Verizon data outage

Yep, looks like Verizon's in the midst of a pretty widespread data issue tonight, if you folks on Twitter are any indication. Could be worse, we suppose, but any outage is a bad outage, even if it is Sunday evening. Hope Verizon's IT folks didn't have anything planned.

Anyhoo, voice your displeasure in the comments.


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Verizon data struggling tonight


You just don't live in city like I do that has outages. I have Sprint outages on a weekly bases due to "overloaded network" as Sprint tells me.

Check a map. Same nation wide 3g coverage(with roaming on each others networks). Same 3g speeds. Different 4g but sprint doesn't have all these hiccups with their slower way more stable wimax. Why do you think Verizon never went after sprint in the 3g coverage or reliability war they had with AT&T...

"way more stable wimax"

Are you serious? "Stable wimax" is an oxymoron. When I used wimax it was the most unreliable wireless service I've ever seen. There are tons of threads on google about how it is the most unreliable service ever launched. You have to be high to think a 2500 MHz service is more stable than a 700 MHz one.

all you sprint fan boys know that the big V has the best network and y'all know it. Hey, all you guys that think they're the best, please, go to sprint. That's just more bandwith for those that already know who the best is!

I am having problems here in Charlotte NC. I have two phones one frm Verizon and other one from Sprint. Sprint is doing great! On the other hand, Verizon is not good . I. dui could not make phone calls first now I can hear anything.

Been having issues this afternoon in So. Cal on my Thunderbolt, no 3G or 4G, 1x sometimes, as of 5;57pm PST

Also I did notice it after rebooting my Bionic, so it might be like before....If you have 4G DO NOT reboot your phone or you might lose it like last time.

just started - really sad that Verizon has gone from being a rock solid network to one that is unreliable. This is the second outage ina the last few week, with one at the end of Sept. Verizon had better wake up to these problems BC users are not going to tolerate monthly outages. BTW - if you want to fix your 4G Thunderbolt to get 3G back during any outage (instead of being on 1X due to poor design), perform these steps:

1 - Go to the ThunderBolt’s phone dialer. Enter ##778# and hit Send.
2- You’ll get a pop-up labeled EPST, with the choice to “View Mode” or “Edit Mode.” You want “Edit Mode.”
3- You’ll be asked for a password. It’s 000000.
4- Now flip down to “Modem Settings,” and then choose “Rev. A.”
5- Change the setting from eHRPD to “Enable,” hit OK, then press the Menu button on the phone and tap “Commit Modifications.”

Thanks for this - it is very helpful and got me back in business. I went down to 1X within minutes while I was reading this here in Chicago, IL.

Tried this on my Bionic, and I got a message saying that my feature update could not be completed. Does anyone have a fix for Bionic? I'd love to be able to at least get 3G.

Thought it was my phone because I installed a new radio, guess there are problems here in Orlando, FL too.

Yea, until at&t isn't rock solid ... Unlike at&t and t-mo, Verizon has never been known to have issues like this. Always been rock solid!! This is very surprising

i think my dc is set to 3g and its working. im doing a backup and dont want to interrupt, so i cant comfirm.

I've been experiencing sporadic loss of 4G for a while on my Bionic, thought it might be the phone... looks like it was just a precursor to the full outage this evening. I don't have 3g or 4g... and the 1x is one to two bars - intermittently nothing. I guess no one can hear us now, eh?

data network is down in San Jose Ca, and Jacksonville, FL.

I tried calling Verizon. they don't answer. :)

EDIT: 4G came back on at 6:23 PDT. Hope it stays on this time. It have intermittently come on for less than 10 seconds, numerous times, in the last couple of hours.

I spoke too soon. As soon as I turned off mobile data on my Droid Charge, no data is coming back. Why did I mess with that switch? LOL.

4G down in Knoxville, TN. Droid Charge. And just as I was about to submit this comment, its live again...for the moment at least.

I just called a Verizon Store local to my area. Appears that the new iPhone is the culprit. Had my suspicions that Verizon taking on the iPhone was going to be bad news.

I've been out of Data, with 1x at times. Seems that there is now 3g and 4g bouncing back and forth.

They say it should be 'handled' within the next couple of hours. Ugh. I hope Verizon gives those of us something back for the troubles. Maybe a free month of Data Package???? Hearing me Verizon?

I won't say that Verizon isn't the best because they are, overall. Until they get the Data thing figured out, they are going to have issues with long time customers.

As for Sprint, nah, never. Too many dead zones, sorry. Plus, customer service not even close to par with Verizon. I won't even make a comment about T-Mobile aside from "Do they have customer service?"


EDIT: Wanted to clarify. With the new iPhones today, all the activations, etc. are the cause, apparently....

Wow, this shocks me. I seriously cant even believe what I am seeing.. look how bad the condition Phil's phone is in... lol

On Verizon I have this issue. First issue connection wise I have had. Unlike all you sprint at&t guys dropping calls

HMMM? Maybe Verizon Wireless should spend less money on flashy commercials with CGI robots battling heroines and all that crap and just invest more into their network. Sprint may not be good all the time, but I have rarely been without voice or data in the last 2 years.

Good for u ... This isn't a conversation about sprint, at&t, or t-mo ... Why do all u people who have these other carriers comment on an article about Verizon?? I believe it is due to iPhone activations and will be working great again for everyone real soon. It'll be right back to kicking the tar outta sprint, at&t and t-mo again, so eat your words, Verizon is still the best

Yep. Problems here in Augusta, GA. No 3G or 4G. Voice quality is really poor as well tonight. Thank god for WiFi

Here in Augusta, GA too Droid Bionic, i have 4G but download and upload speeds seem lower than normal at 5-6 megs up and down but 4G nonetheless

Had issues in Glendale, AZ for a few hours. Started after I did a battery swap and thought my ROM was acting up, sometimes it does that. And yes, I don't do a hot battery pull anymore. It kept going into 3G and 1X even after a few restarts, just did a hot battery pull and all is good now.

Both 4G & 3G were down for nearly 2hrs here in Las Vegas. About 20 minutes or so again 3G came back on. I've been with Verizon since March 2010, and I'm really not feeling this "America's Most Reliable Network" BS. Indeed there are dropped calls on Vzn, and they've had MULTIPLE 4G outages.

Also, what doesn't make sense about Verizon's claim of "America's Most Reliable Network" is BOTH Verizon & Sprint use the EXACT same network technologies. CDMA/EVDO Rev.A, so how is it even technically possible for Vzn to be more reliable than Sprint???

I live about one mile from Verizon's new Satellite building (Waltham, Mass.) My 4G has been in and out for at least the last few hours. Getting 1X and that sucks. This town is all 4G, nothing but super fast data all over the entire Boston area. You can drive for miles and never leave 4G Network.I have been very happy with Verizon. Just hope this is up and running very soon, I feel unconnected without my LTE.

That is why I also have a T-Mobile contract and their HSPA+ gives ass kicking data speeds in our area. Getting over 10 MB download and over 3 MB upload. I have become very spoiled with both Networks giving ass kicking speeds.

As of 6:54pm, 4G is working again here in Las Vegas, well as bad as it was, it could have been much, much worse.

Verizon better learn a real lot about LTE real soon.

No problem in Montgomery, AL. Would never leave Verizon, Sprint too many dead zones. Tmobile.... Please!!! AT&T..... never. So to all you people out there, stop hating on Verizon.

So data is in and out in some areas, my text and calls are just fine so I still can use my phone for its purpose, communication. Stop this whole Sprint, AT& T and Tmobile nonsense, we all know VZW Rules the Air! I'm ok without my FB updates. Lol

honestly im having the same problems on sprint, getting 1X since this afternoon. all kinds of data service issue messages from apps & android os. ...just sayin

Haha my data has been good all day....oh thats because I have Sprint. Been with Sprint for 10 yrs and never had a data about a reliable network! Damn and I thought those Verizon commercials were real..Lmao!

Well, I've had Verizon for about two to three years and I've never been affected by the outages. Hell, I'm typing this reply on my Charge via LTE. So for me, those Verizon commercials are true. ;)

I work 300 miles north of the arctic circle and have been streaming Google music beta all day here on Verizon 3G. Can you hear me now. :p

I love google music beta.. Its sick!!! OH YEAH VZW - you've stayed true. Full 4G here in Rochester, NY allllllllll day:)

No 3g in Billings MT. Sucks since Verizon is a major NFL sponser and they force us to us 3g to watch the games instead of letting us use wifi.

Voice is fine in Denver. Data is struggling. I have 2 LTE and 1 3g device. 3g device is fine. For all those comparing to the other network remember: Spint-Wimax, AT&T &T-Mobile-HSPA+, and Verizon-LTE with 140+ markets and dozens more on the way. While your knocking the network, remember that there has not been a carrier who has been as agressive in rolling out a completely brand new network and hardware in the fashion they have in just 10 months. There are bound to be hiccups along the way.

I agree. I'm in the Portland, Oregon area and 4g wasn't supposed to be here when I got my 4g Phone. During so, I've seen two outages that affected me. They really hurt because I am a very mobile person (living in my RV) and don't have the ability to have standard internet hooked up. My 4g Unlimited Data Plan AND Hotspot plan are very important. Luckily I managed to get important things done earlier in the day because I am now on 1x service typing this out and it's not very fast by far. When in 4g, I get anywhere from 30-41 Mbps Down Speed (When Tethering via USB) and 13-20 when tethering wirelessly. 1x gives me about .13 Mbps and it's like being on a freeway that is creeping along at about 1/2 mile per hour. You are getting there, but taking forever.

I would never switch from Verizon for many reasons. Customer Service is #1, Worry-Free Guarantee, and No dead spots between Portland Oregon to San Jose California (A common trip). I have yet to see any other carrier have that solid of coverage, including 75% 3g signal out in the middle of nowhere, Oregon (Klamath County Forest) among many other places. The Verizon Coverage map is not something any other carrier can even compare to. We don't all live in 'the city', nor need service ONLY in the city.

Yeah, I am a bit upset over the little or no data right now, but I am capable of finding something else to do in the meantime and if internet was that important, there's always a great coffee shop nearby that had free wifi. :)


Got my 4G back an hour ago here in CT. Must have been all those Apple users finally getting a feel of what real speed feels like over the weekend!

East Mesa AZ, excellent service and fast on fascinate, Charge, and Pre Plus. Pulling in 4-5 bars of 3G and LTE

East Mesa AZ, excellent service and fast on fascinate, Charge, and Pre Plus. Pulling in 4-5 bars of 3G and LTE

Looks like its back up here in Augusta,GA. Basically any device (phone or tablet) that has a 4G SIM card had no data (3G or 4G). Hopefully this is the end of the outage.

Don't get too excited yet. I've been bouncing around.

And as for NO Data with a 4g SIM Card.. I disagree as I have at least had 1x service. Slow, but working. I rely on my phone as my Internet, so I notice each and every change, including the exact time it began to fail (right in the middle of a netflix movie...).

During this message, I have noticed a change from 1x to 4g and it does seem to be 'sticking' this time, but I'm not going to bet on it just yet... Hopefully it is back up and running.

3G and 4G is down all over central and north texas.... 3G is spotty right now (south of Fort Worth keeps going in & out) i drove on I-35 from Belton to Hillsboro/and home in Cleburne)today and it never gave me my data coverage. right now @ 1045pm it still doesnt have any coverage for 3G.... hope they fix it soon

Absolutely zero connectivity in Salt Lake City Utah. Been this way for about 2 hours. Glad I found this post though I was about to restore my phone! Hope they fix it soon or I am going to punch a baby!

3g works fine on my xoom but no data on my Charge. In a non LTE area at the moment so cant verify that connection on either. Hmm?

Hmmm this would explain why I couldn't pick up any data signal earlier today. But I'm on WiFi right now, so it's not affecting me as much. Hope they get this fixed up for tomorrow when I actually need it.

Haven't had any data problems today....but I have been going down to 1x alot these past few weeks.

Been on wifi all day, so no issues. Just hope it's resolved for everyone soon. I remember the "big one" a few months back. Wasn't fun one bit!

lol all these sprint fan boys..
while im a sprint customer,
verizon LTE will BLOW your mind..
i average 27mbs down with 4g in my house with 2 bars.
its mind boggling...

Didn't notice the problems. Was still getting voice calls, texts, and email updates all day. I was out having fun with my girlfriend and family. Geez, weekend, let's detach from the devices a bit. Even with the occasional outage, Verizon still >>>> sprint or att. tmobile not even in the running. My gf's att android phone still less reliable on voice calls than mine today!

Had data on my Bionic when I got off a plane in Burbank, CA around 10PM PDT, but now in Thousand Oaks I have no data at all. Tried full power down and boot up, still no data whatsoever.

About an hour north of NYC- No data whatsoever. And only 1 bar on 3 thunderbolts, 1 bionic, 2 droid X's, a droid 2, and a Dinc. >.> Oh well... (2 bolts, miss type)

We the sprint customers should not talk at all about version's data. Sprint has data issues all the time, that's why I can't wait til my contract is up and ill be on my way to Verizon. Yes I luv my evo 3d but im sick of sprint promising 4g and never getting it here in the Buffalo, NY. My girlfriend has Verizon and her data is way faster and just better overall.

Yes in some areas 4g is not offered by sprint, but their are never nationwide outages. (at least not while I have been on contract). With these outages people are not just complaining about data but voice calls as well. SO yes Verizons data reigns superb, but the fact that they have outages does take off some cool points for customers who are paying top dollar for service

This is the ONLY reason I am debating going to Verizon. This is their 3rd outage..... And with the release of a few marquee devices eminent.. does this mean that things will only get worse? I would hate to leave sprint and have to face these outages all while paying more money for service...

The "ONLY" reason? If you are that unsure then you better stay with Sprint! ;) Verizon is implementing the fastest system out there, over the entire United States, at an incredible rate - adding new cities almost ever two weeks. Do you really think this can be done without a few glitches or outages on occasion? It doesn't have anything to do with the number of devices Verizon is has to with the expanding of the LTE network.

Ah, that explains the issues I was seeing last night. Thought it may have had something to do with LTE going live last Thursday (a week before the official date) and they we doing some last minute tweaks. Considering the rate at which Verizon is implementing LTE, there are bound to be a few bumps in the road. I find it rather amusing to watch many freak out like it's the end of the world! Like, OMG, OMG, it's like Twitter's down, OMG, fail whale, fail whale! Get a grip people! Go read a book! Life goes on! ;P

Don't feel bad - at least you had 1X LOL - all I had was voice. I'm pretty lucky though, I live 1/4 mile from a 4G tower and usally get well over 15Mb down and 10+ Mb nu. I was shut out for an hour or 2. Ran speed test early this AM and got 34.68 Mb down and 19.15 up. Yeah it's a pain to have the occasional outage, but most of the time it's OMFG!

The Richmond VA area has been having spotty coverage most of last week. Course this could be related to our imminent LTE turn on.

The issue us resulting from millions of the new 4s iphones being activated. I am in Chicago and have had no issues with 4g. Knock on wood.