Viewsonic, a company that has been producing displays for more than 20 years, has announced that it, too, will be taking part in the Android tablet market.

The Viewpad 7 (see our hands-on), which will run Android 2.2, features 512MB of onboard memory and up to 32GB expansion via a MicroSD card and will be accompanied by the Viewpad 10.

One very interesting fact about the Viewpad 10 is that it will run Android 1.6 (boo), but also feature the option to dual boot it with Windows 7 (yay), and will be powered by a 1.6GHz processor and contain 1GB of on board memory. The 7-inch version is expected to launch by the end of the year for $479, while the 10-inch version is expected in Q1 of 2011 for $629.  [Viewsonic]


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Viewsonic unveils 7-, 10-inch tablets


Although Android 1.6 is a bummer, being able to dual boot Windows 7 is a major major plus, and imo makes it the better option among other recently and soon to be released tablets, such as the Galaxy Tab and the iPad. Of course I haven't tried it yet, so I don't know for sure.

Price is to high good luck selling a 7in tab for 479 why wouldn't you get a ipad for 20 bucks more. i would and i hate apple the prices of these tabs better come down or apple will just out sell them all.nobody wants that

>"also feature the option to dual boot it with Windows 7 (yay)"

That is not necessarily "Yay". Most of the time if it can run MS-Windows, then you are forced to buy a license for it with NO option. It doesn't say specifically in the article, but you can almost bet it will not be optional. And at $629? Yuck.

The more I see what is coming, the more I want to wait for the Archos 10.1 with Froyo. That's my price point.

Why can't it run 2.2 and dual boot???? This is just stupid. Why can't one company, just once not make the consumer sacrifice one thing for another. Just give us what we want the first time around, make us happy and you build a following. But instead you get 2.2 but sacrifice size and dual boot or you go the opposite. bad call and that alone is enough to convince me to keep my money.

That listing also says "LED Screen" when it is not. The Viewsonic 10 (and 7) are both LCD.

I have a feeling they accidentally listed the 7" price on the 10" model.

Then they should say what they mean. LCD with LED backlight. It would be like calling my car an electric car because it has a battery behind the combustion engine.

If the 10" pad was running 2.2 with the high-end hardware, I'd be all over it. A 7" screen isn't enough of an increase over my 4" Captivate to be worth the money.

I think their pricing on these things are way to high; Samsung included. At these prices I would opt for the proven iPad.
Will the dual boot 10 come with Win7 installed and included in the price?