Verizon has now teamed up with IndyCar to offer exclusive access to the Official IZOD IndyCar Series Mobile application. The app is being made available to all Verizon customers for their smartphones and tablets. If you're an IndyCar fan, this is the app to have:

  • Live In-Car Cameras: Watch the race from the driver's seat and see the intensity first hand.
  • Live Driver-Pit Crew Chatter: Hear the live radio communication between drivers and pit crews during the race.
  • Mosaic: Four live features on a split screen - Streaming Race Control, Real-Time Track Mapping and two in-car camera views.
  • Real-Time Track Map: See the real-time position of every car across the track during every race.
  • Streaming Race Control: Get behind-the-scenes video and audio of the officials that run the race.
  • Real-Time Leaderboard: Keep up to date with the current running order of each race.
  • Driver Profiles: More information about your favorite 2012 drivers.
  • Live Radio Broadcast: Listen to the full radio commentary of each race.
  • Exclusive Video Content: Get app-only content including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews.
  • Historical Race Footage: Watch video clips from historical races and famous IndyCar moments.
  • IndyCar 101: Get the basics on the IndyCar Series.

That's a pretty compelling list of features for an app and will surely satisfy any IndyCar fans needs. If you're on Verizon, you can grab the app from the Google Play Store using the link below. Keep in mind, it may not be supported by all devices but it's leaps and bounds over last years version.


Reader comments

Verizon teams up with IndyCar to offer exclusive access to IndyCar Mobile


I would love to see that too, but F1 would NEVER give the public that kind of access. The F1 timing app is pretty good though even if it is insanely high priced.

sounds like it'd be a great bloatware app just like the NASCAR app on Sprint. can't wait to get the G-Nex.

I'm sure they'll start pre-installing it on all our phones, just in case we didn't know we were actually secret IndyCar fans

This is a major improvement over the previous version of the app. Works really well on my Thunderbolt. I am a fan of several racing disciplines and this is a welcome addition on my phone. The ability to also follow up and coming drivers in the Indy Light series is a nice bonus. It would be great if the F1 governing body could get their feces together and stop squabbling long enough to put something like this together.

I live really close to the Texas Motor Speedway and make a point of going to the Indy car race every year. Great racing and a lot less hassle than trying to relive Woodstock by muscling my way in to see a NASCAR race there with over 200K people wandering aimlessly. I've done it twice. Never again unless I can spend the weekend in the infield in somebody else's Winnebago.