Post sharing still limited to just Facebook and Twitter.

An update to the 6-second video sharing service Vine is adding new activity notifications and sharing intents. If you choose to have them turned on, you will now receive push notifications whenever someone likes, comments or mentions you in a Vine post. Notifications can be managed in the standard ways of choosing your ringtone and toggling whether or not to have vibrations or a notification LED for notifications. Naturally, you can turn them off completely as well.

This latest update also adds proper sharing directly to Twitter or Facebook from the app. Just hit the menu button below a Vine that you want to share, and you'll be given "Share on Twitter" and "Share on Facebook" options. Although we would prefer if Vine just used the standard Android sharing intent to let you share Vine links to any app, this is a good start.

You can grab a download or update to the latest Vine app from the Play Store link above.


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Vine update adds notifications and Facebook sharing


Says the guysame who wasted time to post this comment. Using Vine allows you to share your life experiences... If that's your cup of tea. Far more useful than bashing strangers on the Internet.

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I don't think his post was meant to bash anyone. The "craze" for social media seems to be a result of society becoming more communication deviant. Nowadays, people would rather meet and interact with others in a non-personal manner.

Personally, I would have loved to have lived in my parents' time, when all of this social media and Internet interaction didn't exist; and you had to actually go OUTSIDE to make "friends."

To each his/her own.

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I would use it if it had filters. Videos always look crappy on my nexus 4 in terms of contrast and color reproduction. This is why filters are essential. Instagram got it right, let's see when Vine will follow.

Love Vining but the Android app completely takes all the fun out of it. Still nowhere near as good as the ios version

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For some reason I'm still unable to share on Facebook after the update. Does it have to be my own video or can it be someone else's video that I like and want go share?

Seriously...this app won't work ever. I've had 10 videos in the last 2 weeks fail. I check it or amusing Vines but can't post anything. They need to work their shit out.