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Everybody has been trying to confirm or debunk this mornings claims of a slow rollout of the Android 4.0.4 update for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Amidst all the fuss and confusion, Android Forums member Poseign just walked into his local Verizon store and had a peek at the display units. Sure enough, there's one on the shelf running the rumored update.

While we still have no idea about the rollout schedule, or have a file location for the hacker-types to manually update, at least we know it's real. A month and a day after the GSM version, which won't sit too well with some of you folks, but at least it's here. Keep your eyes peeled if you're running a Verizon Nexus, and if you get the update notice and want to help, head into the forums and holler -- they're there waiting for ya!

We've got an e-mail into Verizon and are waiting on more official word. In the meantime, there's another pic after the break that should satisfy your curiosity. 

Source: Android Forums; Verizon Galaxy Nexus update page
Also: Droid-Life.

Thanks, Poseign!

Verizon Nexus OTA


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Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 update unofficially officially confirmed


So what you're telling me is someone that works at the Verizon store flashed the leaked 4.0.4 on to a display unit? *sigh*

That's incorrect. Look at the base band. Those are not radio's that we have available.

If you can find me FC04 , you may be right. Until then. STFU

You mean those aren't radios that you have available? Just because you don't have them doesn't mean they aren't out there. Until then, STFU.

Actually, there are multiple different pictures aside from the ones here. This isn't one phone, at one location.

I wish they would tell folks how they release these OTA updates. I refuse to believe it is totally random. Also what are the chances this update will support Google Wallet? :(

Let's cut out all this BULL BLEEP...When you spend 300.00 dollars on day one for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and it comes with 4.0.2 December 15th 2011 and it's May 1st 2012 and finally 4.0.4 is poping up how great you think the CDMA version of the GALAXY NEXUS will be. I knew Verizon was CRAP when it came to the update game over 2years ago I just hoped it would be different when the Galaxy Nexus came out. Guess I was wrong Sprint proved that by launching there GALAXY NEXUS with what we have been waiting 5months for 4.0.4 plain and simple Verizon is the BIGGEST JOKE in the carrier game regardless of there so called big bad LTE network. I will look forward to this update when I get it but one thing is for sure I am selling my GALAXY NEXUS for the GSM version being sold directly from google in the google play store and bring it either to T-mobile or At&t I haven't figured it out yet. I refuse to be last to jellybean when that lands come October, November or December and if I keep the CDMA Verizon model then I will never get this jellybean update till march or april 2013. A person should not have too pay 300.00 dollars for LTE devices then turn around and have to root and rom just for proper funcationality or pick and choose what they want from apk files that have been extracted from unoffical updates. Carriers are suppose to be held accountable for proper timely updates especially since most roms are unstable any way. I will be selling my Verizon Galaxy Nexus very soon and take my 2lines of service from Verizon to elsewhere..

Paragraphs are your friend.

In my area, Verizon LTE service trumps any software update delay. If it is one or the other, I will live with my updates coming out a little later.

U mad bro?

I kid....

Crap happens, things don't update. Like you said you knew going in that VZW sucks on updates.

The good news is maybe they will step it up a bit with Sprint throwing some competition their way.

Yeah who am I kidding, that isn't gonna happen.

So what you are saying is that you are willing to pay the ETF and new activation act fee. So just to get on average of 4 updates a year that are no charge to update to and are going to be on the same phone no matter the carrier and then still pay for the scarce ATT 4G LTE network. Logic is definitely not your friend...

A month and a day is still better than 6 months to a year. Either way, I'm rooted so I really don't give two turtle sh%ts.


My Gnexus is at Samsung in Plano, Texas as we speak.... I was having issues with it turning itself on and off, shitty signal switch/reception and swipe on/off issues, even after both methods of hard resets..

This is the second Gnexus I have owned with issues....

Hmmm... I wonder which software it will come back with, or if I get another new phone.....

is anyone really shocked that a verizon phone is last to get an update? i knew this going in. they want control over everything and they need to make sure that the software doesn't circumvent their locks and bloatwares. i knew that the verizon nexus would be a nexus in name only because it would be last to get updates so i wasn't even waiting for any. less frustrating that way.

I love how Android Central time after time likes to knock on They dont even list them as the source to their post. Just under Also: lol. I feel blog envy from AC crew all the time just because Droid-life always is beating them to the punch. Lol amature blog better than the big guys. Stay classy AC.

Here's to hoping that this update will fix the "audio out dropping" issue that many of us are experiencing! Multiple calls to Verizon and Samsung have resulted in the now familiar response of "there is an update scheduled for mid-May that will resolve this issue"...

For those lucky Gnex users who don't know about or experience this issue, here's the details:

Many of us have been waiting for months for them to fix this issue. I'm tired of having to call people back and say "I'm sorry, my phone sucks and there is nothing I can do about it".