LTE data pricing sheet

An anonymous tipster has sent us s few screenshots of Verizon's LTE data pricing quick reference guide for indirect sales.  Besides taking a shot or two at the competition (did anyone not expect that one?), and confirming what we've already heard about the pricing, there are a few juicy details here. 

  • The $20/2 GB plan will not be available for LTE phones
  • The free MHS (mobile hotspot) lasts only until May 15, regardless of when you sign up
  • Soon after the MHS promotion ends, an OTA update is scheduled to allow customers to pay for tethering for a monthly fee (details and pricing to be determined)
  • 3G and LTE smartphones will have a data only plan if you buy off-contract.  It's $49.99/5 GB (with a $10 per GB overage), and you'll have to sign up for a voice and data plan on a month-to-month agreement, then call Verizon Customer Service to get changed to this plan.
  • The MyVerizon Mobile app is getting updated to track LTE data usage

The two standouts here are the data only plan, and the OTA news.  An OTA on or around May 15 would be a great time to offer Skype, and Netflix streaming, but we have no word that either is coming.  And many of you have already asked about a data only plan, so there's your answer.  We have one more picture after the break.  Thanks Anon!

LTE data pricing 2



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Verizon LTE data pricing docs leaked


I doubt this will last. I'd like to know if this unlimited LTE will be grandfathered in when it does change as Verizon has said it will.

the $50/mnth is data only if you read it. so thats without voice. you can use this as only data so its an android phone - phone.

So basically....nothing has changed for us contract users right? I get to keep my unlimited $30/mo data plan??!!

(Someone correct me if I'm wrong....the screenshots are hard to read)

This is what I'm wondering..It's not 30 dollars on top of our pre-existing 3G data plan, correct? It seems ludicrous, but I wouldn't be surprised with Verizon.

May be a dumb question but what do you mean by indirect sales? Does this apply mainly to sales through say Amazon or Best Buy? That sort of thing? Sorry for the ignorance..

The policies are the same for a Verizon store, or a third party store. These are screens that Verizon has made up for their indirect sellers (like Best Buy) to use as a reference. The guy at Best Buy who has to try to remember the details for multiple carriers can hop on his computer and pull this up to double check.

And no question is ever dumb :)

Why Verizon isn't offering this for the Xoom is beyond me. When I asked a rep, they told me Verizon didn't want their customers using a Xoom as their primary access to the internet in their home.

I understand it isn't a smartphone, but the plans on the Xoom (1GB for $20/month of 3G) are crazy. I use about 2GB/month on my cell, and that's just email, facebook, foursquare, googlemaps, etc. When Netflix comes (and it will) are they still going to be offering these plans? It's the same amount of data, regardless if it goes to a tablet or a phone.

I feel the same way. Would have been nice if they did that. Probably would have sold more units. But I just went with the $35/3gig plan for my XOOM. Will be getting this tomorrow and root it, wireless tether and find a happy balance between the two. Hoping after two years I will still have the same plan price.

I guess I could probably live with that price plan, as it's a bit more than I use now, but I don't use Slingbox or Netflix now :) That's a strong possibility in the future :)

The phone comes out tomorrow but we still don't REALLY know monthly costs. Are we actually locked in to this price or is it considered introductory?

As long as I can get the Bionic for the same rate I am paying for my BB Tour now, I will be a happy VZW customer.
From what I am getting from this article, that seems to be the case so far. (Now just release my phone)

Side Note: If the Netflix streaming is also true, this will be the push for me to finally break down and get this.

Just called VZ, even if I buy the HTC off contract I can not get grandfathered unlimited 4G since its not a new contract which makes sense. Since Im a huge slingbox and tether guy I was hoping to make moves. Looks like I'm keeping the DX and will pay he overage charges if that happens, much more cost effective. I wanted the Bionic anyways. The rep had no knowledge of the plans and said they havent even done training on it yet which doesnt make too much sense to me. The call was helpful despite the news.

VZW only did training on the tbolt yesterday from what my salesgirl said. Plus the bionic bootloader will be signed and locked like the atrix and that one hasn't been hacked yet if I am correct. Ill take unlocked over locked anyday learned my lesson with the DX.

I believe that you would be paying for 4G for the same price and 3G automatically comes with all 4G contracts when not in a 4G area.

I've always been told about Verizon that "you get what you pay for". I sincerely hope that's true. Their service (IMO) has never been worth the bill attached to it, but maybe this LTE thing is finally going to justify their pricing.

If I currently have an unlimited data plan, and I get my Thunderbolt tomorrow.. I'm grandfathered in.. but what happens when I upgrade to the next phone after May 15? Will I get to keep the same data plan or will they automatically screw me then?

Wait, but if im buying this off contract......since the 29.99 is still intact right now....can i still just activate it on my line without the (LAST PARAGRAPH ABOUT 49.99)?

that is for the Wifi hotspot feature which you get for free till 5/15/2011. After that the wifi hotspot will cost $20.00 or 2g

I doubt it. Your old contract was for the 3G network, I am sure they just wouldn't let you register a 4G phone onto that contract. Since they have no way to regulate a 4G phone to use 3G only.

"The $20/2 GB plan will not be available for LTE phones"

I went to Verizon over the weekend, and they don't have this plan anymore for non-LTE phones. It expired in January.

Is anybody getting this plan still? Or is this for tethering only?

Tthis is confusing. I have an evo on sprint & no confusing billing issues. Maybe I will get the phone & flash it to Straighttalk or too Sprint if possible.

Somebody didn't take the training how/why not to leak proprietary company information to 3rd party sources before launch.

Man this is so confusing. It made it seem like all this pricing was for special promotions, like data only and off contract buys.

How much will it cost if I buy a 4G phone on contract? Can I still get unlimited data? How much will it cost?

I have to agree with you on this. I want my next phone to be dual core, front facing camera,4.3"screen, full access to all video prodigals (1080p,Divx,DLNA,HDMI...etc)and be LTE w/gingerbread.

Wow, if they're offering full unlimited 3G AND 4G data for $30/month, well, damn, looks like Sprint's gotta play some catch-up. Though, as I recall, VZW's individual voice/text plans still are pretty pricey...

I did love the slam on AT&T/T-Mo's HSPA+ "Service the competitor claims is 4G" and listing (3G) next to their networks. Love it.

That sheet says once you are out of contract you can purchase voice only or data only on a Thunderbolt.

If that is correct it would be the first time in a long time you could purchase voice only on a smartphone, even an out of contract smartphone.

wait till there is actually 4g coverage what there is now very limited prices will go up 3g will be gone have u by the nuts one way or another

I am bewildered when folks knock Verizon Wireless. I have been a customer of theirs for 14 years now (originating with Ameritec Cellular...aquired eventually by Verizon). I honestly can't recall my last dropped call...I know I've had one, but it's been years ago. Also, every time I call customer sevice for any reason, I feel like I am their only customer...outsatanding! Maybe they route their most loyal customers to different CS reps? A few months ago I dropped my OG DROID down a long flight of concrete stairs, shattering the screen. Called customer service to let them know. Even though I don't carry the insurance they offer, they send me a replacement DROID for FREE! I just had to rerurn the broken one. They said "You are among our most loyal customers and we want to show you our appreciation".
Repeat: My replacement was deductable.
I guess in the long run it pays to be loyal and not jump ship every time there is a seemingly better deal elsewhere.
I would NEVER leave Verizon for anything!