We can't let our sister-site TiPb have all the Verizon fun, now can we? Though Verizon has long stayed far away from Android the stars are beginning to align because according to a job posting listed on Verizon's Careers site, Big Red is looking for an Android Devices Expert that can:

It will be responsible for end to end delivery of innovative java based mobile applications on existing or pre-commercial handsets with an initial focus on voicemail applications. It is also expected to drive application development; conduct required testing and provides production support.

Are they looking to make Verizon-branded apps for Android to run on Verizon-branded devices? Does Verizon already have a team of Android specialists hammering away at the kinks? Is this amazing news or what!

We know a lot of people have and love Verizon but so far Verizon devices have been underwhelming at best. To see an Android-based Verizon device would be HUGE. Let's see if Android can beat the iPhone to America's largest network.

What do you guys think about a Verizon Android Device?

[via modmygphone]


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Is Verizon Looking to Release an Android Device?


Most likely VZW will have the HTC Magic. You would think with there close ties with Vodafone they would have it in the bag.