Xperia Play 4G LTE

Are you a fan of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, but not so much a fan of it only being a 3G device on Verizon? You might well soon get to have the best of both words, if this internal traning registration is on the level. We're told the Dec. 12 and Dec. 14 training indeed is for Big Red, and we've confirmed with a second source that indeed an LTE Xperia Play exists. 

So will we see it? And when will we see it? News at 11.


Reader comments

Verizon prepping a 4G LTE Xperia Play?


I on the other hand like the lower spec as it place is in a better price range for the target market - Kids, and for me a second phone.

It also does not eat battery power for lunch like the SGS2, but on that note I wonder what LTE will do to the battery life.

Dear Sony, Look at that sexy Galaxy Nexus...

... No, over there, in Canada. THERE you go. Yea make one of THOSE but with that gampad.

Ready? GO!!

Incredible is right about the Play's lack of storage(every SE device including the ARC S suffers from this) but otherwise it's a very good 3G Android device.Very smooth running OS with a fraction of the bloat that the high-end Droids are saddled with. LTE and more internal memory(I can dream,can't I) would make a perfect upgrade for the Play.

No more news about this? The LTE connectivity combined with the installation of the OnLive app would make this killer.