Verizon 4G LTE

Verizon has announced that it will be flipping on its 4G LTE service in more cities on December 20th.

Here is the list that will accompany those that were announced earlier this month:

Congrats to everyone in those cities and towns that will now be able to enjoy Verizon's blazing fast 4G LTE speeds in time for the holidays!


Reader comments

Verizon flipping on 4G LTE in more cities on December 20th, including many in the southwest


Got 4g in southeast Missouri! Hasn't been announced or anything. Had it since this afternoon. I can actually stream Netflix without buffering now...I love Verizon

Another AZ peep here, Northern AZ getting LTE love just in time for snow season! Sweet! We go to Prescott and Payson often!

Not complaining because I get plenty of 4g where I live, but how bout some expansion in the rest of Rhode island. Smallest state and is pretty throughly covered with Verizon service but its been since just after 4g launched that we have had an expansion. Once you hit exit 12 and south 4g goes bye bye.

Verizon needs to really update their maps. I mean, I'm not complaining. I get 4G in places that's not even listed. I'm from New Jersey and I get it in Toms River, Seaside heights, recently Brick, all over the Parkway, Beachwood, Bayville. They practically have all of Ocean County covered over here. The only place that doesn't have 4G is my town but I think they're experimenting with it since I had it for a bit when Hurricane Sandy hit. (weird I know.)

This is how you do it Sprint, LEARN FROM VERIZON. I shuttered when I wrote that someone should learn from Verizon, but they know how to rollout a 4G network

I hope Sprint doesn't learn from Verizon. Don't be fooled by these added markets this means nothing. I feel bad for these people they will recieve piss poor dBm/asu, pitiful signal strength, and abysmal battery life on any old device not brought in 2012. Plus we won't even get into the comical ability that Verizon has when it comes to updates to handsets . They can't even update and maintain a stock device like the Galaxy Nexus which should be their ONLY 4.2.1 handset. Verizon is overrated and overpriced and have gotten to big for it's britches now specializing in cosmetic changes to handsets and also internally making changes to the inside of handsets as well. Case in point Galaxy Note 2 which on Verizon is the WORST version out of any carrier. People on Verizon need to open their eyes and realize they can do better.

That was funny to read, take your $20 a month you save and have a few cold ones. Just don't drift too far from a major city, in case you don't have Verizon.

Sprint is going to have a big year.....they have a bunch of markets pretty well built out that arent announced...

They've been expanding southeast Georgia the last few months. Hate my bill but coverage is more than worth it.

Still waiting for 4G in Overgaard, AZ. Can see that lovely cell tower standing there between the Sheriff's office and the trash compactor every time I get rid of the garbage. VZW 3G is working OK, but still ....

Many LTE towers have been installed in Yuma Az and they are blowing fiber for AT&T and VZW nightly. Looking forward to LTE soon! Thanks for the article.

VZW needs to get its head out of its rear end and start expanding west of Phoenix. All we have from them is a glitchy 3g tower.

I'm in Prescott, AZ now and the status bar on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus has been switching between 4G and 3G all day. Sounds like they're giving us a preview of the 4G goodness.

I'm in Flagstaff (work at NAU, live on the west side) and have been on 4G LTE since shortly after noon today with no interruptions!