Behold, the ZTE V66 Android tablet, apparently destined for Verizon at some point. The tablet as already been submitted to the U.S. FCC, and now a thumbnail picture (we've blown it up a tad here) has been listed on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group's site. 

What we're looking at in the V66 is a 7-inch tablet with some pretty rounded corners, Android 3.2 Honeycomb and 4G LTE data, along with the usual CDMA, Bluetooth, Wifi, and all that jazz.

We can also see a custom lock screen here, for what it's worth. And we're trying not to read too much into the "Sunday, February 2X" date -- it could mean anything or nothing, or it could be smack in the middle of Mobile World Congress. You don't typically see U.S. announcements come out of MWC, but then again we don't ZTE devices in the states yet to base that one, and there's no reason why Verizon couldn't be part of a larger launch.

Anyhoo, we'll be at Mobile World Congress if and when the V66 -- and we don't expect that to be the name Verizon ultimately bestows on it -- is announced stay tuned.

Source: Bluetooth SIG, FCC; via Unwired View, The Verge

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McPlot says:

It's a rectangular piece of glass! Apple needs to sue!

lebo3813 says:

Nah that wont happen, Apple wouldn't be screwing themselves by suing ZTE.

rizzay1 says:

Looks nice, just need some specs to go with it. Can't wait to see what tablets come out this year.

nickmv says:

Just what people are looking for, yet another Honeycomb tablet, months after ICS has been released.

cola16 says:

Any guess if a Wifi only version will be available?

rizzay1 says:

Most likely yes but not until they sell the on contract version first as they always bring the wifi version later on.

Mepaphoros says:

I don't understand the fascination with tablets. Are people buying a new one every year? When you buy a laptop, you expect it to last 4-5 years at least...I don't even see the point in owning tablets other than spending more money.