Keep your subsidized handset and your unlimited data ... at least this time

Following a weekend system glitch that let customers with unlimited data plans receive upgrade pricing on handsets, Verizon has released a statement indicating that it will honor those purchases. Although we suspect Verizon had the power to revoke the upgrades and put those who took advantage onto a tiered data plan, the official statement we received confirms that the unlimited data plans will stand:

Over the past weekend, there was a software issue involving some orders for customers seeking to upgrade their devices.  A number of customers who were upgrading devices were able to maintain an unlimited monthly data feature while paying a subsidized price. 

Verizon Wireless will honor those orders that were approved this past weekend, allowing those customers to retain their unlimited plans for the duration of their contract and receive their new device.

Verizon Wireless corrected this software issue today (9/30).  The company no longer offers unlimited data plans and customers who want to retain existing unlimited data plans, must pay full retail price for a replacement phone.

Be it a bit of a nod to its loyal customers that happened to jump on a deal or the realization that it would be a bit of a headache to switch everything back, Verizon just made a lot of folks that got in on this deal happy.


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Verizon will honor upgrades with unlimited data resulting from system glitch


I almost didn't risk it since I just moved into my first apartment and my phone is my only source of data. I'm sooooooo happy I did now.

Hey I'm about to do that too and I am debating tethering or getting conventional cable internet.

AT&T is the exclusive Internet provider for my apartment complex, so I'd have to pay $35/month for just 6Mbps and after a year that goes up to $46/month. I don't get a great signal with Verizon at my apartment but I do get around 8-9Mbps, so it's a no brainer for me to just tether.

let us know how you feel once your new 2-year contract runs out and it reverts to whatever stipulation was in your new one--the one that wasn't a grandfathered one.

So. Much. This. I didn't think they would. Congrats, to everyone that got in on this.

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Screw everyone who upgraded!

A really bitter Verizon user stuck with a Droid RAZR for who knows how long!!

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Who says it was a glitch.

It could have been a marketing experiment, passed off as a glitch.

The fact that they pulled it quickly suggests it was more successful than you give it credit for. If nobody was biting, why would the pull it?

I agree with you on this. I think this was done on purpose just to get people to get new phones in their hands and lock up some more two year contracts.

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In related news, hell froze over and Congressman John Boehner announced his divorce of his longtime wife and now engagement to radio personality Rush Limbaugh.

Please don't bring senseless unrelated political gibberish to this ANDROID forum. Your postk(s) and my corresponding response should be immediately removed by administrator.

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It's not political, it's a "WTF!? who would have ever expected THAT to happen!?" comment. You're reading too much into it.

Every knowledgeable person expected that to happen.

No way they are going to risk litigation and bad press by yanking back an offer they put out in public. The would be monumentally stupid.

Giving away unlimited plan renewals costs them nothing. I mean physically ZERO money out of pocket. Retaining a customer is worth more than finding a new one.

There was zero chance they wouldn't stand by the offer.

I wouldn't call all of them haters; "skeptics," seems to be a more appropriate term.

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..baser on the language they used, "hater" is definitely appropriate.

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So Jerry isn't knowledgeable? Because he expected the deals to be rescinded. Look at the earlier article, look how folks expected VZW to respond. This was a bug in their system and they've done everything in their power to squash unlimited users, it's a part of their business plan at this point. Nobody realistically expected VZW to allow it.

+1, everyone that kept posting about stealing and Verizon changing our plans was kidding themselves. Sorry you all thought about it too much. My LG G2 arrives Wednesday, Note 3 on preorder. Rooted DNA and rooted Note2 on sale soon.

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It's not political. Just because a politician's name was used doesn't mean it had a political message. You could substitute the names with sports figures, and it wouldn't mean the subject was sports.

It was a simple analogy to something unforeseen. And trust me, I hate it when people needlessly inject politics into online discussions.

Agreed, political commentary has little or no place here, that was simply the most ridiculous thing I could think of.

What a joke; I see no reason they can't offer unlimited data on a regular basis. Just like everything else, a handful might "abuse" this (is it truly abuse?) while so many more would barely touch their data plans.

It costs them nothing. NOTHING.

Unlimited doesn't really mean Unlimited, there is only so much bandwidth you can pull on a phone, and only a few customers get anywhere near the caps on their new plans.

I think they learned something by this so called mistake. Expect to see limited time upgrade with unlimited offers when it most suites them. As a marketing experiment, you couldn't ask for a cheaper incentive at a lower risk.

But it does cost them a lot to keep upgrading their network and buying more spectrum for more bandwidth when too many people have unlimited.

Really? They charged $30/mo for unlimited. If they brought that back, they'd be losing money from the people paying for 6GB, 10GB, or more.

Lol, it costs them nothing, it costs you something!

Hence the $$$$$$$$$$:-$

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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

Trust me, it's throttling time for so many users after this so called glitch....a better word would be a shrewd marketing scheme.....

It's called profiteering in the truest sense of the word. They spent billions upgrading to LTE, only to enforce a policy to force everyone off it out of fear of being charged for overages. They turned data into a commodity, which it is not, and have created a system where anyone on a tiered/limited plan will search out a wifi network instead of using LTE. Why upgrade the Network at all? I did this before I had LTE. Why pay more to continue? I will never give up unlimited, until I am forced to. At that point...goodbye big red. I put up with locked bootloaders, and no access to Nexus devices for now because I have unlimited.

Exactly. I would probably stay with them if I had unlimited, but 4GB a month is pushing it for me since I like to stream music. As soon as I have money for the next Nexus I'm outta there..

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Except the next Nexus isn't coming to Verizon, unfortunatley. All the news and leaks about it does not have any VZW bands. Now I am scouring the web trying to find what is upcoming for the holiday period for an upgrade since I was holding out for N5.

So glad I jumped on this yesterday morning(6am cst).
Good things come to those who wait. I will gladly lock myself into another 2 years of unlimited!!!

I jumped on this as well. Phone should arrive on Wednesday. Waiting to see what happens when the lucky few activate the phone before I activate mine.

Me too! Lucked out 5 months ago and got a brand new DNA from Asurion for a broken Rezound, and lucked out this weekend and got a sweet HTC One for $139...and kept my unlimited data! :-)

+1 their choice seemed to be to get over it or overreact and alienate some customers with a difficult to implement and likely massively bug prone rescinding of sales... Glad they chose wisely this time.

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Congrats to those that jumped on this deal..
I love it when those of you that pulled this off pissed off those who were not able to take advantage...

Enjoy your New Toys :) and Locked In until almost 2016! Wow.

No Nexus, locked bootloaders, updates 6 months after everyone else. No thanks, keep your unlimited data Verizon.

Much more enjoyable on the other side even with data caps.....I actually feel like I own my device and no one gets in the way of my updates now and I can do what I with my phone without the need of paperclips or anything (yes, I am looking at you HTC Rezound!) : )

I do applaud Verizon for letting customers keep their unlimited data plans because of the glitch. I will also say in my almost 2 years I was with Verizon their customer service was always top notch.

But not everyone is a "modder" or a "tinkerer". And just because you're on Android doesn't mean you have to be. Not everyone needs to have an unlocked bootloader. The only phones that would keep you happy are Nexus phones or GPes. And that's fine. Android is about choice.

For me, I get to enjoy a brand new Moto X on the network that suits my needs. In my office, AT&T users need microcells to have service here. T-Mobile users (and I've tested this myself personally - it cost me $30 to do) have to go outside to use their devices.

And with Google Play Services, system updates aren't as relevant to me. Outside of Google Play Services, the only updates that matter to me are security updates.

I am running stock 4.3 on my N4 so I am not tinkering anything. I will also be running Kit-Kat the day it is released. That is what matters to me!

So what Android 4.4. Kit-Kat feature are you waiting on? Oh wait.

And what good is an unlocked bootloader to you if you're not tinkering? :)

That's fine. Options. No need to knock anyone that doesn't have the same exact needs as you.

I'm sure if there were immediate threats, all carriers would push out updates in a timely manner. It's also up to the OEM to work on those updates too. You can't blame Verizon not having an Android update for the original DROID if Motorola's not even working on one.

Timely manner? At least there are updates. Heck, even the DROID X got a security update recently.

Even DROID LIFE noticed. See "Giving Credit Where It’s Due, Verizon Turns Into an Android Update Machine".

I'm not going to sit here and blame Verizon for not having an update to Android 4.3 ready to go for my new Moto X. Motorola doesn't even have one ready.

Did anyone else catch that they will honor the unlimited through the duration of the contract? What about after the 2-years is up?

Obviously after the 2 years is up you will once again need to pay full price for the device if they still allow that. Who knows what 2 years will bring. A lot can change in 2 years and new policies can come into play.

Plus, think about how much better all the other players in the game will be in 2 years from now. Verizon might not be able to play we are the best Network and that is why we over charge everyone.

Once the contract is up, Verizon can notify you that Unlimited Data is no longer available. When the contract is up, the customer is no longer under contract with Verizon and goes month to month. The same goes for Verizon too. Verizon is no longer bound by the contract as well. They could make everyone that is month-to-month with an Unlimited Data Plan switch to a tiered plan if they wanted to right now.

Verizon could end ALL unlimited plans today. They are in breach of contract, and you would be free to terminate your end. That's how I came to VZW. Cingular changed the terms of my contract by charging for extras unless I switched to a cingular plan (I was on an old Cellular One plan that Cingular didn't offer) and I refused. I had a 30 opt out, which you would get if VZW ended Unlimited today. You would be free to keep your phone free of ETF, and cancel your plan.

Of course, 90% probably would cancel out of spite, and since most unlimited users dont go over 2 gb, it would be assinine for them to kick these customers to the curb. Even if they are abusing data, you, I, and VZW knows data is not a commodity.

Not really.

I continue to use my upgrade on my wife's 2 GB per month plan. Each time we sign a new contract for 2 years but I keep unlimited.


They could force you to change the data plan on the line that's no longer under contract if they wanted to.

By then I am hoping Google will have rolled out some sort of direct competition in the mobile phone provider market. I hope I'm not beholden to Verizon for more than the 2 years I've chosen to give them (I was off-contract, clinging to my unlimited).

This is great news...but now I have to spend $400 for that Note 3 @_@

"for the duration of their contract." I would take that to mean that after 2 yrs (the duration of the contract) their unlimited data goes bye bye.

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You're reading too much into it. The contract is only good for two years. Whatever happens after that is fair game.

That has always been the case since they stopped offering unlimited data to subsidized customers. They have the ability to kill any plans or features they have when you're not under contract.

Actually, not true.
Go read your Agreement. The contract continued in place month to month after the two years. They don't start chipping away at contract terms. Never have. Some states specifically forbid that unless the contract states up-front exactly those items that will be discontinued.

Verizon is mercenary, but not stupid. They aren't going to yank functionality away from you the minute your contract was up. That would just send people running to any other carrier.

But technically the contract is up. After two years, Verizon should be able to change any terms they want. Correct me if I'm wrong

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Holy chat - it's a September Miracle!

I pre-ordered the Note 3 and I get to keep unlimited data?! I need to go buy a lotto ticket now...

Classy move here Verizon - thanks for honoring the orders and keeping me a happy customer.

(And thanks to AC for posting the original story about it Saturday evening!)

Man I was watching this all weekend and wanted to jump on it as well but didn't want to go through the hassle of a return if it didn't work out man I got screwed!

Same thing happened to me. I decided to use the transfer loophole though. Only problem is that I couldn't use that Verizon30 code cause there was no longer a spot for promo codes. Oh well

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Does anyone know how long we have to keep a subsidized phone on our accounts before we can resell them? do we have to activate them at all? I bought two iphone 5s' during the glitch, so that i can obtain maximum resale value. i have no intention of using an iphone :)

Some 3rd party resellers might have some stipulation but I do not think it matters if you bought it from Verizon. Whether you keep the phone or sell it does not matter to them. They are making their money back buy you paying for your plan. And if you want to leave, that is what the ETF will cover....The difference on the phone so they don't lose money on the sale.

Dear Verizon, per our agreement I will now stop tweeting #verizonblows for 3 months

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I must be the only one who called that. (pats selfs back)

Posted From my Motorola side view pager via 4-5683-8

I guess this means the moneyraping I've taken over 10 years has been delayed for two years.

Thanks VZW - send coupons for Vaseline in a couple years please.

They're just dumping inventory for a 3Q bump, and locking people in for another 2 years...That could mean a price war between the other 3 carriers is afoot, or a slew of badass phones is on the way...Especially since Verizon isn't expected to get the new Nexus. Think about it...The new Nexus comes out with bleeding edge specs, and viola...better, faster, and skinned is right behind every time. However, congratulations to those who snuck in and got an upgrade!

Congrats to everyone! My GF is keeping her G2 and I am waiting for my Note 3! Thanks VZW!

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In a bit of breaking news, I just spoke to a rep about vzw honoring the unlimited data. I placed my order around 6 pm last night right before the fix so it must have been in limbo. I received 2 Verizon Wireless Internet Order Update emails: one last night saying it was processing and one today saying my order is officially on hold. I called up and asked why it was on hold. The rep mentioned I have to choose a tier and I told her how the order process said I can use my existing plan and had screenshots. I also mentioned the official statement from vzw and how droid-life mentioned it. Asked to speak to supervisor and forwarded him proof. Looks like I have to fight for it but it may work. I advise any people who ordered and had their orders placed on hold to call 866-338-7390 and forward proof to supervisor immediately!!!!

So much for all the loud mouths that knew 100% Verizon would try to switch everybody who did this.

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Well, until Verizon came out with an official statement, nobody was "right," not even your loud mouth, lol.

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So they can "accidently" offer something everybody wants but don't because the system doesn't "allow" them to?

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Those with the gnads ended up with the goods.... scored me a pair of Droid Maxx's. As I mentioned several times in comments on yesterday's article, legally VZW had little resource on those who had already paid for, received and activated the device with a signed 2 year unlimited data plan agreement. Just glad they didn't act like a-holes with idle threats.....

It must not have been as many people who upgraded as we initially thought if Verizon decided to bite the bullet on this one. This was the opposite of what I was expecting them to do.

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The worst they could do is cancel all the orders. It's not like people were doing this in the store and walking out with the phone. And it makes no business sense for VZW to crack the hammer. Most are probably customers for years, and to alienate them and have them leave is lost revenue. It's a good PR move, even it is a created one since unlimted should still exist. DATA is NOT a commodity.

certainly...Data doesn't run out. It doesn't grow on trees and isn't buried under ground. There isn't a supply stashed somewhere that will run out. Bandwidth is the issue. Data flows through their bandwidth to your phone. All they supply is a pipeline for you to get data. By charging for data, they are kicking you out of the pipeline to keep it running fast.

But when you use data at 3 in the morning, the pipe wide open, and data is free to come at it's fastest speed. You should be required to pay extra for that? I understand why they charge for it, but if that's the case, I expect the pipeline to be wide open all the time then, but try any sporting event and you will see that their towers get overloaded quickly. It's a myth that their bandwidth will run out, when they constantly preach most users don't go over 2gb a month anyway. If that's the case, why will it cost me MORE to switch to a shared plan with less data (2gb a line) than I can get now? It's a farce, and profiteering. Plain and simple.

Cheers everyone! Note 3 and two years of reasonably priced data! Stoked.

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We pretty much stumbled into this. Decided to go ahead and go into a VZW corporate store Saturday afternoon to upgrade my Thunderbolt and Mrs. Un's 3G Incredible 2 which was pretty much deceased. We were ready to pay full retail on 2 phones.

I think the rep knew about the glitch but didn't say or promise anything, but offered 6 GB each line/month for the same 29.99/month/line we have unlimited on, and we didn't have to go with Edge, but we did have to sign for 2 years. But we would pay the subsidized price and keep our pooled 1400 voice minutes.

When she pulled up the agreement summary page, it said "unlimited" and she smiled and said she wan't going to buck the system.

So 2 Droid MAXX XT1080M's for us.

It isn't like Verizon is being nice about this. It is simply a matter of them spending more to defend themselves against potential lawsuits than honoring a handful of upgrades. Psst - you're still paying them an assload for service and just re-upped for another two years. This barely qualifies as an inconvenience to them and has likely been turned over to PR at this point to get some free advertising out of it.

Because the other option is bad press and it is doubtful that many actually took advantage of it. That and anyone smart enough to have picked up the phone would have been able to keep it for free.

Many many people on Droid Life took the plunge, me included. I upgraded two lines to Note 3's.

I should have bought iPhone and sell it. Keep the money and wait for 32gb moto x/ motomaker or just get Developer edition. Maybe Nexus 5 if it comes.
Tnx Verizon anyway.

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Nice. I wonder if this includes pre orders. My moms note 3 ships 10/10 Wish my order had gone though. Had issues with it so had to cancel it :(

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I ordered the Note 3 by upgrade yesterday, and got email confirmation that kept my unlimited in place. Got email this evening....order cancelled. Called VZW and can't get an answer why. SMH...

Glad I got in on that one and didn't freak out and cancel like many others did. Just ride it out next time guys, whats the worst that could have happened? You have to argue for 15-20 minutes with a rep to return your phone in store? Note 3 on unlimited data here I come!!

This is a surprise given Verizon's history, but definitely is something that is welcomed by those who were in limbo on this situation. They certainly did NOT have to do this, yet they did it anyway. This situation worked out much better than anyone could have imagined it to, pretty much.

Well, my congratulations to all of you that scored the upgrades. I toyed with it yesterday as I've got two of our three lines eligible for upgrades. I just didn't trust Verizon enough to pull the trigger.

Got my upgrade this morning. Am pleased! I did opt for an iPhone 5s tho. I'm still an Android fan tho. Don't hate me! Couldn't pass on a 64gb gold 5s on contract unlimited =)

Note "For the duration of their contract", which could mean they can end your infinity data after 2 years.

If they got the same message from Verizon, I don't think it's necessary. I doubt Droid-Life was the only one seeking comment from Verizon about this.

It was mentioned earlier but will Verizon offer their 6GB Data Plan,without EDGE, if you upgrade while keeping an older non-ShareEverything plan?

I called 2 different times yesterday and was told that you could only get the 6GB plan if you also got Edge. That was my experience, not sure what others have heard.

Just walked out from the store (pick up order from Sat night) disappointed. The guy told me that my data is going to drop to 2gb. I asked about official statement that VZW made - to honor all purchases over the weekend and he said : I don't know you gonna have to talk to them. Blah , blah. So much of sticking to their guns. Q3 is closed so they don't care anymore.

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From what I've read, people who got their phones shipped are OK and those who are picking up at the store are getting screwed. My phone I ordered last Thursday night should be delivered within the hour to my door step. I'll post again after registering my SIM card. I think that will be the test.

Yup, Just activated. No change in plan. I got lucky. At 2 more years of Verizon then probably switching to T-Mobile when ready for a new one. i ever have egg on my face. never thought they would honor sales completed during this glitch and now it turns out i just made a $400 mistake (had it in my cart and couldn't bring myself to checkout). well i'm happy for the people that had the balls to pull the trigger and now i have to decide what's more important to me between the Galaxy Note 3 and my unlimited data plan. it's my own fault but i think this seriously just wrecked my day.

I got the LG G2 first thing monday morning at corporate verizon store.They didnt know about the glitch til i told them. I was going to give up unlimited data for the new 6gb promotion at the unlimited price. But when the system wouldn't do the 6gb only the unlimited i said heck yeah give it to me. Plus if that wasnt enough i kept my employer 20% discount on my data. The new 6gb plan would have made me give employer discount. Thank you very much Verizon!

My wife was able to take advantage of the glitch, while I was a tad too late because I just had to try to do research before deciding on a phone ... while inside IKEA with no signal. By the time I made a decision, Verizon had fixed the glitch.

My wife's new phone is supposed to arrive today around 8 pm. Hopefully it doesn't activate and switch her plan, as we're both relying on tethering for our internet. She's going with the G2 and I'm excited for her (and excited to see the new phone).

Since I had no success at the store (was picking up moto x) I walked out without the phone and later called the customer service to ask why my plan is going down to 2gb, when vzw on Monday said in official statement that all orders over the weekend will be honored keeping the existing unlimited data plans. Rep told me that it's because my order was not processed completely. I said that I have email n text conf that is completed and ready for pick up, but I didn't make on that day nor Monday, so I wasn't really charged except for the pending invoice w my card info.
Then she told me that she will make a note and to go back to the store w my receipt and conf email handy if they ask me for them.
At the store They didn't ask me for anything at the store and was told that automatically will go to 2gb after which they will have to call the CS and reverse it. Once the guy hung up, he said that it may take up to 5 days for process.
Well this morning when I checked its already back on Unlimited !

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I activated my s4 today and my plan change to 2 Mb. I call customer service, The rep told me that when I upgrade to a new phone I will lose my unlimited data... I sent the rep my email confirmation of my plan that stated I have unlimited data and she changed it back in 2 sec . My sure you check your plan after activating your phone.

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Trying to activate new LG G2, couldn't via using the easy steps through the phone. Tried online and it prompt me to select a Shared Data plan, I'm on phone now and rep wants me to choose a data package too. Asked if I Upgraded or paid Full retail. I then told him that Verizon released a statement saying they will honor upgrade and I wanted to speak to someone else. Now he's trying to work something out. See how it goes.

Placed my order online on the 29th with no prompts to switch data plans. Order was confirmed on the 30th, just noticing that it states a 2GB plan in the confirmation email.

Bah Humbug

super excited - have an old galaxys 3 that i traded my old iphone 4 for... off the net - i ordered an iphone 5s pretty excited to go back to ios and also have LTE and unlimited data. got iphone 5s for 80$ with my gs3 trade in = awesome

My Galaxy Note 3 was delivered today and the in-box receipt showed I'd be going to a 2 GB data plan, so after self-activating the phone and seeing online that I did drop from unlimited to the 2 GB plan I called Verizon.

The agent hadn't heard about the glitch and that Verizon would be supporting unlimited data plans, but was going to put me on the Loyalty Max plan giving me 6 GB of data for $29 while she escalated the issue.

After returning from a hold she told me she saw a setting on my account to give me the unlimited plan, so she did it with no escalation, and I'm back to unlimited.

I'm glad this worked out, but it makes me wonder if Verizon was hoping that folks wouldn't call in and would just stick with whatever the in-box receipt said after the new phone was activated...

VZW reps may still try and boot you onto a tiered data and say you have to take tier data upon phone activation.

I had to argue with them, nicely and politely, that the service renewal contract had already been signed and it indicated that I would continue with the unlimited data.

Device activation and contract renewal are two separate things anyway (as far as i understand). But just be aware, reps may try and boot you off. Best to have official documents, preferably a link to the official verizon announcement

I took advantage of the glitch. Got me a LG G2 and kept my UNLIMITED DATA. Which i use 20 gb a month lol. Thank you Verizon.