Verizon network down

Here we go again. Looks like Verizon's 4G network is refusing to wake up this morning. We've got multiple reports in multiple forums, e-mails in the inbox, and threads on Verizon's own support forums. Sit tight, folks. We've been here before.

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I just got off the phone with Verizon at 8:50am EST - they stated they just put in a ticket about 20 minutes ago. It's down everywhere. No ETA as to when it's going to be up and running again.

cmanatam says:

The crazy thing is that 3G is down as well as 4G. Usually these issues are isolated to the 4G network. Days like this make me realize how incredibily addicted I am to my cell data.

cmanatam says:

Just got 3G back for the first time this morning.

cmanatam says:

I now have intermittent 4G.

movielover76 says:

my 4G is intermittent too, I just got 4G yesterday, they haven't officially announced it being out in this area yet, so I can't really complain, wonder if it is another case of issue with 4G outages after rolling out a 4G market.

digmydroidx says:

I called about a half hour ago thinking it was my phone...had issues befor.... its back now

Hunts99 says:

I am glad to know that it wasn't just me. I was starting to wonder if my new phone was having issues after a week.

BryanEW710 says:

Likewise (had mine for just over a month)

lajuan08 says:

We pay too much money for these networking issues to be so consistent.

BryanEW710 says:

This the first time in a couple months?

Gekko says:

so much for the "Most Reliable Network".

Choice words...I'd say class-action lawsuit on the basis of false advertisement and charging for a network with much less than 99.99% uptime. Thank God Verizon isn't in the datacenter business. They might be worse than Office 365 or BPOS from Microsoft as far as uptime is concerned...Stupid Big Red! >_<

miller7796 says:

Have fun with that. Obviously you've never been on the receiving end of a class-action suit. You get screwed compared to what you paid. Like when I bought a lawnmower that apparently wasn't as powerful as the box and engine say they are, I got a coupon for $25 off of a...wait for lawnmower! That went in the trash.

Yup, here in Malvern too (actually down most of the PA Turnpike between Besalem and King of Prussia, and all along 202 South), have contacted support through twitter since I can only send text messages with the 'service' I am getting today

kstoutdog says:

Everything is working great here in Indiana...

Where at in Indiana? I'm getting reports from 4G users in Ft Wayne and Indianapolis that 4G and 3G options are down. I'm getting nothing, nada, not even 1X.

kstoutdog says:

I'm South-Eastern Indiana (Switzerland County)
not a 4g area, but I do have full 3g signal... data and voice is working, no problems..

bludevil35 says:

Here in Indy, we're in the dark ages. Must be all the solar flares.

jsheehan223 says:

3G working for me in south fla. 4G, however, is not. So much for blazing fast unfiltered surfing at work today. :(

3G and 4G down in Springfield, MO. I've had 4G come up for just a couple seconds then go back down.

gtricecakes says:

No wonder I was having trouble activating my new Razr Maxx, took a while, but it finally connected after two hours of trying.

bazar6 says:

No LTE just below DC. Only 1x :/

grundyman says:

my 4g is out , Philly PA

Losingit says:

I just got 3G service a few minutes ago, in Louisville, KY.
Rep I talked to earlier at Verizon said it was nationwide affecting 3G and 4G, no etr.

Losingit says:

Spoke to soon, about 10 minutes later I lost 3G service.

MD_Kearns says:

Glad to know its not just me. Tried to use my phone as a hotspot at school like I usually do, either would not connect, or kept getting dropped. I am in downtown Dayton, OH where service is usually great, today it SUCKS!

biggbrother2 says:

At around 8:40am in Rhode Island I had no data. Rebooted and was able to get 3G service. Around 10 minutes ago 4G came back.

Recker says:

No 4G or 3G on the Most Reliable Network here in Northwest Ohio.

Jim Ahrman says:

Man... so happy i don't have LTE ... don't have to worry about loosing what i don't have :-)

turdbogls says:

unfortunately this effected 3g as well. i had no data (galaxy nexus) and my wife had no data (3g only Incredible 2)

finally got 3g maybe 20 minutes ago, intermittent 4g (which is typical at work) but it should be more consistant than it is now.

just have to wait and see. but verizons outages are getting pretty frustrating, even though they only happen once every other month or so.

Unobtanium says:

Atlanta, too. Noticed data dropping out and coming back for about 15 minutes. Now have 3G only in a place where I normally get LTE without trouble.

Been trouble free for two months, so does that mean more LTE sites firing up?

rootbrain says:

Denver Colorado down as well for 3G/4G. 1x sucks. VZ should give us all Razr's. The ORIGINALS.

Life34 says:

Cmon verizon

Soul TKR says:

4G out in SoCal as well... :(

I'm really curious as to why Verizon is having so many problems lately.

Synycalwon says:

They're tinkering with the network trying to fix the Galaxy Nexus connection issues. ;P Muahahaha...

prophecyny7 says:

Mine was down, then my phone randomly rebooted and went through the activation process, now I'm back up in New York City.

hotkoko says:

Good thing im using my 3g phone. I never have any problems

schrack3000 says:

My 4G is working fine here in central valley California.

All haa been well here in NYC. I have been on the web at various sites and on youtube since 3am to 7am very strong using both 3g and 4g on my GNex..

MRGQ says:

Service very sluggish here in Boston...had no 3G this morning and now I get half bars of 3G with no 4G in sight.

I still have 4G in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself!

I am now down to 3G only.

Back up in Raleigh.

jhhoffma says:

Full speed ahead in Grand Rapids, MI. I just pulled my fastest SpeedTest ever: 35 down/19 up.

Turbod says:

Was down for a bit between 730-8ish. Couldn't even pull 3G. Seems to be up and running good now though.

CDubNY says:

No 4g in central and northern Brooklyn, NY at the moment. 3g is going in and out as well. Fortunately I don't need cell data at work. It is nice to have on hand though.

sthelinag says:

Strange how spotty the problem can 3G/4G on the SGN but 4G with no issues on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 sitting right beside it.

DEman19901 says:

I am wondering if it just might be the Iphone. Maybe it's just coincidental but AT&T was fine until the Iphone. Verizon was great until the Iphone. Just my.02

BryanEW710 says:

Too much reporting to the Mothership?

jjooeey says:

Very wierd thing happened to me last night, i live in washingtonville NY, where 4g is strong, but im on the outskirts so i never get 4g. Last night i had full 4G at my house. This morning back to 3g. This happens frequently, does anyone know if maybe the 4g service gets stronger at night allowing me to get the signal only at night? or is there hope that they may be installing boosters or something in my area.

mikehager66 says:

3G only here in Fishers, IN (north of Indy). I am glad though since the last few times I had 1x only or nada. Just noticed it within the last hour. Before that it was still 4G.

campanth says:

This sucks. Just got my new Galaxy Nexus last night and the first time I walk away from the comfort of my wifi and guess 3G or 4G. What's up with that?

ksannie93 says:

I am having issues here in Kansas too!! Near the Wichita metro area. :P Thought it was my phone but once I got to work realized it's way more than that!!

Apparently where I live, I have no struggle with the VZW.

smb209 says:

Having issues in Boston, MA. No mobile data between 7:30 and 9, now intermittent 3/4G. Maybe this will make me finally put down my new Galaxy Nexus and be productive :)

dacp283 says:

Good here in Central Texas.

paulmike3 says:

LOL @ people that think the signal bars have anything to do with 3G or 4G mobile data. Protip: they don't.

haastyle says:

haha damn I was getting so pissed, just updated to 4.0.4 last night, phone was working great before (2nd phone, first one was a dud in a half)...felt like i was using my first phone again

jspiers1984 says:

Was originally going to post that 3G and 4G were still down in Phoenix, AZ but as of this typing I just got 3G back on my Stock G-Nex. Don't know how long it'll last ;)

mldiroff says:

No 3G or 4G west of Detroit right now on my GNex.

Richmond, VA...3G is back, 4G bleeps on and off....I guess they'll try and blame these blackouts on "unlimited data plan abusers" /rolleyes.

TUNDRA35 says:

3G is down for me in Berlin, MD. Was starting to get frustrated with my new galaxy nexus then i saw this post. Lol

jwwws says:

None in Columbus, OH this morning :/

cj100570 says:

No problems for me up here in NYC. Both 3G and 4G are chugging along as expected.

JEvoUser says:

Having some problems here in minnesota as well. Just glad to know it's not my new phone l o l

jimmyk0789 says:

I had to switch to my thunderbolt just to get 3g working

Sqube says:

It's back up now, in D.C. at least.

orlanka says:

O'Fallon, MO down.

brfd1512 says:

Every thing was good in Il but ATT land internet was down for a while in the chicago areaI just teathered my Nexus and verizon came through for me lol

brfd1512 says:

Every thing was good in Il but ATT land internet was down for a while in the chicago areaI just teathered my Nexus and verizon came through for me lol

brfd1512 says:

ATT Just came back online !!!!

BryanEW710 says:

Cincinnati here...4G is back, but not I seem to actually be processing on 3G.

BryanEW710 says:

Nope...dead again.

rgm1266 says:

It's back up here in Raleigh/Durham.

ksannie93 says:

It pops in and out at its own will. I will have 4G for a minute than maybe some 3G and than down again. This is so much fun.... NOT!

sporadic here in coastal VA. will have 4g lte and 3g then nothing, then 3g then nothing. sad when works wifi(which im convinced is powered by gerbil slave labor) is faster than "most reliable network". *sigh*

Nate Rules says:

Man, I switched my rom last night. So I've been working on my phone all morning, restoring different roms and flashing different radios trying to get data back. I should have checked AC first.

No 4g in Philly; barely have 3g...I switched to Verizon on January 30th from Sprint because of Sprint's slow, sporadic network. Verizon's LTE network was the ONLY reason i switched, and then this happens again? It's hard to believe that they haven't figured out how to stabilize their network since the last outage? Come on, don't make me regret my decision. I haven't seen 1X on a phone in years!!!

vinny jr says:

No 3 or 4G in Boston area. This is getting pathetic. I pay big bucks for several lines. T-Mobile never lost signal, should have stayed. That is what I get when I listen to other people.

Hosehead says:

Had nothing in Harrisburg PA, then went to 3G. SHowing 4G right now...will keep testing and watching to see if it is up and down, or back to full speed again.

Edit: spoke too soon...going back and forth from 3 to 4...

tada1096 says:

I guess I'm lucky. I'm in North Dakota and it's been fine all morning. 3g that is no clue on 4G

I've had verizon for about 2 1/2 months now and I have experienced 3 substantial outages in that time.. Once for 48 hours, one for 18 hours and this one is in its 6th hour.

7 years at tmobile and I have never had an outage.

Most reliable network my ass.

johnriii says:

no data at all for me in Kansas City. had 1X for a while, now nothing.

cowboys2000 says:

NW Houston,

I turned off wifi and I am getting 1 bar on Galaxy Nexus for 3G. No 4G at all.

I normally leave Wi-Fi on 24/7.

thaJack says:

I tweeted about this last night. @VZWSuppport ignored as usual.!/doyleJack/status/172156463060500480

trekmario says:

Its up here in eastern nc but this is crap. Most reliable ha.i had more droped called, phone issues and jacked up charges.on this alltel was so much better.

I miss Alltel. *sniff*

MSCloude115 says:

They just expanded again right? This seems to be the going trend everytime they light up a new city. Growing pains!

cbowen1997 says:

4g and 3g working fine here...hilton head island, sc.

edward0348 says:


When Sprint's network goes down can anyone tell the difference?

I've been with sprint for a year and a half and I can honestly say its never been down.

BBSeattle says:

At least our bill will get pro-rated......joking.

tekjunkie28 says:

I have no.problems now and have never had an issue. Just outside roanoke va.

TDWayne1982 says:

I'm right outside Akron oh this am. I drove fom Toledo oh and 3g didn't work for miles at a times when it usually does across i80 right now no 3g or 4g on Akron area barely any signal period

mapexonly says:

I called at 7:30am nothing was reported for Lexington KY, still down for me... Thought it was my phone. Glad I didn't master reset.

cyanogen-man says:

Ok this is y I'm scared to leave at&t sometimes I see crap like this a bit more then I wouldn't like to as crappy as at&t is it seems reliable????

effreyj says:

It's back now...

Unobtanium says:

Been back up in Atlanta since about 9:30 local time.

Synycalwon says:

Same here in Birmingham, AL!

LTE has been on and off all morning here in Clearwater,FL. Better than 2 months ago, at least this time 3G stayed up.

greyhd says:

3G was up here in So Cal, all I see on my screen is 1x. No 4G.

BryanEW710 says:

Everything's back to normal in Cincinnati as of about an hour ago.

bold1193 says:

Both 4G and 3G up and running again in Baltimore

cowboys2000 says:

4G working in NW Houston. I don't use it normally anyway.

TJH132 says:

My 3G was out for nearly three hours. Strangely, I was around free wifi but I still couldn't connect. Both icons for cell and wifi were greyed out. Why's that?

SweetSaudade says:

I don't have anything since this morning - no 3G, no 4G, no 1X in North Jersey. My husband however, 8 feet away from me, has had pretty much consistent 3G all day on his Droid X.

vinny jr says:

My 4G in the Boston area is still spotty. It will be OK for a little while and then I will have nothing,not even 1x. I live in a very strong 4G area. You have to drive a very long way just to get out of the 4G area. This is getting to the point where Verizon better shit or get off the pot. I have AT&T's new LTE up and running but I just don't like AT&T. I have a great plan with Verizon, don't want to give that up to be squeezed by AT&T.

Still nothing but 1x here in Virginia, 3G has been spotty all day, I think I saw the 4G go up 1 time.
Doesn't seem to be affecting everybody, but I sure would like to know if they still see this as an issue...

rexxman says:

Had 4G earlier today in Minneapolis. Now, just 1X.

o2bnclemson says:

So I have a 4G phone and have been getting only 3G all day. All this with no text or notice of any kind from Verizon. So I guess it's ok if I pay only 3/4 of my bill and give them no reason or explanation?

Synycalwon says:

Hey, where's the follow up to this issue from AC? It's been fixed/working for many since late this morning.

Officially resolved 12:30pm ET.

See these posts from Twitter and the forums:!/VZWnews/status/172385646281887744

"Here is information regarding the outage. This information is current as of an 2:15pm ET email from Verizon.

Start Date: 2/22/12
End Date: 2/22/12
Start Time: 7:25am ET
End Time: 12:30pm ET
Affected Service: 4G
Affected Location: Nationwide
Status: Resolved"

mhmmdy123 says:

This mean nothing,you are been charged for network claiming it`s the best in the nation ! And on other hand Sprint it`s the worst..
How many time Sprint network been down or T-Mobile? Which both compare to VZW they`re bad network.
In the end you been over charged, and you are right you get what you`re paying for.


Verizon Is The Top Network For The U.S. Have You Ever Worked For Verizon? Do You Think It's Easy Being Able To Be Up 24 Hours A Day With So Much Data Being Transfered All Day? Downtime Is Bound To Happen, Get Over It. Stop Bashing.

dthurman says:

Was out in Peoria IL for maybe an hour, but I did notice that Google Music was struggling most the morning to stream music, side note, Frontier Internet was also slow, which is a Verizon company.

devildahusky says:

VZ says 4G is back up but i still dont have it here in Saddle Brook NJ. fyi, Saddle Brook is about 8-10 miles west of NYC.