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Verizon has held its stance that only postpaid customers should receive LTE data on its network, but starting this month that may be ready to change. According to a source of Droid-Life, Verizon is set to add LTE data access to its prepaid ALLSET plan on July 17th to better compete with the growing prepaid offerings from other carriers.

Assuming that this comes with no price premium (that's still to be determined), starting this month we could be looking at a base Verizon ALLSET prepaid plan that offers unlimited talk and text with 500MB of LTE data for $45. Verizon also offers month-to-month data buckets at the rate of 500MB for $5, 1GB for $10 and 3GB for $20.

While nothing is for certain until Verizon finally pulls the trigger on this one, it's about time Verizon gave prepaid customers a taste of its LTE network like practically every other carrier does. T-Mobile has been offering the same data access to its prepaid customers for years, AT&T has added LTE to its GoPhone and Cricket brands while also increasing data buckets, and even lower-end prepaid carriers like Straight Talk offer LTE.

Now even if Verizon doesn't increase prices of its ALLSET plans it'll still be priced on the higher end of competing prepaid carriers, but that's about par for the course for Big Red. The big thing is Verizon ALLSET customers will be getting 2014-level data speeds — prices can adjust and come down over time after that.

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Verizon may finally bring LTE data to prepaid plans this month


Well that's good for people who really need Verizon coverage hopefully they keep the same prices.
I think they kind of have to offer lte because CDMA only phones are becoming a rarity.
The poor selection and data speeds can't compete with offers from AT&T prepaid options.

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CDMA on Verizon is really a legacy standard that they are slowly eradicating so I suppose Movielover76's statement is fairly accurate while your statement mwara244 is wrong. There may be over 100 million users but with many people rarely using voice (a fact that all the carriers support) and mostly instant messaging and data usage being the consumption the amount of use on the CDMA network is in decline and I would say the number of VERIZON CDMA USERS are, in the bulk, those on prepay and those with older devices and Verizon has to make a decision at some point to switch off the old 3G and CDMA networks, it is a prudent thing for them to switch to VoLTE for all devices and retire devices without LTE capability.

If you go into a Verizon store and look at the handsets with voice only you will have a very tiny portion of the devices capable of just CDMA. If you ask about devices they will drag you to the cheapest LTE capable smartphone and I am sure that for those that want a good ol' fashioned Voice only device like a flip phone they will probably have one in the offing that doesn't even use CDMA but uses an LTE radio ready for them switching over to VoLTE. As for the LTE devices out there, Android ones Verizon themselves can roll out an update to the Phone App to switch over to using LTE for calling and I expect that Apple have already got that functionality in their hand sets ready to go for all carriers!

CDMA won't turn off this year, not next year but expect after they give 2 years notice to all customers of the switch off they will start pushing those near contract end deep discounts and those on prepay that have LTE capable devices will just get the update while those that have devices that don't work on their LTE system will get texts regularly warning them that they need to replace their devices and suggesting a contract postpay service and telling them that after a particular date their phones will no longer work. No different from taking over a carrier with a different network standard.

So yeah, movielover76 is more right than you.

I know the majority of Verizon's smartphone users are on post-paid accounts, but, this move is welcomed, nonetheless. When you consider all of the other carriers have been allowing LTE data on their prepaid accounts, for at least the past two years, Verizon is extremely late to the party.

CDMA pre-paid plans never really appealed to me. What I like about being on a pre-paid plan is the mobility. I'm pretty happy with Cricket, but if I find another service that offers better or cheaper service, I can switch whenever I want and bring my phone with me, as long as it's GSM. There aren't many phones that you can bring to Verizon from another network, or vice versa. Kinda defeats the purpose for me.

That's not great. Cricket and Boost have 5GB for $60. Straight Talk has 3GB for $45.

As usual, you pay a premium with Verizon to be able to have service in rural areas where the other big carriers' signal is weaker. If that's important to you, then VZW's a good choice. Otherwise, there are much more affordable options.

I literally just saw a straight talk sign today that said unlimited talk text and 1gb of data for 45bucks

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It's not a rip off when your next door neighbor has Sprint and no LTE in his house and you have VZW with full signal.

It is a rip off when you have Sprint and your friend has Verizon and you are pulling down data at a higher speed than them. I know they are addressing it but congestion is killing them in a lot of areas

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now considering they have this xlte 20x20 stuff all over the US....unlimited data? they're swimming in spectrum either way. most unlimited users use ~5 GB of data or less.

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I think it's safe to say that unlimited data on the big carriers is never coming back. Either have unlimited data and terrible service or capped data and good service. Can't win

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Nah. I'll take unlimited data with average coverage. $60 unlimited on Metro which uses T-Mo LTE network is fine with me, and before you say it doesn't have AT&T and Verizon coverage, well.. I rarely travel or go to the woods.

+1 that's what I'm doing and I love to be able to stream music all day at work without worrying about hittin my data cap. I stay in the city most of the time anyway..

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I average about 20 gigs a month but, its also my only way to connect to the internet

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I was surprised last month when I hit 81 GB on unlimited, but hitting between 50 and 60, so I will do anything to keep unlimited as long as I can.

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Every time I read a comment on a forum where someone mentions high data usage like this I have to wonder. Why aren't you using wifi? Do you not have home Internet service? Where would you possibly be using that much data that you can't connect to a wifi signal?

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One heard from service reps at Verizon, and I've heard that they might actually bring back unlimited data again.

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Mimic, Verizon bringing unlimited data back would be awesome. Was a timeframe mentioned?

I'm planning on upgrading my phone in September, and would like to avoid the high cost of purchasing outright. I'd definitely wait if unlimited data returns by January.

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How generous Verhighzon.. a whole "500megs"... So, by the time I log on to Netflix and choose a movie, fire up yootube,
or load a couple of web pages.. LTE is over @ $45 + Taxes? Thanks for reminding me why I left your Ass in 2005 after you raped me for 13 years.
T-Mobile.. FOREVER.

Yes. T-Mobile is love. T-Mobile is life.

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T-Mobile only works well in the city. If you live outside of city limits, T-Mobile is the worst service around. I left T-Mobile and Android behind in 2012, never looked back. Now I'm with Sprint which outside the city is heads and tails better than T-Mobile but not much more in cost, and now I have a better mobile OS on my phone. Trust me anyone who lives outside the city, if you leave T-Mobile what you think is good service you'll find was actual crap. And anyone who has had both Android and iOS will tell you iOS is leaps and bounds better than Android even with the lower specs and smaller screen. It's just a better made OS. More stable, less malware, more security updates, and Apple doesn't sell your data to the highest bidder like Google and Facebook

I'm sorry, when did this become an iOS versus Android debate?
We are discussing cellular providers, not mobile ecosystems.
Also coming to Android Central to spout off your pro-Apple nonsense was not a wise decision.
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I Don't Live On A Farm MattPerkins...
I live in the City... That's YOUR issue. Don't try to push your problems on others..
T-Mobile does not suck.. where you live Sucks..

I would take unlimited talk, text and 3.5GB of LTE data for $65 (before taxes). I doubt they would throw in Wi-Fi hotspot use like AT&T does, but for $5 for the extra gig of data would still be worth the price bump.

I'll likely stick with my AT&T $60/mo plan though, I'm just glad to see Verizon close to doing this. Long time coming.

I'm confused. Why not go with Straight Talk for $45 ($49.20 with tax) with unlimited talk, text, and 3GB of high speed web on AT&T's network, including LTE?

Straight Talk is an incredible deal that I definitely recommend for some people. I use ATT GoPhone instead of Straight Talk. Straight Talk is a secondary citizen on ATT's network while GoPhone users have the same priority as ATT postpaid users. Data speeds are way faster on GoPhone. The customer service through ATT is better as well.

Also don't forget that Verizon has better coverage than ATT in most rural areas. A lot of people in rural areas are stuck with using Verizon postpaid (which is expensive) or Regional Carriers (which have terrible phone selectons). Verizon prepaid could be a great option for some folks.

I've tried both and see no difference. Sticking with StraightTalk for $20 less. Besides, when you go over 3gigs or so, your data doesn't quit, but you get throttled to Sprint speed.

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Some people need a particular network where they go. For some, it's AT&T or Sprint. Others, T-Mobile or Verizon. Verizon also has a very good rep for customer service, and so having the same support as postpaid Verizon customers is also a boon.

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T-Mobile in San Francisco is horrible. My gf has Verizon and I'm always using her phone whenever I lose signal in random areas. That's why they cost so much I guess. But for $30 and 5gb LTE data you can't beat tmobile. When they work :/

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Well that's good for who really need Verizons coverage... But they suck, loving my unlimited with TMobile. I just did a speedtest and got 50mbps download; I've seen as fast as 70mbps. I'm good, Big Red, thanks anyway.

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I'm seriously considering switching to AT&T and giving up my unlimited data from Verizon. I just can't take the bs and poor phone selection anymore.

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I do have to admit, of they add LTE to prepaid that will be a nice bump. I would hope that they would let you buy any Verizon LTE phone and use it. I would be content to get a moto x and get 3.5 GB of LTE for $65. That is really the best deal. The others are tolerable, but better deals are out the.

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I would not leave T-Mobiles 70$ unlimited everything plan. Verizon's
65$ 3.5 GB is a joke. I average about 20 to 25 GB a Month on T-Mobile blazing fast LTE networks.I would use 3.5GB in the first week.
Get with it Verizon and AT&T start offering unlimited pre paid LTE for 80$ a month and maybe I would consider
Your networks.

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You must stay in big metro areas most of the time, don't you?
T-Mobile where I live, and keep in mind I'm in a city myself and surrounded by three major metro areas, and T-Mobile service doesn't go beyond 2G. For some people, having better coverage in certain places is with it. Compared to go phone, you get an entire gig of data more for just assn extra $5.

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I live in the same kind of area as you. I will say in my office downtown I can get good T-Mobile LTE. Travel 1 mile away then you hit aol speeds

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Sprint had some decent LTE, as well as AT&T and Verizon. But I would be lucky to get AOL speeds anywhere in town

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Why would they offer unlimited for prepaid, but not post paid? I really don't understand the logic behind that.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

This could pave the way for the Moto G 4G LTE (with CDMA) on prepaid with a 3G-only Moto E in the sub-$100 range.

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Do you realize a Verizon moto e would be horrible. It has only 4 GB of storage, and would get filled to the brim with bloat. Because of the limited specs, that also would slow the phone down. Even if it cost less than $100, I'd just grab one of the 3G moto gs for less than that

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