Walnut Moto X

Well, that didn't last all that long. Rosewood had been an option as a custom Moto X back for about two weeks now, but it appears to have been replaced by walnut. Bamboo, ebony and teak round out the other three options available at MotoMaker.com.

And that we just wrote any of those sentences seems a bit silly, but whatever. Wood phones are cool.

Thanks, Ryan!


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Walnut replaces rosewood as a custom back for Moto X


I have a bamboo backed Moto X being built now, should have it this week.

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I got the ebony with silver trim. So handsome. And the only time it's in a case is on my bike commute. Otherwise it's gloriously visible to all.

I recently got the bamboo back, black front with the black metal accents. It all looks pretty cool together with the white that comes standard on the Bamboo frame. Its almost like rocking a Stormtrooper-Ninja look. And no to the otterbox case. I prefer the Naked Tough by Case-mate ( http://www.case-mate.com/subpages/product.asp?prod=3061&dept=742 ). BTW - The web site doesn't do the case any favors. It looks way better in real life. Vid review on the case ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P--MYGaGYuY ) Can't hardly wait for the moto360!

Speaking of the Moto 360, I hope Otterbox comes out with a case just in time ;-p
Truth is, I wish Moto would give us more leaks on it or just release it already! Patiently waiting to get it, as well as an X2.
Just imagine that, a case for your android watch :-D

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Rosewood trees have been threatened for years. I am no expert in the area, but as a guitar wood, it used to be in short supply, and might have even been banned for use on guitars (or at least limited) at some point. It is a premium wood, and I would not be surprised if they had a limit as to how much they could use on their phones.

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Yep this is correct Rosewood is fast becoming an endangered species. The sale and use of Rosewood is being watched VERY closely by governments of many countries. The Federal raid and seizure of Rosewood at the Gibson guitar factory shows the Feds are dead serious about controlling it.

I've also heard of owners guitars with Rosewood fingerboards being seized by Customs agents while owners were travelling with their guitars. Some I heard were vintage instruments with RW from years before the export/bans were put in place.

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