Augmented reality robots give hints of Verizon's intentions for its upcoming Droid release

Update: What looks to be the same D:Com game is showing up on Google Play, but doesn't seem to be compatible with any devices. We may be catching Verizon in the middle of a Play Store update.

Original: Verizon somewhat-mysteriously started using its @DroidLanding Twitter account once again to tease a new Droid device, and now the account is giving up more details on its campaign. The latest tweet states: "Incoming ::: Nationwide sightings of 50-ft mechanized wARriors under the command of civilians." and includes a link that takes you to a promotional Youtube video that reveals even more info.

The video, seen above, shows off some fancy Droid-like animations and sounds, but focuses on large AR (augmented reality) robots being placed in locations all around the country. At the end of the video, some branding information reveals the names "D:Com - Mission Alpha" and "Droid Combat". Some quick sleuthing shows that D:Com - Mission Alpha is currently an iOS-only AR game made by developer MunkyFun, which previously partnered with Verizon to make the "Droid Bionic ARena" game in 2011. Looking at the current iOS game reveals extremely similar robots as those seen in the Verizon promo video.

The combination of the branding, description in the Youtube video of an "arena" and not-so-coincidental developer choice by Verizon lead us to believe we're going to be looking at the release of a new app in conjunction with this new Droid device. What device they have in store for us isn't known or even alluded to at this point, but we bet Verizon is going to keep giving bits of information as this goes along. The video states "Combat Begins June 2013."

Source: @DroidLanding

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TheNexxuvas says:

Can I be the 1st to yawn?

Synycalwon says:

I'll second that! And I'm a Verizon customer. So over the stupid Droid branding crap.

DWR_31 says:

Verizon's version of Ingress, yawn.

From the DARK AC App!

silverfang77 says:

So there actually is going to be a new device?

mwara244 says:

Hopefully not the Droid Bionic 2. Probably the HTC Droid One, since the Butterfly S coming out and the previous Butterfly was identical to the DNA. Leave it to verizon to F$ck up the HTC One, at least it will have boom sound, but no metal body.

mwara244 says:

Hopefully not the Droid Bionic 2. Probably the HTC Droid One, since the Butterfly S coming out and the previous Butterfly was identical to the DNA. Leave it to verizon to F$ck up the HTC One, at least it will have boom sound, but no metal body.

n0obpr0 says:

Transformers 4!

mdlissner says:

Please be HTC One

Ry says:


Darth Spock says:

Know who's not over Droids? R2D2. Shh. More information coming.

I loved my Droid R2 D2 edition and all its sounds and graphics.

tdizzel says:

Hopefully this will end up being two phones. They will look exactly the same on the outside. One will be the Droid Data and run Android. The other will be the Droid Lore. It will be evil and run iOS.

Knyte says:

Hah.. What about the Droid B4?

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NoNexus says:

It was called the fascinate

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Says this item isn't available for my country and I live in USA. WTF!

Droid_Dizzy says:

Droid Combat? By Motorola or Droid Bionic 2

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Jowlah says:

Verizon still is placing value in its Droid brand. They spent at least $1 billion or so on marketing and mindshare, so they must have a phone that corporate feels worthy of the brand. That, and it's been almost 8 months since a Droid phone release and Verizon doesn't want to be overshadowed with the GS4 and the incoming HTC One and the newest IPhone soon.

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I'm on my Google Nexus 10.1 and it's saying not compatible. Wth? If anything this should be compatible with Nexus 10.1

mazzmoney95 says:

I can see the names of the posts on the other Android sites now: "Drioid Brand Alive, Could it be the X Phone?"

rookie83 says:

would be nice if I had a new HTC ONE to watch it on!!!

Dave_k605 says:

I hope htc doesn't allow big red to slaughter the one

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kevkavalier says:

Verizon is getting the HTC One.

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return_0 says:

It's the rumored third Ingress faction!

Think about it - the third faction has always been rumored to be red, and Verizon's main color is red!


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moosc says:

Most of you are too new to android. But Phil what happened to the last droid contest where vzw sent out those crazy foam boxes? Also maybe they are doing that again, one of they robots in the video I'd killox and that is they guy from droid life.

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moosc says:

osubeavs728 says:

This looks like some crap to go along with that stupid Pacific Rim movie... If you don't know, Google it.

Karl Maul says:

Its compatible with my (retired) Nexus S but not my nexus 4 or nexus 7. Strange... im in Australia btw

Great, now we'll be bombarded with stupid droid commercials for months.

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Bert336 says:

DROID Xfone!

jackinit says:

My guess is the Butterfly S, USA version. A sequel to the Droid DNA.

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I GUARANTEE all those "yawning" will DL this game. How lame, old and tired it is to bash Verizon, Apple, Windows, etc, etc, etc. Really? 2013 and kids are still playing the OS or carrier bash game??? Just wait, Android will be next "cool thing to bash" for the kiddies.
On another note, if this game is not released, how can there be reviews on Google Play?

Pollster says:

These are not the Droids I'm looking for