This week for the photo contest, Sonos has kicked in and we're offering a heck of a prize package. One winner will get  "The Ultimate Gift of Music", consisting of a Sonos Play:3 and a Sonos Bridge. Combined with the Sonos Controller for Android app it's a killer way to play your own music, or stream from services like Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody and more, as well as over 100,000 free Internet radio station, shows, and podcasts.

Using a Sonos system is super-simple, and the Android app makes things a breeze to set up and operate. Getting a system of your own would be an awesome treat. That's where this week's photo contest comes in.

Hit the forum thread for the contest, and upload a picture showing how you enjoy your music. Headbanging, some cerebral, break dancing -- however it works for you. We'll look through them next week and pick a winner who can then jam to his or her music with a new Sonos system! Read the rules in the contest thread, and good luck.

Before we go, let's all congratulate the winner of last week's photo caption contest, crackmonke. Keep an eye on your inbox for information about getting your prize!

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Reader comments

Weekly photo contest: Rocking out


I'm a bit confused, are we supposed to be taking a photo of the audio system we jam out to or a photo of us actually jamming out?


These are pretty freeform. Whatever best shows off how you do it. 

Example -- You on the couch with your headphones, or a nice shot of your speakers, or you dancing with your significant other.

Does it necessarily have to be an android device that we use for the music? I tend to use the Lumia 900, for that its more photocentric than a galaxy S3.