New spectrum along with carrier aggregation to improve Verizon's LTE offerings soon

Following its nearly $4 billion purchase of AWS spectrum last year, Verizon is ready to start putting it to work for its LTE network in major markets across the U.S. The spectrum, which is also used by T-Mobile for its own network, will give Verizon more real estate to roll out its network to capable handsets. While Verizon isn't disclosing which markets are receiving the upgrades at this time, users have already pegged New York City as one of the markets.

When Verizon does get around to using up its AWS holding in the largest markets, the carrier will be able to offer 20x20MHz LTE — essentially more lanes on a highway for cars to drive on. The number of devices actually capable of using LTE on AWS spectrum is limited, but Verizon says that those with the appropriate hardware will receive software updates to take advantage soon.

Building on this AWS deployment, Verizon also plans to take advantage of "carrier aggregation" technology, which will let it combine signals in the 700MHz and AWS frequencies together to boost speeds and capacity. Verizon says that it is actively working on both initiatives for deployment in 2014.

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Verizon deploying LTE on AWS spectrum in major markets


Yeah it should be. I don't use Verizon, but from what I know most of the newer Verizon phones are world phone so they are unlocked and support gsm bands (please correct me if I'm wrong), should work with T-Mobile LTE too.

If you have a phone that support LTE band 4 and in one of these new Verizon coverage area, you can do a network search and you might find the Carrier "311480", which is Verizon Band 4.

I got this info a month or two ago from a review when I was researching the Moto X:

Verizon's Moto X supports the carrier's CDMA network, the AT&T HSPA+ network (oddly enough), foreign HSPA+ networks on the 900 and 2100MHz (but not 1800MHz) bands at speeds up to HSPA+ 42, and Verizon's LTE network on 700MHz and AWS. That last bit will help the Moto X get LTE coverage in crowded cities like New York where Verizon's 700Mhz network is completely saturated, and not all phones support it.

You need a phone that support LTE band 4 1700MHz. It's not that simple, if its not a Verizon device it won't have CDMA support so there will be no phone and sms service. Even then you need a Verizon SimCard and Verizon LTE data plan, and you might require them to allow your device to get activate with their network also (but I'm not a Verizon customer so I'm not clear on the specifics).

Short answer is practically no, unless you are a Verizon customer with LTE plan and Verizon phone.

There was an on fiercewireless from May that said that Verizon would issue a software update to the Galaxy S4 that would enable access to Verizon's LTE network on AWS spectrum. (I can't link to it or my comment will be marked as spam.) I would imagine they could do the same thing to the Note 3 since it just came out and it may already support Verizon's LTE network on AWS right out of the box.

According to Phonescoop, the following phones support LTE 750 (band 13) & 1700 (band 4):

Moto X
Motorola Droid Maxx/Mini/Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3

It's funny how I read sooooo many troll remarks on Verizon updating phones ....and releasing phones.. But let the discussion turn into Verizon updating their network ..... It's Crickets!!!!

Lmao sorry it's funny to me...

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Well the Answer is simple... it's because Verizon is a greedy devil that treats their customers like Scum, releases new devices later than other carriers(if ever), and rarely send out updates to their devices. Oh plus, they lie to their customers as well. Need anymore reasons? No? *crickets**

I'm confused why are these complaints only on the Internet? If they are so terrible, why are they highest rated in customer service among major carriers? Or why I don't hear these complaints from other people on Verizon? If anything the common complaint is that their service is expensive and even that complaint is not that bad as everyone who pays for it gets reliable service.

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Because most people (that is to say the vast majority of people completing the surveys) only care about the network. For people who aren't gadget geeks, Verizon is great. But they do a lot of things that really puss off people who are really into phones, like the entirety of the readership here.

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"puss off." Great. Thanks, SwiftKey. You've made me slightly less vulgar and way creepier.

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And 98% of people talk shit about Verizon don't have their service... And never have... I can say since the dinc I haven't once wanted to cancel my great service over an effin update... Or because a phone came 2weeks later than everyone else... Now I have seen tons of people(phone geeks included) leave T-Mobile & sprint "AT&T is pretty solid" because of poor service...
I really love AC but I get tired of you people who don't want to pay for Verizon biiichin about stuff that most people who have Verizon aren't worried about... Or just don't mind waiting for ... And would rather the company take the time to double test products and updates to make sure they're right...

I ain't saying they're perfect ..hell... I could use one less logo ...but I'm not crying about it like you people who don't even have Verizon... And if you that much of a phone geek you should have knew not to get Verizon

The shiiii is like me complaining that Payton Manning and Tom Brady aren't fast as Russel Wilson and Colin Kaepernick..... Well that's not what they do!!!!!!!

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I read your first sentence and stopped reading. Not worth the time if your wits bring you to the conclusion 98% of the people whom bash VZW never had their service...

I'd agree with him, not about the updates, I want my updates. I worked retail form 15 years (finally out). People are just cheap and Verizon is more expensive than everyone else. And yes, people who bitch about Verizon have never had there service. I'm in Milwaukee, had sprint, AT&T, Nextel (back in the day). I'd pay you to find a dead spot on VZ's network in any major metro. Their network infrastructure is far superior to all of the other carriers. I agree with you that I don't know that people bitching about Verizon have never had there service, but your reply is just as baseless (no offense intended). You did no better, Verizon has the lowest turnover of any carrier by a far Margin. I do wish they were cheaper. But I sold computers, parts, repairs & accessories and just watching people sit there and debate between two products that are $10 apart and the $10 gives lets say a 50% increase in whatever the example product is I'd have to sometimes spend an hour. Being cheap is okay, frugal, if you're poor, I have nothing against you. 15 years of computers depreciating and have to explain the differences between model A & B $50 apart when the person doesn't know what a CPU is (and that's fine), is just the most mind numbing experience you could imagine. VZ's prices are on average 20 - 30% higher than any other carrier, that's what allows them to buy up a $4B wireless spectrum that I can get 70 - 100Mbps down & almost as high up but usually 50Mbps up. People have an expectation for comfort, technology, etc. and whine like little bitches when they can't have something they don't need. Take power away from a suburban neighborhood for two weeks and watch people cower in the corners of their living rooms because of, well, for the most part we're spoiled whiny people and our poor have a higher standard of living than many other developed nations.

I yapp, yapp, yapp, sorry, got hit by a Semi and haven't had any income since April and I was making 90K for a single guy, now my back & hip are shot. Accident was at 85Mph, but I still have my $100/mo. Verizon package, for that I don't like them. But every other carrier has dead spots, poor reception. I have to be at least two stories under ground with 1' thick concrete and a metal ceiling not to have service. Maybe you stopped reading because it's boring, :) just givin you crap. There's just such fierce competition that the only people making money on any goods are mfg's or selling services. Best Buy's computer departments are and have been in the red for over 6 years, they have them to bring in traffic and push warranties on products that new are $50 and extended warranties are their #1 revenue when again statistically there aren't any electronic items because of depreciation/tech. advances that are worth taking out a warranty on. Most buy them to make the sales person shut up. Speaking of which that's what I'm going to do. The other guy is probably right, I don't know anyone who's left Verizon for anything but to save money & sacrifice service, my sister has AT&T and can't get a signal inside her house.

I don't see how that's possible since the article says software updates will be needed to access AWS.

They're also saying, that since they opened up the spectrum tonight, people should start seeing increases immediately, as their current band would be less congested by new iPhones and GS4 if (it did get that update).

I've seen Verizon pop up on my Xperia ZL in different parts of San Diego, and the ZL does not have Band 13 LTE

I hope this helps the LTE bandwidth issues. When I got the DROID RAZR MAXX last year in March I was getting 20+MB download speeds. Now I'm lucky to break 6.

Except when you've had Verizon for 10 years and never changed you're unlimited package. I d/l around 300 - 500GB/mo and don't have a clue how people get by with 5GB/10GB, that does suck.

Actually, you do use more data, if you're connection is faster. If your smartphone browsed the Web at dial-up speeds, then you wouldn't use much data.

I believe, that's a safe assumption.

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I mean I just doesn't make sense. if I'm on LTE at 10mbps and I watch a 10 min 720p vid that would use about 37MB. So if I'm watching that same vid, same 720p, say right under a tower where I'm pulling 75mbps, I'd use more than 37MB?

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The thinking is if you could download that same 720p video on WiFi in 5 minutes, but only 2 on LTE, you will download on LTE, and use more data.

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Several devices support AWS out of the box, like the GS4. Besides the AWS, there is also a lot of other updates occurring. So the end result is that some traffic will move to new AWS bands reducing congestion on LTE and at the same time the LTE backbone is being updated and enhanced. So overall it should start getting much better in those congested areas.

Now I just need to find out if my shiny new G2 can support this.

Until it gets bogged down like their original lte network lol

Will it have phone using aws before switching other to regular?

They've TRIPLED their network capacity, and they've done so a mere month after saying they would. I think your prediction of gloom and doom is waaaaaaay premature.

This is a good thing for VZ customers. I was once a customer of theirs and anything to better the network can't be a bad thing. I would still be a VZ customer if it wasn't for the expensive plans and the force to use the Share plans.

So does anyone have a list of phones that support AWS? I saw someone posted the S4 does. Do the ONE, G2, Moto X (and droid variants)?