Since April, users of the Motorola Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR M have been waiting for their update to Android 4.4 KitKat and from the looks of it, the wait will soon be over. After a soak test, Verizon has now updated the support documents for both devices with new information about the updates and the changes they'll bring.

  • A new full-screen mode, color emoji support, improved closed captioning support, stronger security, smarter power use, and more tools and capabilities for better app development
  • Access SMS, MMS, and video calls in one place
  • Google Talk has been replaced with Google Hangouts
  • Supports location-sharing and animated GIF's through Google Hangouts
  • Full-screen album and movie art appear when streaming/projecting
  • Play, pause and jump to a certain song or movie chapter easily
  • Less invasive status bar
  • Personalize messages with smileys, cars, animals and icons
  • New DROID ZAP app interface, updated to v2.0
  • Android Security Patches
  • WiFi has been improved
  • Roaming has been improved

There's still no telling of when, exactly the updates will roll out to end users but in any case Verizon is seemingly prepared for it so if you're really looking forward to the change you can start checking for updates now and let us know if you see them.

Source: Verizon, Verizon Via: Droid-Life


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Verizon support docs suggest 4.4.2 KitKat update for Droid RAZR HD and RAZR M coming soon


Totally screws up your phone. Everything is worse.
1) phone drops calls or you are connected and can't hear the other person.
2) Bluetooth doesn't connect to my stereo any more..Unless in safe mode
3) WiFi will disconnect at will.
4) Phone randomly turns off and back on
5) Apps I have uninstalled come back... WTF

I repeat this update is total trash developed just to force you into buying a new phone. There is NO WAY this update was tested and they didn't know these problems existed. Corporate America once again is forcing you to spend money on something you don't need.

Install this then your good phone will be a useless paper weight.

I am experiencing the same issues on my Razor Maxx HD. WiFi and Bluetooth will not work at the same time. I spent $5,500 on Bluetooth hearing aids and a streamer so that I can hear better while on the phone. Since I cannot connect to wifi, I am getting soaked on data usage charges. I've been to 3 Verizon stores and all I am getting is the
shrugging shoulders" reply. Battery is being drained by something that I have yet to figure out. I mean REALLY draining!

There is no support from anyone, therefore I am looking into a class action suit.

This is a typical Verizon Network issue. They bloat the updates and hold on to them before they release making sure to add all THEIR features before they force us to get it. The wifi issue is a huge problem that they are doing so that we use their data and PAY THEM MORE! instead of using our own wifi. they wont admit this but its true. To fix this ive noticed I have to go into phone wifi locations, delete them all! Refresh and power phone off and restart, and re enter the network and this works for awhile but you need to watch out. Regarding the DRAIN on battery ive found out that the network is loading terribly for their benefits as ill go from 100% to 10% in less then 1 hour without doing anything. When you look at the power settings of whats using power it says android operating system. Turns out that when this is happening i go to txt mesages and i noticed txt msg are STUCK in the sending phase and draining by battery dry. I have to resend a 2nd msg to push the 1st through, restart the phone, or delete all txt messages and then the battery is working like before. PAIN IN THE ARSE! There is also another issue im having now is the weather and the clock for my circles gets stuck and will show the wrong time and weather till i restart phone. The most annoying thing NOW is my phone shouts DROID!!!!!! I look at phone and nothing in status bar and no new txt msgs so not sure what this is about. Hope this helps and yes we need to file a class action lawsuit towards VERIZON the devil!

I experienced the same issues and promptly called Verizon. They redirected me to Motorola who basically sat on their hands. .I was fortunate enough to receive a replacement that did not have the update. And I've been postponing it ever since and countdown for the 12 hour reminder that interrupts what I'm doing and hope I don't accidentally hit "accept" if I press ok or send after whatever I'm doing. It's not all gumdrops and candy canes without the update either. My phone is now a snail. EVERYTHING takes FOREVER to load or open. Camera, apps, email.. Geeeeeez!!!! I'm outside of my contract so a discounted phone will Change my data package so I'd have to buy a phone at regular price... Such a catch 22-22!! Ridiculous

Found a GOOD FIX for this problem.

I went to Walmart and bought an ALCATEL FIERCE and got on the Family Mobile (T-Mobile) $45 a month plan.
My phone is faster and now my bill is also less than half of what the big V charges.
Forget Verizon who btw ripped me off with FIOS also. They actually charged me a disconnect fee after I left them after the 2 year contract and never returned my $120 they owed to me.

I've had trouble on wifi , hopefully this fixes it. Had it side by side with my moto X and the hd Maxx was speed testing 23/10 while the X was 50/25.

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Aka don't hold your breath. The cell companies have a odd definition of 'soon'

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Well Damm. Another fu to note 3 owners. Thank god I flashed the leak. I say fu vz

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Was posted earlier today you can now get the update for the Note 3 it's just not over air you have to plug it into your computer.

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Moto can get Kit Kat to the Razr because Moto is competent.
Samsung can't get Kit Kat to the Note 3, but somehow that's Verizon's fault.

That chicken is dead, stop farking it. Verizon, not samsung, held it up. Get it in that apparently thick head of yours. Same with the M7 on t mobile. Carriers have to take the responsibility at some point in the process. I do not get why you are such an apologist for them...

There have been a lot of issues with the Note 3 so far including an unresolved camera bug that can cause battery drain.

I know everyone wants the next release the day before it is announced but I give Verizon credit for holding the line until they can resolve more of the bugs and not subject the 99+% of their users that don't care what the version number of their OS is.

never saw them. My phone works flawlessly.

The upgrade process is simple yet painful. Take the OTA, do a complete wipe, and restart your phone. 99% of the complaints can be taken care of that way. If you have everything backed up properly, your apps will redownload and so will your contacts. PITA to have to sign back in but I would rather do that twice a year than complain/have issues

Nice to see that older phones get this update before the newer and better phones. Thanks vzw

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As of 4:45am 5/15 now have 4.4.2 on Droid RAZR maxx HD

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I just got the update this morning when my alarm went off to get up. Wasn't really focused when I accepted it. No obvious changes. Nothing broken yet.

Update just dropped on me this morning. I had heard the last system update might be the last one for the M, so this is cool.

Updated my RAZR HD to KK 4.4.2, been having text messaging issues ever since. I was using the stock messaging, but after updated I get a error message every time I send one out. Now forced to use Hangout for TM, but I still receive incoming on stock messaging in widgit only. It won't allow me to view incoming on stock when trying to view them. I have changed my default setting to hangouts as well. Anyone have ideas how to fix my problem?

This update is terrible. My phone won't charge as fast as it used to, and it won't charge when it's powered off. Doesn't charge while in use. Charges VERY SLOWLY. RAZR M