It's pretty much been the worst kept secret of the month, but now Verizon's gone and made it official on Twitter -- LTE devices will be shown at CES. OK, it's really not that much of a secret since Verizon said at its LTE announcement that it would show more early in the year. But semi-official is better than not. The Tweet says "Jan. 6 at #CES: #Android and #LTE - could it be like peanut butter and chocolate? YUM!"

Might one of the devices we see be the HTC Mecha/Incredible HD seen here? Perhaps. We'll be there to bring it all to you one way or another. [Twitter]

Verizon LTE at CES


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Verizon to show LTE Android hardware at CES in two weeks


While I like the DInc HD/Mecha I would really like to see the Motorola Etna (or whatever they really decide to call it). Unfortunately in typical Verizon fashion they will announce, announce, and delay, delay, delay.

I had read somewhere (possibly here) that Verizon was planning to release (1) LTE Android phone a month in Q1, but we all know how Verizon does things.

I am looking for a dual core Android LTE phone with a 4.0-4.3 display and front facing camera. Makes you wonder who will be first.

why don't you try making a phone and see how quickly you can get it up and running, let alone mass produce it.

An HTC device with dual core, 4" display and slider keyboard (for my wife) on VZW needs to come out at CES.

LTE, 4G...doesn't matter cause we'll never see it out here anyway.

as a verizon worker i just wanna say no. you wont. and 4g is already out. we've had these cards out for a while now. 4g is backwards compatible. 3g devices on the other hand are NOT forward compatable. so no, that little android moto u got in your pocket will not be seeing 4g speed.

He didn't mean to say that phones would be able to use 4G. Just that the coverage will be available in all the areas that currently have 3G.