Vizio tablet OTA

The Vizio tablet (check out our review) has received an OTA update (no, it's not Honeycomb) that brings security fixes and Netflix support.  The security fixes weren't detailed, but the current build is now GRH78C, with VIA Plus 1.3, dated Sep. 30. We loaded it up here, and sure enough -- Netflix works really well.  Combined with the recent price drops at places like Sam's Club, this little tablet gets more interesting.

If you haven't seen the update yet, restart your tablet and it should automatically check for the new version.  It takes a few minutes to download, and you'll have to restart again, but once it reboots you'll be able to enjoy streaming from Netflix, with great sound from the Vizio's unique speaker system, right in your hands.

Thanks, fatnasty!



There are 4 comments

mike340t says:

Interesting.. Daughter might have her first tablet soon lol

Sonix says:

Why no honey? I'll but one if it ever happens.

gottria says:

Interesting, Costco knocked the price down to $229 on these from $289.

miamorphos says:

I am using Froyo on my tablet and it's okay. Will Honeycomb markedly improve my tablet experience?