Verizon outage

Verizon's Twitter account this morning tells us that its latest 4G LTE outage has been resolved.

4GLTE issue resolved overnight. 3G operated normally; calling, texting were unaffected.

It wouldn't surprise us to still see a few stragglers, but hopefully things are copasetic for most of you out there.

Source: @VZWNews


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Verizon, on Twitter, says 4G is up and running again


Is it me or do these outages always seem to be on Wed/Thurs? IS there something they do to the system on either one of those days that would be causing these?

I have only been with Verizon for 3 years but I have never experienced a 3G outage as frequently as their 4G LTE network does.

Is this possibly due to the influx of new subscribers onto the 4G network?

Is this just a sign of things to come when they convert everyone over?

I was thinking the same thing about wed/thurs.
Been a Verizon customer for 14 years and have never seen anything like these outages before...

Same here but just 12 years for me, this makes me wonder though it seems like their problem turns nationwide very quick. Maybe its just me but I would think parts would be seperated on purpose to keep this from happening. I did see several phones yesterday that said No Service at the top of the screen during the outtage while I kept just voice so the thought that voice was unaffected was not entirely true.

It seems to me that it occurs most of the time during the process of flipping the switch on new towers. Which honestly, I'm okay with occasional outages if it means a more widespread network, as opposed to an incredibly unreliable one...

4G is up here in Houston. I believe it was restored yesterday around 4 or 5pm cst.

As for 3G, I did NOT have 3G service on any of these outages.

Galaxy Nexus.

4G was 'up' for me around 4 or 5, but by that i mean it would seem to connect to LTE, then stall connecting to internet access. After that it would drop to 3G, or nothing at all. Greenway Plaza area of downtown.

Make sure your rebooting your phone and not just doing airplane mode. I tried that this morning and it took rebooting my phone to get 4G to flip on.

4G Running fine in Kansas City, at least for my Tbolt. but for how long? do we get an explanation this time, or just the same old "we've resolved the situation" garbage?

A co-worker of mine just got in a brand new white razor and she could not activate it until 11:30 p.m. CST time. She was pissed!


Tsk tsk tsk, shame on you Big Red!

On the upside, I did convince her to get a REAL PHONE instead of a

Wabbs, Loving my Nexus!

I shouldn't need to follow twitter to know this. It should be on their website, first page. Or at least the first page after you click "Wireless".

Obviously they will not say 3G service was affected because then they can still market as the most reliable 3G network in America or whatever their bullshit slogan is.

well...technically the 3G service wasn't affected, it only affected 3G service on 4G phones. It has to do with the ehrpd system used to link EV-DO and LTE.

First thing I did this morning was turn off wifi to see if LTE was up here in Charlotte. I was glad to see the little 4G come back on my Galaxy Nexus!

I wonder if they posted on twitter so that the people who have actually gotten it back can see that it's running while for those still stock without wouldn't know a difference. As compared to sending out a message to inform people on their devices

4G Down all night in Seattle, only had a 3G icon.
This morning all indicators suggest 4G but no data service (not even 3G). This is typical, when there is no 4G the phone does not seamlessly crossover to 3G. Sometimes it works.....but not always.
Verizon, get your act together.

My 4G was steady last night in Atlanta suburbs when I went to bed (10-ish). Woke up to see a 3G indicator. Toggled airplane mode and been on 4G since 5a.m.

I agree that we shouldn't need a Twitter feed (I use neither Twitter or Facebook) to check network status. My ISP puts known outages on their website, VZW could do likewise.

Also, put instructions on the outage page to toggle the radio to Rev. A. EvDO at the times eHRPD authentication is the issue. Why should I have to either call Customer Service during the outage or search a non-VZW site to find the ##778# work-around?

I have a lil something to say about this. This makes me wonder on how they are going to handle this on a PR aspect. VZW is known for its reliability which its network. Wasnt knows as the fastest, but with for 4G it is. This looks bad on VZW cuz since the inception of LTE there have been outages. Is it on the wrong frequency to work properly? Is there not enough back haul? Now you have AT&T with LTE on a different frequency. It has been out for over a month and there has been no reported outage. You may say that there were more people on VZW LTE than AT&T's LTE when it was first rolled out but I don't think that is the defining factor. Now we hear about VZW planning to charge $@ for making your payment online or on the phone? I wouldn't be surprised to see then wave that for $G device customers once they complain about it. I love big red and I hope things get batter, but this looks to be a downward spiral to end out 2011.

Both 3G and 4G are bouncing in Boston. 4G only affected is a crock of sh%+. When my Galaxy Nexus loses both I don't even get 1X service. At the same time my wives rezound loses 3G & 4G she at least gets 1X. Does the Nexus not have 1X ability?

I've never seen a 1x symbol on my stock Galaxy Nexus but my SMS and phone calls have never stopped working so I must be connected via 1x. As for 3G, all my friends with 3G phones never lost service so it is in fact just 4G that is affected but they should say 4G devices to be more accurate.

its fun waiting in a VZW store for 30min trying to activate your new Nexus to be told 4g is down so it wont finish activating.

4G was working fine here in Minneapolis until about 20 minutes ago. Now it's back to going up and down every 30 seconds or so. I have full bars and a decent signal (for those 30 seconds I speed test at 12+ Mbps).