Verizon on Sunday unveiled its first TV commercial for its upcoming LTE service. Its 4G data is being billed as the most "advanced" 4G network (to go up against T-Mobile's "largest" claims and Sprint's inarguable "first 4G network" mantra). And along with the commercial, there have been reports of a December launch being mentioned online, and that's the screen shot you see above; the website has since had the "December" part removed.

December's not a hard month to peg for the launch of the LTE service. Verizon said it'd be up and running in 38 metro areas and 62 airports (plus a smattering of West Virginia) and by the end of the year, and we've only got about a week left in November -- and a holiday week at that. Toss on the Dec. 6 date we've heard mentioned in regards to the HTC Mecha/aka Incredible HD (we do NOT think the phone will be launching or even announced on that date), and the coincidences are piling up. Circumstantial, to be sure, but a December launch is hardly a stretch.

Anyhoo, don't look for any LTE Android smartphones before 2011. Just ain't gonna happen (probably). But we'll take high-speed data from Verizon any way we can. In the meantime, check out the first LTE commercial after the break. [Verizon] Thanks, Andrew!


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Verizon flipping LTE switch in December


Sprint has been quiet lately about their wimax coverage locations. Well Tmobile has too the past month. I remember last month every week Tmobile would release "HPSA+ is now available in____" news. But yeah sprint needs to think quick right now if they ever want to have something the other 2 big guys(Ver/att) don't have(service).

I highly doubt Verizon will have 4G coverage in many rural areas, like this commercial portrays. Why not have it show a guy racing down flights of stairs from his high rise apartment to his mailbox. Much more believable.

My bet is that the strategy is to get buyers to wait until Verizon starts shipping vs having them buy HTC EVO from Sprint during Christmas shopping season.

I was wondering why VZW was dumping so many great Android phone on the market in a short amount of time. This LTE announcement explains a lot.

I saw this "don't look for any LTE Android smartphones before 2011" are they at least working on one?

I don't really get the point of launching your network 2-3 months before any devices will even be announced or released. Well, maybe I do: they'll have the network in place all over before selling devices to dupes like me who bought the EVO 4G from Sprint last Spring because WiMax would be turned on in Los Angeles where I live in the "summer." Summer turned into "should be on in December." LOL. I returned that EVO 4G and will likely never go back to Sprint.

I'll bet the Apple blogs go ape-shite over renewed rumors of an LTE iPhone (white, no less) coming once LTE is turned on. LOL.

Fair enough. Since this is a PHONE based forum, obviously my POV is that of phones, not modem devices, but my use of the term "devices" was inaccurate. Are there LTE enabled modems/usb-sticks/MyFis already, or at least available at launch time? If so, makes sense.

i just saw a tv ad saying DEC im happy with my EVO 4g in so cal even though its still not official it works pretty good in Anaheim

This whole 4g thing is so over rated. I get here in Cleveland with my evo. Whoopie, i can download something 3 seconds faster than on 3g. Sprints 3g is very good, so I'm not that excited about it. Verizon needs 4g because their 3g coverage or speeds are horrible.

Colorado's 3G network is faster than any other carrier I've used. It's also the fastest I've used in California. There are many factors that effective your experience. Their 3G coverage and speeds as a whole are in no way horrible, especially their coverage. Verizon needs 4G because that's the future, not because they have to because their 'network sucks', which couldn't be further from the least in Colorado.

That's unfortunate. I've had an excellent experience with VZW as a whole (even in Ohio, where my wife's family is), which is why I look forward to their LTE network even more :)

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I must say that all this hype over VZ's 4G is just that. 50 percent of their customers will not even get this speed because VZ aquire a lot of baby companies and then does its liquidation sale as usual. I am wondering about AT&T's 4G since they do have the fastest 3G in the country. Also wondering about T-Mobile's HSPA service as well. I have nothing against AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint but VZ?