It looks like Verizon, notorious for their expensive rate plans, will soon overhaul their rate plans. Some changes will only take place in name only but others such as unlimited plans will actually see a significant price drop. Overall, it seems easier to understand (a good thing) but we're not sure if non-unlimited, smartphone users will actually be affected. The details, as we see them:

  • Current Basic plan is re-named Nationwide Talk
  • Current Select plan is re-named Nationwide Talk & Text
  • Unlimited plans will drop 30%, $69.99 for unlimited voice, $89.99 for unlimited voice+text
  • $29.99 for unlimited data, $9.99 for 25MB
  • 3G Smartphones will require $29.99 data, 3G Multimedia phones (dumbphones) will require $9.99 or higher data
  • Single line plans go from 16 options to 6, Family plans go from 24 options to 8

Anytime a carrier gives a price drop, we're all for it. So Big Red's decision to overhaul their rate plans comes with our approval. Obviously, it's still not nearly as good as Sprint or T-Mobile's offerings, but you get the Verizon network with these options. What do you guys think about it? Still sticking with T-Mobile or Sprint? Or jumping ship? Let us know!

A lot more pictures of the new Verizon rate plans and a comparison to the other carriers after the jump!

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Verizon Changing Rate Plans, 3G Smartphones Require Data Plan


Nice change to the voice plans, although it won't do me any good because we have 3 lines on our family account and it would be an extra $50 for the 3rd line as well as the extra $20 to change to the plan, Verizon with unlimited talk is still not as economical as the prepay carriers yet but this is better at least.
The unlimited data for a 3g phones at $29.99 is a joke IMO, that is the same price as monthly data for a smartphone, how the hell does that work or make any sense!? The old 3g data plan for $14.99 (Vpak) was the best deal they had although it should have included email as well, Verizon should bring that back. All the carriers seem to be going backwards with dummy phone data plans as of late with the exception of Sprint.

Hmm too bad they aren't $80 a month like Tmo, but at least I got a reliable network. Worth the extra few bux, probably not.

Um....most of the time Sprint is roaming off of Verizon. Verizon and AT&T charge more because they have a larger BETTER network to support. Less network = less cost for the customer. Simple answers here people.

Um....most of the time Sprint is roaming off of Verizon. Verizon and AT&T charge more because they have a larger BETTER network to support. Less network = less cost for the customer. Simple answers here people.

I wouldn't leave Sprint for if another carrier paid me! Ok, maybe I would if they paid me to, but seriously I'm more than happy with Sprint. Verizon has a long way to go in my opinion and if their network was that great they would have lower rate plans than anyone else and would have even more customers.

Yeah, Sprint's customer care and network are so good that they have averaged a million customer loss for the last 7 quarters. Congrats.

Exactly, because why? They have a better network? Wrong. They have better customer care? Wrong. They've resorted to their CEO doing commercials. But, they do have 4G!! Well, at least for about 6 city blocks in Las Vegas

Verizon smartphone have always required a data plan, that is not new....what is new is the lower prices and the growing list of phones that required the $10 data plan.

what you smmoking dude. I pay 96.00 for 1400 min. unlimited data, unlimited text messaging. for her phone 9.99 for unlimited text. so with tax i pay 118.00 for our family package[2 lines]
when we first bought these env touch no data package was required... now when my two years is up and want new phones they are gonna want me to switch plans.. they can kiss my ass. im gonna stay on the same plan for the next ten years...There is nothing better with their new phones. there is no longer unlimited data, unlimited text and minute packages.

Seriously? $120 for an unlimited everything plan? come on. Price cuts, price shmuts.. it's still wicked expensive. Also what is it with cutting choices, I for one would get minimum talk&text and unlimited data. That price did not change so this is mainly bull.

The required data plan was only a matter of time after AT&T did it a few months ago.

Required data on other smart phones is real crime here. So you like to sync your schedule and watch movies on your 3g capable dumb phone. Now you're required to have a $9.99 monthly charge, just because your phone can surf the net?

It's great that they are continuing to be very competitive. And I'll tell ya what, I left Sprint to come to Verizon and got the Droid on release day and I'm never looking back! Yes I did pay only $74 a month for my Blackberry with unlimited data, but it wasn't worth it on Sprint's crappy network. The 3G coverage was utterly terrible!

I'm gladly paying $100 a month now on Verizon because I haven't had 1 dropped call yet and the phone hasn't left 3G mode! Plus the 3G is 5 times faster than Sprint! Sorry Sprint, you ain't cuttin' it!

As I pointed out in a letter to Verizon Wireless last month, they need a plan that lets me share data across my three lines. As it is, I pay almost $200 a month and only one of my phones has unlimited data. It's outrageous.

We were hit with that $10 data plan on my kids' two phone when we upgrade in December - data which neither of them have used in a month now. It's silly, but at least when I upgraded to Android I could drop my data plan from $45 to $30 because I no longer needed OTA Exchange sync (which was what I needed with my WM phone to get push gmail, calendar and contacts to sync right.) It's almost balanced out . . .

I switched from Verizon to Sprint back in September and can't say there's anything I've missed and paying less monthly is very nice.

Can we talk about the absurdity of charging $20 a month for unlimited text messages?

That's an obscene markup on something that costs Verizon a fraction of a penny to send.

On the other hand, if you use Google Voice for SMS on an Android phone and can convince VZW to turn it off entirely so you can't get charged for text spam, you're down into Sprint & T-Mo land for the Unlimited plans.

Does anyone know if VZW supports turning off SMS entirely for an account?

You're not sure if non-unlimited smartphone users will be affected? Customers on the 1350 minute plan will be able to upgrade to the unlimited plan and save $10 per month. That said, I don't think any current customers will be affected unless they request a plan change. I'm sure Verizon will happily leave existing customers on their current plans.

they can't change it without customer input. If they changed a plan, even to making it cheaper, without getting the customers consent (or at least a waiting period) they could get sued. Remember, this is america, where we sue about everything and then complain when companies don't trust us

Really the biggest changes here are that voice is dropping in price. I mean come on, unlimited voice on secondaries for a family plan used to be $99.99, not $49.99. This is something that I'm sure will happen more and more as better communication methods are discovered.

And yes, no one's going to be getting $29.99 unlimited data on a non-smart phone device because connect (unlimited internet) is $9.99 more and premium (unlimited everything) is $19.99 more (as long as you already have select which is unlimited texting).

The only thing point blank about Verizon is a gunshot straight to the head of who ever chooses to pay those prices. I hope you do not bleed out.

Yes Connect and Premium plans are awesome, bundled features at a discounted rate. Those are going away the 18th though so it won't be available unless you already have it. I'm trying to get as many customers onto it this weekend as I can so they can get the best deal.

I have had verizon for 4 years and I have loved the service without any problems what so ever the prices are large but you get what you pay for, you have t-mobile = shitty service, sprint = shitty service, ATT = good service, Verizon = The best service point blank idc if you don't agree with me but this is something I just know.

I have sprint anymobile anytime and i am really happy with it i pay 69 a month data, voice , text , SMS everything, verizone is so expensive i would never pay that kind the money !!!! no way

People keep saying sprint has crappy service, but I beg to differ. My service has been great. I have had veriozon, sprint, at&t, and tmobile, and I didnt have any issues service wise with any of them. verizons prices arent worth it in my eyes.

Mobile Broadband is currently $39.99 for 250mb. Anyone know if this is going to be $29.99 for unlimited as well?

I went into VZ last night to upgrade 4 out of my 5 family plan phones. I was going to get the ENV3 for my wife, my parents, and myself. I was told of the $9.99 requirement for data and immediately stated it didn't make any sense b/c I am the only one who uses data. After some discussion the sales person said he agreed that it is completely a bonehead move and most VZ people are scratching their heads on why VZ corporate decided this.

So instead of me upgrading to the ENV3 on 4 out of 5 phones and continuing to pay my roughly $170 monthly bill as is with VZ...I will be switching (since my 2-contract is up for all 5 of my phones). Thank you VZ for making the switch a no-brainer. No-brainer...just like the Executive at VZ who pushed for this requirement.

Hey Casey, my name is BJ DeHut and I am representing Sprint as your SprintCareGuide. Thank you for mentioning Sprint’s cheaper plans in this article. We have seen many people under the misunderstanding that AT&T and Verizon have lowered plans to cheaper than what Sprint offers. Much of what you stated was also covered in this Bill Shrink article writing later:

I just wonder why we as Americans don't just boycott every single cell phone company out there. I will explain why right after I tell you what just happened to me. Seriously I just upgraded (2) of my kids cell phones for Christmas with the LGenV3 and my other kid wanted to get one too. But that's not going to happen, because Verizon changed their plan so that even though we already have (2) of these phones on our plan that do not have a data package because it wasn't required a month ago, now I have to pay for something that we neither want or need. Just give them $10.00 a month as a bonus? I couldn't believe that they won't budge that they would rather lose a loyal customer than to just allow me to buy one more and not have a data package. THE REAL REASON TO BOYCOTT ALL CELL PHONE COMPANIES...Actually I really never thought much about what I was paying for (5) phone lines with Verizon, we had Americas Choice, no longer available for a long time. Only 450 minutes, but believe it or not we never went over our minutes. I got 150 and each of the kids got 100. When your minutes were up, and you want or need to talk to somebody you call someone who has Verizon and don't use minutes. The next thing you know the family wants to text and one wants a Blackberry (Required $30.00 mo data pkg) before you know it I realized my phone bill was unbelievable $200.00 a month. I still wasn't really thinking about it I was just paying it. Well that was then and will be until my contract runs out. WHY??? Because if you sit down and figure it out. $200.00 a month x one year is $2400.00 and that times 10 years is $24,000. Did anybody else ever sit down to think about how stupid all of us are. I'm telling you if everybody in America would just make a pact and when your cell phone contract is up, don't renew it and don't get another provider for 90 days. You watch how fast the companies will drastically drop their prices. I would rather buy a nice car in ten years than carry around a $500.00 phone in one hand. Seriously we as Americans need to fight for these prices to drop and stop letting these companies dictate what we have to pay for when we don't want it or need it. Is there anybody out there besides me that sees this as ridiculous or what?

T0: shock77777

I totally understand and agree on what your saying. It's FU$#%!G ridiculous. If only there was a way to unite and boycott these bastards... I mean, haven't they made all there money back? It's safe to say that Verizon, At&T, etc. execs are sleeping with FCC/politicians ! Rich inhuman bastards!

O well... without steering up chaos in numbers, we will be stuck paying big $$$ !