The Verizon Nexus One rumors are running rampant this morning. Piling onto the (likely fake) screen shot of the page showing the Verizon version actually for sale, there's now video showing mostly the same thing. The chatter's a little different however, and the URL appears to match up with the real thing. So have at it in the comments.

Another tasty morsels for this Monday morning: Jkontherun says to expect the N1 in April with "something that the versions on other U.S. carriers lack." Flash 10.1? A better touchscreen? Trackball swapped out for the Desire's trackpad? Your guess is as good as ours.

Update: We've now had a couple people tell us the hold-up for the Verizon Nexus One has been because Skype wasn't playing nicely with Android 2.1. Plausible?


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Verizon Nexus One sales page caught on video for your disbelieving eyes


Hahaha nice. I hope it does come out soon, my gf's been waiting to upgrade foreverrrr.

On a side note lets see them bash this one! I'm sure they'll find a way, but I say go away bashers/trollers/haters/nonbelievers... Do not want!

Why did they not click on the continue button when Verizon was selected? Seems like such an obvious next step...

Why would they not show us clicking it? Makes no sense at all. Not saying it is fake...just really really stupid.

He actually is trying to click the continue button, but it is greyed out. He'll click the radio buttons and then try to click the continue, but it's disabled. After seeing this, yesterday, I actually was able to create a web page exactly like this in Dreamweaver in 5 mins. Just sayin'.

it is skpye. i gave the tip lol. what then has been taking so long for the droid's 2.1 update? why have they said 9 phones will have skpye but only gave 7 (nexus one and htc incredible are the two left out).

Why in the heck would he/she just not click on "continue" for the Verizon option? Also, when they select T-Mobile, continue does not become highlighted. I'd love this to not be fake, right now :)

Uh, yeah, and Firefox has an extension called Greasemonkey which would allow faking this. That was his point.

It's a fake, as soon as you click T-Mobile you get a continue button and he never had one when he clicked it. It's a fake, don't believe this stupid lie, whoever did it is just laughing at you all. Try it yourself, click T-Mobile.

He probably most likely did this with firebug. If it's real I'll eat my shoe, gladly though cause that means we're getting close!:)

To a make a video like that, there's nothing to it. It's a fake. He ain't fooling me with that nonsense.

I don't know what's more rediculous. Someone making a movie of this, or me constantly checking the site.....

Its obviously fake!! Its lacking the option to buy the phone without a gay contract.

Anyone else notice that the original leaked photo has verizon on the bottom, but this video has verizon in the middle?

They held the release up because of Skype?? I am confused, how many people really care about skype on a cell phone?? Save a few minutes here and there make international call cheaper. Ok great, but how many people will do that on a regular basis?

Another easy way to tell it is fake is when they first load the Nexus One page before you see the phone carrier you pick in the bottom left corner it has an update. On the page he/she loaded it still talks about the AT&T 3G version being released. You can bet your bottom dollar that the bottom left will say something about being released for Verizon once it is officially released.

Hey Andy, the basic idea is that you won't find the Nexus One in stores. Google has been very upfront about this and although they are digging in with more marketing effort right now, there's no question in my mind that they will not sell this in ANY brick and mortar any time soon. This is an experiment and they have the money to float this whether it fails or succeeds. The analytics they are putting together around this alone could be sold to e-commerce companies at a premium. And if they are successful at dislodging the current industry practices, they will have the opportunity to cash-in on an incredibly large and rapidly growing market. All thanks to them...

I have a feeling they are going to see this one through to the end, come hell or high water.