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Verizon has just reported its Q4 2012 and full 2012 earnings for both its wireless and wireline (FiOS) divisions, and wireless growth was through the roof. We're just going to focus on the wireless portion of the earnings, and start with the Q4 2012 report first. Here are the highlights:

  • 2.2 million net customer additions in the quarter, highest in company history
  • $20 billion in revenue ($16.4 bn being service revenues) for Q4, up 9.5-percent year-over-year
  • Postpaid ARPA (Average Revenue Per Account) grew 6.6-percent y-o-y to $146.80/month
  • Retail postpaid churn rate of 0.95-percent, up 1 basis point year-over-year

The upward trend is visible in the full 2012 earnings reports as well. Here's the breakdown:

  • 5 million net customer additions for the year, the highest in four years
  • $75.9 billion in revenue ($63.7 bn being service revenues) for 2012, up 8.1-percent year-over-year
  • Ended the year with 98.2 million retail connections (92.5 mm postpaid), up 6.6-percent year-over-year
  • Those customers are dispersed over 35.1 million accounts, up 4.3-percent year-over-year

Verizon reports that its LTE network as of today is live in 476 markets, covering 276 million people (about 89-percent of the population.) Those are some pretty impressive numbers, but is only just the tip of the iceberg. If you want a more detailed look at the report for yourself, it can be found at the source link below.

Source: Verizon


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Verizon Q4 2012 earnings: 2.2 million net customer additions, $20 billion in revenue


Guess that makes me an above-average revenue provider :/

btw - for as much as ac likes to bang verizon for its note II branding this pic sure gets used alot ;)

I think it's cause it really shows how conceited Verizon is. If Verizon was a rapper they'd have a giant gold chain with their logo on it around their neck making it rain with our shared data money while driving some super car with LTE body graphics..

I know, wait till AT&T release their revenue so they can all sit together and fix the prices behind you know the door.

God I really hope Dish/Google Network will be up and running by Jan 2014 when my vzw contract is up, crossing virtual fingers.

Looking forward to jumping that ship... too much of the low to medium use customers paying for high end user's features and usage. Will be interesting to see how T-Mobile's non-subsidized strategy plays out with the rest of the carriers. At least maybe they'll consider lowering monthly rates once a two year contract is complete and they no longer need to offset the cost to the handset makers.

We pay for premium data speeds and receive sub par data speeds in MO and IL. I average in St.Louis 12 down and 5 up on vzw lte, my home wifi is 10 down and 2 up. In Chicago vzw lte is spotty at best switching between 4g and 3g everywhere, hard to believe Chicago has worse coverage. Verizon sucks, there CS don't know sh$t, updates suck, price gouging data with tier data, slow ass lte. Luckily I'm one of those who have unlimited data, for now. I hope Dish/ Google carrier will be up and running by Jan 2014 when my contract is up.

It goes to show you that their strategy to both build out and market their network is paying off. People will pay a premium for better and faster coverage.

I can't help but laugh honestly all these fancy numbers doesn't really mean anything. I personally took my 2 lines of service from Verizon to T-Mobile gladly guess that proves those above numbers don't mean shit. Verizon devices are filled with disabling bloatware and pitiful internal device changes. Verizon has lost it's way thinking they are now manufacturers and know what's best for paying customers. All LTE devices they have all have poor battery life, useless wifi notifications, and just outright poor updates to all handsets. Funny part is people actually pay for all this abuse for what reason just to say they are on Verizon. I am proud to say ''F'' Verizon and proud to say Tmobile here in New York City shits all over Verizon all day long. People are only fooling themselves thinking that slow ass lte network is actually about anything any longer. Verizon is slow and Useless tmobile and it's hspa plus 42 mbps network makes Verizon useless. Plus Tmobile with it's new advanced 10 lte network will be the best network come May/June 2013. And boy unlimited data usage will always be KING. My Galaxy Note 2 on tmobile makes that farce of a Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon useless. Cosmetics anyone.

My wife has already made the switch to T-Mobile. As soon as I can get another Nexus 4, for myself this time, I will switch too. T-Mobile HSPA is also faster than Verizon's LTE here in Charlotte.

And far more important, we're gonna be paying $60 dollars per month, for both of us!

I used to think the additional coverage by Verizon was worth it. But since moving, there is no reason to keep paying for it. Did I read that right? Average account is $146 dollars per month? Holy smokes, some of you are getting reamed. I thought my single line (and unlimited data) for $72 dollars per month was too much.

And also fairly significant is that I'm going to have complete control over what software I choose to use.

Come on GOOGLES... I'm ready to play the Nexus 4 ordering game again! I've got my game face on and I know what I'm doing this time too.

That's the funny thing about T-Mobile, they may have good service in NYC like they do in other large cities, but outside of that, they are complete & total s**t. Here in the midwest they really earn their reputation as the 4th place carrier.

As for your other points: I am primarily on Wifi (@ home & @ work), but I only have to charge my Verizon Note 2 every other day. Our home internet was out a few days for maintenance a couple weeks ago & I really didn't see a huge difference on LTE being a power drain. I've had charging cycles where I have had 7hours of "screen on" time before I have gotten low battery warnings telling me to recharge. Maybe you are basing that off of past technology instead of the radios now used in LTE devices.

I don't have Wifi notifications or bloatware because I like to root my device & flash a ROM (which I would do that regardless of my carrier), but even when my Verizon Note 2 was stock (the first 3 weeks I owned it), the Wifi notification didn't bother me because it wasn't visible unless I pulled down the notification bar. Maybe you are basing that off of old info that Verizon USED TO put the notification on the bar itself. On the topic of bloatware, didn't T-Mobile add a racing game to their version of the Note 2 & they charge >$50 more than every other carrier charged for their Note 2's when using an upgrade? (Boy, that must be some AMAZING game!) LOL.

My connection isn't slow at all ( Let's see a speedtest using your T-mobile Note 2, because we all know that 42mbps is just a theoretical speed. We'll see what T-Mobile's LTE network is actually like when it rolls out instead of what they say it will be in press releases.

I also have unlimited data.

TL;DR I'm glad you like T-Mobile but anyone who has been on this site for a while knows that you don't stick with any carrier or manufacturer very long. You've been a Sprint/EVO/EVO 3D fanboy, a Verizon/Nexus fanboy, & now a T-Mobile SGS3/Note 2 fanboy. What's next? AT&T? Straight Talk? Motorola? Sony? LG?

Only time will tell....

"My connection isn't slow at all ( Let's see a speedtest using your T-mobile Note 2, because we all know that 42mbps is just a theoretical speed. We'll see what T-Mobile's LTE network is actually like when it rolls out instead of what they say it will be in press releases."
Oh, 25mbps on LTE with VZW huh? For what, 2GB of data at $100/mo? 4GB of data at $110/mo?
Here's a recent T-Mobile speed test I took on their 42mbps HSPA+ network in the middle of downtown in the middle of the day.

And I pay $30/mo for 5GB of data.
I'll take the $70/mo to the bank. Hell, $1700 over 2 years is a down payment on a car.

Count me amongst those 5 million new customers. I know a lot of people complain about how verizon charges more for their service, but the reality is that most people don't mind paying more for a good service. I personally cannot be happier with my note 2 and verizon super fast LTE network. I left my other carrier because after 10 years of paying a big bill every month, they never delivered a good service. Yea my bill with VZ is probably going to be a bit more but I'm happy and that's what matters.

Second that -

I switched from ATT (had been using it for close to 10 years) about a 13 months ago... Have not dropped ONE call since i switched to Verizon... The difference is simply amazing.

When i was with ATT it was highly unlikely that i would make it through a 3+ minute call without dropping. PLUS Verizon LTE beat any other 4G service to my area by 9 months.

Although some have have jumped ship due to tiered data, vzw still add new accounts daily. People who want better coverage don't mind paying. I was going to jump ship myself but im not feeling sprint (had b4) not feeling at&t (had b4) and tmobile is so-so around me. Just stayed and dont regret it. Now when it comes to updates software wise vzw sucks.

To the guy, from NY, that blasted Verizon - Well I guess T-Mobile does quite well in NY. However, in LA T-Mobile earns that 4th place position... Narrowly losing to Sprint. I am one of those guys that have been on all four major carriers: T-Mobile first for the original sidekick; Verizon second for a landscape slider whose name I can't remember; AT&T next for the Iphone 4S; Sprint for the Palm Pre, EVO 4G, EVO LTE, and Galaxy S III; then eventually back to Verizon for the Galaxy Note II (the best phone I've ever had in my life).

Verizon has been the best for me. The speeds are perfect, whether I'm in LA, NY, or Chicago. Verizon has been the most consistent. And regarding battery life on the Verizon Galaxy Note II, I have clocked in 11 hours (of heavy, heavy usage) while connected exclusively to the LTE network. To me, that's pretty amazing.

To each his own, but I don't mind paying the extra income to have wifi like data speed from the network.

I am another recent convert to big red. And I love it. I was with Sprint for 12 years and their service kept geting worse in my area. Sad that it was better not long ago. I have 4g in my house. Sprint had to be on WI FI to get any data ( I live in the capital region of NY BTW). And to top it off, my bill is lower. Yes my data is limited, but to get up to what I was paying on Sprint, it would be 10Gb! So yes, so happy. I also travel all over the country. T-mobile is crap outside major cities (my co-worker found this one out) so that was not an option for me.

I have the Razr Maxx HD. The battery life is disturbingly high. Better on 4G which I found odd. 4+ days with light use.

So yes cost does come with at least some peace of mind.

I was telling my Sprint rep that I was thinking about leaving for another carrier because I figured I'd get a better deal on a new phone.

The Sprint rep shot me down at every turn, but what really made me shut up was when she said "where else can you go and use over 40Gbs of 4GLTE data a month and pay less than a hundred dollars after taxes?".

I guess if you are one of the few lucky ones that has 4G already available it wouldn't be too smart to switch, but the problem is that sprint 4G is only a promise for the vast majority of their customers. In most areas not even their 3G is fast enough for basic tasks, much less to be able to pull 40G of data. That would take years at their typical speeds of 15kps to 300 kpbs on good days. I personally became tired of promises and I really don't need unlimited data, all I need is to be able to get the data I need when I need it wherever I may be. 4GB of data is more than enough for my needs, as most of the time I'm on wifi at work and at home.

I disagree with everyone who`s complaining about bettery life, all the betteries in most smartphones are good, but, the users are the bad ones, everyone want to watch youtube and playig games and expecting theirs batteries to stays full for one month at lease. Use your smartphone responsibly, your battery`ll stays for longer day.
I been using cellsphones since day one the cellphone came, I never haveany issues with it batteries, I am in the medical field too.
To me all the complainers, never be happy anyway. Nothing wrong with any carriers, but, that`s their way, if anyone don`t like one carrier go to the other one and stop complaining and be happy.

How are people still going to Verizon!! As a Verizon customer I have to say everything about Verizon is anti consumer. While the network itself is the best the getting rid of unlimited and forcing people on tiered plans is wrong. Then lately on big name phones the force manufacturers to put on a ridiculous wifi notification and is usually the last carrier to update their phones. I am keeping an eye on T-mobile. Hope they succeed.

Unlimited data in my opinion after coming from Sprint is like communism. It sounds so great because everybody thinks that: 1 there's an unlimited supply of, that everyone is entitled to it, that it doesn't cost anything to provide an excellent level of service. But the reality is that in order to provide and maintain a high lever of service, companies like VZ have to invest billions of dollars on their network to acquire the latest technology and then they have to manage the pool of data in an efficient way so that it can be distributed according to what people really need or want, and that is determined by how much people want to pay, in a capitalistic sort o way. Contrast that to Sprint for example, they use to have decent 3g network some years a go, but once they started to get more customers with unlimited data plans and more smartphones started using more data, the supply got thin and what they are realizing now is that there's not enough for everyone, yes they still claim unlimited data, but what good does it do to the customer if they cannot supply enough bandwidth for everyone. The reason I compare that to communism is because I have lived it, it is similarly the false promise to make people think that there are unlimited supplies and everyone is going to be rich, but at the end the only thing that is really unlimited is misery.