Free shipping or in-store pickup available

Walmart is now the latest in a long line of retailers that have started selling the Chromecast streaming HDMI stick. Just in time for the holiday crunch where Google undoubtedly plans to sell a whole boatload of Chromecasts, Walmart now has the accessory for the same $35 price as every other retailer.

In-store availability is listed as being "in limited stores," but luckily the Walmart website is offering free shipping to you directly or to a store for in-store pickup (Walmart's site lists both stores and FedEx Office locations for us) after ordering online. Although you aren't getting any major discounts here, it's always good to have more retailer choices when buying impulse items like this. Hit the source link to order yours now.

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Walmart now selling Chromecast for $35, too


Something is afoot. You have several new retailers selling Chromecasts and Google apparently about to release the SDK. If a bunch of apps get released soon, this could be a hot Christmas item.

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I think even without the SDK it will be a great stocking stuffer. At the price and now the more and more retailers carrying it, it is hard not to snatch one or four up.

And there was still a "cool factor" when Amazon and Verizon were selling it?

I don't see why it matters where people can buy one. It's the same product.

Android and Apple devices are sold at Wal-Mart--there goes the cool factor!

Food is sold at Wal-Mart--there goes the cool factor!

Play Station 4 and Xbox One are sold at Wal-Mart--there goes the cool factor!

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Good device, good price, and I like the fact tha its sold at several stores including Walmart, but its not for everyone. I've been thinking about the Google Chromecast as a gift for my father for a while now, however the problem is most of his video collection is iTunes TV Shows on his notebook, so its not going to stream. May be someone will get it for me.

Really? There's a lot you can beam already...Netflix, HBO GO, etc. and it will only get better when Google releases the SDK.

My smart TV already does that without this device. I wanted one until I realized it didn't do what I wanted.......mirror my phone to the TV.

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Except it does it much worse. An Android device makes a superior remote control. I have a Chromecast connected to my 2013 Samsung Smart TV and the Chromecast experience is much better; faster, more stable and more efficient.

Very true. A smart tv does do this. But this device is made for those who don't have a smart tv, want portability and soon mirroring should be possible.

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Then I guess it's not for you. For me at first I said "not a big deal". But now I use it all the time. No longer need to turn on my ps3 most of the time. Sold my roku for $50. And can transfer this from tv to tv very easily. With more updates this device will be a gold mine.

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Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, and Chrome. Not bad considering the SDK hasn't been made public yet.

For you maybe. Netflix is used by more people right now so it's a matter of what works for you. I just started prime membership and the ui on prime on my ps3 feels ancient compared to Netflix.

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You know you've done well if your products are selling at Walmart. I love buying stuff where returns are really easy if needed.

I am still hooked on cable. Has everything I need when I need it so I don't really have a use for Chromecast. I also have Amazon Prime but can get that through so many devices already hooked up to my equipment that I don't really need an additional item. With my Wii U, PS3, tablet and a couple other devices I am not sure I'd ever need one even if I did sign up for those services since so many devices already offer them.

I absolutely love that it doesn't stream from my phone. Start a Netflix movie and turn your phone off nbd. This little booger doesn't get enough credit. Fantastic device. I've had mine for months and haven't regretted it for a second. It's only going to get better. The more retailers the better.

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You love that it doesn't stream from your phone? That's a reason a lot of people haven't bought one yet.

I love that it doesn't stream from my phone, too. I don't need to drain my phone's battery by streaming.

If I want to stream videos I have taken with my phone, I know how to upload them to YouTube.

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And that's what I want. It's more convenient to me when my videos are on YouTube because I can send links to family and friends across the country.

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Thank you, some people are just negative no matter what.

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I think what he meant is that it streams independently of your device. You need it to start the stream but as I found out by dumb luck the other day when I had to leave home, you don't even have to be in the same state and the stream continues despite the mobile device MIA.

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So do you have to turn the stream off by phone and does it let you know when a stream is done by phone?

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Truly needs a video player that supports it. MX, get with the program!

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I So wish I had home internet, this is just another device that I'd use but can't because lack of home connection.

That's crazy. I don't think Walmart was selling this on discount. Unless it's one of those manager specials that are new this year at Walmart black Friday.

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