you get? Well, the collegiate dudes and dudettes over at College Humor did just that. With a little help from T-Mobile's G2 (our review), all those classics listed above, well -- changed. Have a look for yourself. Oh, and don't forget that popcorn. Video after the break. [College Humor] Thanks, Lisa!

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Haahaaa!! The Shazam scene with Back To The Future was awesome :-)

joebob2000 says:

So THATS what shazam does!? omfg i finally figured it out

It would have been funnier if they were at their 4 tag limit for the month and the app didn't spit anything back.

Morenicano says:

ROFL @ the Back To The Future scene... (In Biff Tannen's voice) Goodbye McFly!

danisnotstan says:

usual suspects was the best! What's your name again? Hahaha

Impulses says:

Video not found... (on my EVO)

MBSMD says:

The phone may be an HTC G2, but the screenshot is from the iPhone/iOS FaceBook app.