HTC ThunderBolt

In a Facebook post that brings as much new information as the post you're reading now, Verizon reminds us all that the HTC ThunderBolt is coming, it'll have Verizon's LTE data, and, no, there's still no launch date. To wit:

Hey fans, we appreciate all the excitement about the anticipated launch of the ThunderBolt by HTC. We're excited too! Verizon 4G LTE is America’s fastest, most advanced 4G network & we want to ensure the advanced technology behind our first 4G LTE phone is flawless. We will announce its release date as soon as it is confirmed. Thanks for your support & patience while we work to bring you the ThunderBolt by HTC.

Ah, so.

In the meantime, there's a thread or two in the Android Central Forums discussing the wait for the ThunderBolt. Perhaps you've seen 'em. And if you still want more, check out our HTC ThunderBolt first look, proving that the phone, in fact, exists. [Facebook]


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Verizon, on Facebook, reminds us all that the ThunderBolt is coming


soon soon soon, this is pathetic, they keep talking about their 4G which is apparently flawless, too bad we cant test it out eh verizon??

If you'd really like to test our LTE speed, waltz right on down to your VZW store and pickup a USB Modem with LTE and give it a shot.

The hell with it. Isn't the Bionic around the corner? Just to spite Verizon I wouldn't buy the Thunderbolt at this point - whether they're fixing battery issues or it's some other reason for the delay - the fact they've been silent and seemingly disingenuous has turned me off of the device.

im so happy this phone has been delayed because it has made the wait easier for the first week in april when the droid bionic and lg revolution (but seriously im buying the bionic)

People need to calm down and stop acting like impatient brats. Seriously that's truly what is pathetic. The phone is coming, obviously they are working on it and they don't know when it will be coming so they haven't announced it yet. Sometimes setbacks happen in the real world and it's best if you don't act like no life psychos. Remember, it's just a phone. Also, work on your reading comprehension. They want to make sure that the 4g is flawless, not that it already is.

Its hard to want to wait for the bionic because moto will prob lock the bootloader again. I hate how difficult it is to deal with my droid x. Im waiting on the thunderbolt. I think it'll be a better phone anyway

I'm in the same boat. I'm thinking about holding out for the Bionic, though. I'm patient enough and I'm not a developer, so the locked bootloader doesn't bother me too much (other than the fact that I believe you should be allowed to do whatever you want with the phone that you OWN, because you BOUGHT it. If you were leasing or renting the phone, I would have a different opinion. Henceforth, the reason I can't stand CrApple products, besides their outrageous prices.) But, that all depends on whether my Storm 1 can make it to whenever the Bionic launches. It'll be a tight race. I just wish the T-Bolt had an HDMI out. If it did, I wouldn't even think about waiting for the Bionic.
And for the person several comments above, that says/thinks the Bionic will be out the first week of April, hahahahah hahaha, huhuhuhuh, hahuhuhuh, huhuhuh, hahaha. Oohh man, that's funny, I'm lmfao. Do you REALLy believe that it will be out the first week of April? I just hope it makes it out before the end of June. I can't wait to see how mad everyone will be when it's not out the first week of April. Especially the people that have been very outspoken about the T-Bolt's "delays" (I put delays in quotes, because there's never been a release date, so how can it be delayed)and have decided that waiting longer than the never stated release date has been such a big problem that they'll just wait the extra "couple weeks," lol, for the Bionic. I can't wait to see the fire and venom they speak when June is approaching and it isn't out yet. First week of April, hahaha, I'm still getting a kick out of that. I might as well wait for the quad core's to come out in October, lol.

I usually don't comment. However I have to say this. I have been waiting a long time for phone. The delays have a bipolar effect on my buying decision. However I came to the conclusion that Verizon has done nothing wrong here. They have never set a release date. It is very apparent that they want the actual customer experience with the phone to be a positive one. This has an effect on the long term sales performance of the phone and the network. I work in telecommunications this is right move. I am a former tech, engineer, corporate marketing manager and a direct senior account manager for enterprise sales.

The problem with the people whining about this is that the lack the patience to get a properly working device. If the got the phone on 2/14, 2/24 or 2/28, they would spend the next 3 months bitching about getting a flawed product. You people need to grow up! You haven't gotten an official release date so the phone isn't late. I don't work for Verizon. I have no desire to work for them so save your Verizon troll crap. Verizon charges too much money for the service but the "shite" works.

It doesn't matter what Best Buy advertised or released. You've gotten unofficial snapshot from apparently unreliable sources. What matters is an official release date directly from the service provider (Verizon). We have seen a lot of unofficial stuff flying across the radar. It's all noise!

I agree, 100%, with what you have said. If you have ever owned a BB Storm and want a Thunderbolt, like myself, you would be happy they are making sure that they release a flawless product. I would much rather wait a month for a flawless product, than get a piece of shart 1 month earlier. Could you imagine how these same people would act if they actually made a release date and weren't able to meet it? There would be looting and riots all over the country. Cities would be in flames. Many citizens (most of them younger and spoiled) of our GREAT country, and it is a great country, are really starting to embarrass the rest of us. Whatever happened to hard work and patience? The younger generation should be called the "Veruca Salt" (the spoiled girl from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, not the garbage remake) generation. They are turning into spoiled brats and walk around screaming and crying "I want that! I want it now! Daddy, I want it now!!!" Then again, my generation are the fools enabling this crap, by giving them whatever they want, and giving it to them, "Nooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!"

Wbmcadoo: I agree with a lot of what you say. However, you are wrong about one thing. There was a release date at BBY for 2/14. BBY is the exclusive retailer. They did a presale and set a release date. They didn't just pull that out of their asses. Verizon reps are there daily and direct them.

The desire for a new device and associated impatience with not having a release date for it comes down to pent up demand. It may actually be that the device is ready but Verizon wants to encourage pent up demand in order to increase hype and therefore, sales. Consider that for a moment and your perspective on the impatience level of people who want the device may change. I personally don't have a problem with people expressing an opinion as long as they can do it without disrespecting or attacking others for not sharing that opinion.

You like to hear people constantly whine about insignificant things because Verizon "might" have it ready and are trying to "hype" it by delaying it? Do you think before you speak? Most people have moved on and don't care about the TB anymore. Good hype job.

I've lost all interest in this phone. I was ready to sell my Dinc 2 weeks ago, now I could care less about this phone it has an outdated GPU and horrible battery life. I'm gonna go with motorola this time and pick up the bionic dual core nvidia ftw

Dannyseed: Do you even know what dual core means in a phone? Obviously not. You gave in to hype, just like an apple fanboy does.

Ahh tim, I remember seeing you over at Droid Life. Still nothing better to do than call anyone who wants a phone that's not the Thunderbolt a fanboy I see.