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We don't usually talk about our own advertising here on the blog, but it's time to make another exception.The Samsung Galaxy Nexus (note, not the Nexus Prime) is getting some love from Verizon today, and it looks like it'll sell for $199 on contract -- $100 cheaper than a couple other high-end Android smartphones. (Hello, Motorola Droid RAZR and HTC Rezound.) Still no official word on when it'll finally launch, but we're not betting against that December time frame at this point.

This isn't the first time we've seen this happen. You'll recall how the HTC ThunderBolt outed itself in advertising earlier this year. And also note that clicking on the "Learn More" link takes you to Verizon's holiday deals, but the Galaxy Nexus isn't actually listed there.

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Verizon's online advertising points to $199 on-contract Galaxy Nexus, still no date


did VZW sandbag the G-Nex launch date in order to sell more RAZRs and Rezounds? move the higher profit margin device first? move the higher inventory? move the invested highly marketed brands first? all within the legality of their "exclusive"?

I really doubt that. And rumor has the droid4 selling same date as nexus. Have to remember the nexi is just another phone there's nothing special about it. the D4 will out sell it.

you're probably right. and my guess is that the unwashed masses would buy any "RAZR" or a "BEATS" phone over any "Galaxy Nexus" phone even given the opportunity side by side because of the branding/advertising/marketing. the sheep blindly buy what they are told to by advertising.

in addition - i think that Google also doesn't really care much which Android phones sell - as long as they are Android phones that are selling. i mean i guess they'd like to have everyone on ICS but i think they're more than happy that any sale is an Android win - whatever version. it all leads back to $$$$$$ search/services/commerce/transactions for G$$GLE regardless of which OS version. of course that may change if NFC catches on.

The Galaxy Nexus isn't any better than a Galaxy S2, in fact the GPU is from years ago and they didn't even use the Exynos processor, and it's a Samsung with their crappy build quality. It's almost like they don't want to sell them to people who want the best phone. Not to mention no SD card slot and only 16GB memory. I can completely understand why people wouldn't be excited about it. If it didn't have the 1280x720 screen it would probably not sell very well. The only reason to get one is the updates from Google and the general public most likely doesn't care about that as long as their phone works properly. The Razr has Motorola build quality going for it and it's styling is more unique than Samsung's. Also, like you said, it gets advertised a lot so it makes sense it will sell way more. It will probably beat the G-Nex in benchmarks as well.

i think most of us want the G-Nex because of the big high-res display and vanilla ICS specifically optimized for the Nexus. and the fact that there are lots of new phones here and coming - but there's only one Nexus. however - the masses are not aware of this nor would most of them care. they like the fancy Droid and RAZR commercials.

Who cares about Motorola build quality when their phones get -half- the signal of other devices. Especially the Razr. Motorola still hasn't learned how to make a device that can hold a connection.

Do some research... Read what I said to the other guy. Also, go read any forum, Bionic, RAZR... What is the main complaint? My last three devices have been moto and the signal has been the main problem. YOU don't know what -YOU'RE- saying. Not "your" lol.

Before you tell people to shut the hell up, maybe you should read up. I have had motorola's since the og droid. And I can tell you that motorola screwed the pooch with the bionic, most of the day I do not have 4g or 3g even when I am in my normal 4g area, I am now on bionic #3 and well now we are "waiting for an update" according to verizon.

You obviously don't know much about cell phones. Motorola has the best radios, period. They always have. The only phone I ever had with a better radio was a BlackBerry Pearl. I have had many phones, dating back to analog phones in the late 80's. The Motorola's always had the best reception.

The RAZR's screen is a significant downgrade from the Galaxy Nexus by all accounts. Moreover, you can't replace the battery on the RAZR, which makes it a non-option for me. Finally I prefer the way the Galaxy Nexus looks compared to the RAZR looks and design is kind of a personal preference for people.

As for build quality, I don't know who's phones actually have a higher hardware fail rate, or are you talking about how they feel...Samsung's use of plastic vs. Motorola's tendency to use more metal. Again that is more of a personal preference.

The reason many of us want this phone is because it is a developer friendly phone. It is fully unlocked which will be superior for roms and customization. They have already added a menu button for those that want it. Motorola phones are locked down tight and while you can root and have roms it doesn't compare.

Those that had a Droid 1 and enjoyed all that they could do with it can't do those things anymore with Motorola phones. For those people the Nexus is a dream come true! Its not about the camera or plastic ...

We will be very happy!

I have to disagree with you. My DX is fully customized, except for the kernel. I'm running CM7, Miui, Liquid, and other rooms without any problems. The devs have been amazing. The Razr is already rooted, and custom roms are right around the corner.

I kinda agree with u. To hardcore users, the G-Nex is a huge deal but to the average user, its just another Android phone. I dont think it will sell absurd numbers because of how theyve flooded the market with other high end phones recently. Those people are now tied to contracts. People like us are the ones who hold out for what we know is coming but thats about it.

As far as the D4, Moto has made some questionable moves with releases but I cant see this coming unless theyre attempting to dump everything they've developed ahead of the Google merger. That would make some sense i suppose

Damn, they need to release this stuff ASAP! I just got an text from Verizon saying that I'm eligible for a free phone, and I think that they're still running the data double program for a bit. I'm dying to upgrade my D2, I just can't decide D4 or Nexus, but neither is available yet.

Anyone know when the double data expires?

they are doing the double data until mid january i checked because im coming from ATT to get the GN. Cant wait to try ICS, im so tired of iOS.

Nice. So is it true T-Mobile just made a boat load of cash from att? I figures AC would have somthing on it. Back on topic so ill get it for 100$ that makes choice easy to buy

They're not posting it because AT&T isn't paying it. AT&T is simply setting aside the money to pay it IF the deal doesn't go through. This is a prudent move because it looks like the merger could be rocky (if approved) based on the comments of the head of the FCC. But the deal isn't actually dead, yet. It could still go through.

AT&T could have waited to set the money aside until they actually had to pay up, but if they had a bad quarter and then had to pay of $4 billion on top of that their stock price would take a hit. This way they're taking $4 billion off the books now, at a time of their choosing, and they're not taking the same hit that having to pay it out would. Then when they DO have to pay it out, they can just say "we already accounted for this money, no need to beat our stock price up."

I just called a verizon store to se if they were allowed to sell this and if it was the same price. hey confirmed it s the same price and its available for preorder!!!!! She said it will be 14 days before phone is released. Call your local Verizon stores to confirm this. :)

i just called mine in Enfield CT and they said they had no where are you from? Did you preorder it?

Typical clueless rep that prob had no idea and just told that guy you can preorder and will write his name on a piece of paper, nothing official.

YAYYYY!!! :)

an Moosc, it was like a strategic deal, at&t pulled the contract they had to aquire tmobile so that they can deal with the FCC. once and if thats settled, they`ll go back to get tmobile and it....WILL HAPPEN.

so whats the webpage address so i can click the learn more tab myself!!!

Just release the damn phone already!!!

This is really pissing me off. If this phone isn't released 12/8 or 12/9, I'm jumping ship and going with the fruit phone.

Yeah! That'll show them! Those Verizon jerks who are holding the release up won't get any of your money if you buy an iPhone from them!

You don't get it. As a consumer, I shouldn't have to care whose fault it is. The OS developer, the chipset manufacturer, the phone manufacturer, the carrier, the authorized reseller -- With Android there are so many different entities that are involved. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as long as they all play well with each other. However, that's not the case. They each are out for themselves, have competing interests, and there is no ringleader to keep them on the same page to ensure a smooth experience for the customer. Other than a first generation iPod, I have never owned an Apple product, but I can appreciate how they manage things. Apple deals with carriers, but you don't see their products suffering from this kind of carrier interference that can make Android frustrating.

In years past I enjoyed tinkering with my gadgets, rooting and modding, but as life has gotten busier for me, I have less time for that. I'm starting to understand the allure of Apple. The iOS interface maybe a step above a child's LeapPad, but it affords me time to tinker with my lady instead of my phone.

Believe me, I understand the frustration! I was all on board for my Bionic upgrade back in the spring, and then there was a train wreck...

I just don't understand the idea that the someone would go for the iPhone because of a delay in a particular model of an android phone, and then hand money over to the very people responsible for the delay! There are already a whole bunch of great phones out there that whup iPhone's butt in many ways, so if this one phone doesn't come out when he wants it he's done with the whole platform? It just makes no sense to me. If the argument is Android's wrinkles vs iOS' wrinkles, that's one thing, but it's not like somebody jumping from one to another in angry protest is punishing Verizon much...

199 for 16gb is fair unlike the razr and rezound and I do love the rezound is steep at 299.99

If this is verizon price maybe amazon or costco will do 199 with extra's.

It is worth waiting for and if you hate it maybe you will get a better deal on a rezound or razr any of these phones are really nice.

It became cheaper because of the lackluster of not having expandable memory and the crappy pictures it takes with the dated 5mp camera, this device is no carrier jumper I don't forsee anyone making this mistake and leaving att tmobile or sprint when the gs2 runs circles around the nexus the gs2 processor is even faster than the nexus google did a horrible job on this phone they should have gone with a 2mp front facing camera a dual core 1.5 processor, expandable memory and an 8mp camera

People get the nexus for fast updates and ease to root/hack. Plus stock android will run really smooth on the nexus. Nobody cares that the sgs2 runs circles around the nexus since it will take months to get ics onto the sgs2 in the states. Plus the camera isn't "dated" sorry mp do not mean it is better, you are just one of the clueless ones who think it doesn't have 8mp the camera sucks. smh

Quay, it does have a 1.5 ghz processor. It's clocked lower. The SGS2 doesn't run circles around this phone at all. I'd explain why, but I'm sure it'd be a waste of time because you get a hard-on for specs instead of facts.

Actually I've checked all specs including Samsung and google sites and it's only a 1.2 processor do your research

The processor is a TI OMAP 4460, which is designed for 1.5 GHz, but it's been underclocked to 1.2 for the GNex, likely to save battery life.

I've been waiting to buy this phone, but only if they offer the 32G model. I have a 32G SD card today that is over half full with downloaded music, video, etc. With no SD slot, I need all the memory on board I can get. I'm not looking to change how I do things, so 16G only means I'll be waiting longer for another ICS phone.

No sure why anyone would be surprised by this. And someone may have already noted, but there is supposed to be a 16gb and a 32gb version of the Nexus. The $199 price point would meet Apple's at 16gb and the 32gb will most likely be $299. The Rezound and the Razr are $299 because they are both 32gb as well. This makes perfect since. One big difference though is that you can add a 32gb card to the Rezound or the Razr, making each of them 48gb. This is something you won't be able to do with the Nexus. That's another reason why I'm getting the Rezound over the Nexus.

It's surprising because $299 has been the price point for LTE phones. LTE parts are apparently still fairly expensive ($40 extra I think).

I am as of Thanksgiving, yesterday eligible for upgrade. All 3 Raze, Rezound and G.N. have their strengths and weaknesses. I'm leaning in this order G.N. only if 32gb 16gb kills deal Razr then Rezound.

Been available for my last early annual since July, waiting for something worth leaving my BAMF Tbolt and the Nexus at $199 would make me us it instead of waiting for my 2 Year in March. Was hoping HTC to release something in the Vivid size, and maybe White.

From what I understand, GSM version is 16GB whereas CDMA will come standard at 32GB. I haven't found anything that says otherwise. It never ceases to amaze me how far people will go to argue over phones. Do you guys realize how childish that is? Who gives a shit which phone is "superior?" Unless we're talking technical specs that's all purely subjective. In the end what matters is that the phone suits your needs and that's it.


A somewhat positive announcement that is now nothing but an argument between phone nerds. Phone nerds! Grow up people! It's... A... Damn... Phone! You have become worse than ANY arguing between Windows & Mac devotees that I can remember in the 80's & 90's. Sheesh

The fiercest arguments are between fans of things that are the most similar. See also: US Politics, Jewish/Muslim/Christian, GM/Chevy/Ford, Mac/PC, XBOX360/PS3...

So Verizon moved up my renew date back in October to replace my DINC with one of their other phones to get me on their 4G system. Now that I have posted interest in the NEXUS I see they backed off my renew with full credit for new phone to Dec 28th. My contract does not hit 2 years till the end of April 2012 when DINC hit the scene. How strange.......