We’ve already reported on the much hyped Android application, Sherpa, being available on Android Market. Little did we know that another highly anticipated application, Visual Voicemail, was making its debut the same time. Both Sherpa and Visual Voicemail are a part of the T-Mobile AppPack that we reported on a while back.

The T-Mobile AppPack is a collection of Android applications that T-Mobile officially endorses, most of the applications are T-Mobile applications themselves but others are definitely ‘must haves’ on the Android platform. Go check out T-Mobile’s AppPack, along with Sherpa and Visual Voicemail, now! 


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Visual Voicemail Also Available on Android Market


Something worth noting: the first time you run visual voicemail, you need to be connected via 3G, and not wifi. It needs to go via 3G in order to register.

As far as I can tell, after that first time it doesn't matter.

Hope this helps someone...

Don't get this confused with Visual Voicemail by PhoneFusion which has been available on the Market almost since Day 1 (for free). This blog is about T-Mobile's Visual Voicemail.

Personally I say give PhoneFusion's app a run. It's great. So much so I have zero desire to try T-Mobile's.

so will these be available on non-tmobile android phones when they come out? i would guess not but that would be awfully nice of tmobile

Imagine my excitement when yet another cool app does not exist - unless you are a citizen of the only country in the world. Is it not possible for one of the most widely read Android sites to have some small thought for the non US Android owners (s**t loads of us) when reporting on cool apps.

Sprint,Verizon - no problem. I can figure out it doesn't apply to me. But T-Mobile apps for Android. I don't want to waste any more battery searching Market for apps that are US only.


As a G1 owner on T-Mobile UK, I have to agree that many US-based but widley read Android news sites often fail to address their non-US readers when reporting new US-only apps, phones and features, see the story above.

As a T-Mobile UK G1 user, I can currently think of the following missings features/apps:
* MSN IM support in Android itself
* Amazon MP3 store (despite Amazon.co.uk having such a store shortly after the G1's launch)
* Unofficial Visual Voicemail
* Pandora radio thingy
* T-Mobile myAccount
* Google Voice
* T-Mobile AppPack
* Sherpa
* Amazon shopping app (Amazon.co.uk?!)
* Official Visual Voicemail
* others I've forgotten at this time

But a third party reading most Android news websites would be under the impression that such features were avaliable to all Android users, or at least those of T-Mobile around the world.

Now just waiting for the same sites to act like nobody can access the upcoming Spotify Android app if it doesn't launch with US support...

What is the best visual voicemail app: Visual VoiceMail, YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus, or HulloMail Visual Voicemail????