Verizon Roadmap Leak

August to see several device launches; new 'Droid' devices nowhere to be seen

Right on the heels of the latest Moto X device leaks, a new roadmap from Verizon may have just revealed the launch dates for both it and the HTC One on Big Red. According to a purported "Go To Market" roadmap obtained by PhoneArena, the carrier will finally see the previously-confirmed HTC One on August first, with the upcoming flagship Moto X hitting a few weeks later on August 23rd.

While it's a fashionably late appearance for the One on Verizon when compared to the other carriers, an August 23rd launch of the Moto X could put it right in line with the other three if current launch date rumors hold true. As for the expected launch of multiple new "Droid" devices, this roadmap doesn't give us any indication of their release windows.

It looks like Verizon may be in for an important month of August.

Source: PhoneArena


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Verizon roadmap shows potential launch dates for HTC One, Moto X


Mine is going to hit in a few days too. I'll be waiting for the Droid Ultra Maxx, but you can't go wrong with the One.

For us on VZW we have to pay full price to keep grand fathered unlimited data for $30 a month, so Moto X is a great phone to replace a Gnex, and still has stock android and is unlocked, plus it suppose to be cheaper than a Flagship device.

But Motorola has a flagship/ Hero device coming in October too, so peoiple might want to wait till then

This is exactly my plan to replace my old RAZR. Even though my upgrade date is next week I think I'll hold out for the X and buy off-contract. Thank you Google/Motorola!

Pretty stupid of them to launch the One so late, what with the fall lineup coming soon.

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Yeah. With the age of the phone, and given Verizon's history of moving phones quickly to EOL status, this phone may not last too long. Especially with Snapdragon 800 chips becoming available for the next gen phones.

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So question is how much vzw charge for the one? I'm seeing it for $99 on other carriers. What will happen if vzw charges $299 like the S4 32gb?

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This will be the main sticking point for me as well. If Verizon comes out charging more than $99 for the One I'm going to pass. My DNA is doing great and at this point the real emotional flare of having an HTC One has kind of worn off and my mind is already on the possibility of a DNA follow up device. Not to mention that HTC themselves will probably be announcing another new device next March or so.

Also curious to see if Verizon will carry the new LG Optimus G

Something else to think about, how will vzw treat the ONE? As a premium device where they will support it for aleast a year? Or just another android device with little to no support

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I wonder what this means for an AT&T launch. I'm doing my best to hold out for the Note 3, but I'm starting to get phone envy here. I will hold strong with my GS3 for a little while longer!

Hopefully the One will come with the latest OS installed but,knowing Verizon, it'll be another 6 months waiting for that to roll out.

Can we make up our minds about the Moto X? Here it is being called a "flagship phone" yet in other articles it is being hinted as having "middle of the road" hardware specs. Which is it?

Droid Ultra Maxx might be worth a look but I've been really hoping to get the One. At this point there is no excitement left about this. I just need a new phone and I like HTC. YMMV

Moto X is both a flagship and middle-tier specs. It's more about what the phone is going to offer us than what processor it's packing inside. Off-contract sub $300 phone with the latest version of Android. For those of us with unlimited data or don't like locking ourselves into two year contracts that's a game changer.

Good point regarding price point but I would still regard the upcoming Droid Ultras qualifying for the "flagship" title over the X at least where Verizon is concerned. I'm also looking to keep my unlimited data and will be forced to buy my new phone outright in order to do so. If I was willing to compromise my personal preference for hardware just to keep my data plan I would have bought an S4 already but I don't really care for it.

So is the Moto X going to be a flagship or mid level device. I keep seeing both. Can the Flagship device for Motorola be a mid level phone?

Yeah I kinda don't get it.

Unless you are Google and you only put out one phone a year your flagship has to be top of the line everything

I know that it cannot live up to the hype but if the only real perk is switching colors on the case that would result in an immediate fail as far as I am concerned

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This will most likely be a make or break phone for Motorola so if it fails I wouldn't be surprised if Google dumps the company. I think they only bought the company for the patents, which turned out to be almost worthless, or to stop Motorola from suing all the other Android manufacturers as they were threatening to do. They should just use Motorola to make Nexus devices since they make no money from those anyway.

Google won't ditch Motorola after paying $12 Billion USD to acquire them. That's no chump change, and the Moto X won't disappoint!

Total equipment protection price increase?!? Sounds like cause to get out of your contract with no ETF.

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Galaxy S4 Active is the most interesting phone I have seen in recent memory. Not on Verizon of course.