A few of you have asked about graphics benchmarking on the Verizon Droid Incredible, so here you go. It's right up there with the Google Nexus One, and it should be. In other news, that Gundam's pretty darn cool.


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Verizon Droid Incredible vs. Nexus One - graphics benchmark test


That is quiet interesting that the N1 had better fps. if you notice the N1 starts before the Incredible but the Incredible finishes before.

I disagree with the N1 starting first. If you stop the video at 26 secs you can see the Incredible has the menu bars lower than the N1. The N1 does get ahead of the Incredible, this is especially noticible during cut-scenes, but then the Incriedble catches up when the tanks get shot. I bet that's just due to frame skipping.

Awesome! I want to download that and try out myself :P

Also, I see you are running cyanogen's mod on the nexus. How is your app drawer so smooth? Mine jitters quite a bit even on a static background.

.2 FPS seems like a negligible difference. I wonder if the test was repeated it could create a slightly different result

On a stock android Nexus One with some random apps running I managed to get 26.5 fps. I am sure if I cleaned up my running apps I could eek out more.

Those results .2 frames faster or slower isn't even worth mentioning. They're the same phone internally.

As much as I like the hero and mytouch... comparing them to the nexus/incredible is hilarious because the phones don't have an fpu, or shader support... so any decent game (asphalt 5, raging thunder 2, exdeus) will barely run (or not at all)

we need a better benchmark tool :)

On paper you're 100% correct.

Yet all three run just fine on my jacked up Hero. There's a LOT of room for further optimization in Android.

Still, no sense in comparing the Hero for many many other reasons lol.

I understand the difference.
Phil likes to get a rise, so I gave him one back.
The Hero Handles 3d games just fine.