$299.99 on-contract, coming this Thursday, Jan. 26

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The word out of CES was that the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX would be hitting store shelves on Jan. 26 for $299.99, and today we have the official confirmation of this from Verizon. As usual, that $299.99 price tag comes with a two-year service agreement, and puts the RAZR MAXX in line with Verizon's Galaxy Nexus, as well as the 32GB original RAZR.

Check out our hands-on coverage from CES for more on the Droid RAZR MAXX, which packs a massive 3300 mAh battery. And be sure to let us know in the comments if you'll be picking one of these up on Thursday.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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ak110707 says:

And you thought the Bionic Owners Bitch alot... Close the floodgates and prepare for pissed off RAZR users.

As they have every right to be. This is what the RAZR should have been in the first place.

ak110707 says:

I agree, I'm a Bionic Owner...

bjn714 says:

I don't agree that this is what the RAZR should have been in the first place, but it definitely should have been offered side by side with the original as an option. Not all users need or want the thickness or the extra battery power but the choice should have been up to the consumer.

svargas05 says:

Kinda crazy how AT&T and Verizon just have money flowing out of their @sses to be releasing phone after phone to replace the one that shouldn't have been released to begin with.

Like "ooooohhhh, they DON'T like it.... Fine, here, a better and more expensive one AFTER you've signed a new 2-yr contract"

Sprint has to get it right the FIRST time.

markabele says:

I hate that it's becoming standard for new flagship phones to be $300. I always thought the android open source software was always going to lead to cheaper phones. Isn't that one of the things they originally touted?

gdbjr says:

So you want top of the line, loaded with features phones to be $99 from the start?

You can get lower priced android phones, but they are not going to be flagship phones. You can't have both ways. Top of the line or cheap.

Unless you wait 2-3 months and they they lower the price when a new 'flagship' phone comes out.

The Thunderbolt is now free on verizon, the Razr is $199 as is the Rezound. The will be offering the MAXX for cheap in 2 months.

markabele says:

You have a good point...$200 just feels like the most that the vast majority of people would pay to me. I definitely could be wrong though. What do you think about my question though?

robung says:

Keep in mind that Verizon lost a ton of money subsidizing iPhones:

What's the true cost of the flagship phones? Looks like VZW is forced to subsidize the iPhone heavily and is not as constrained by the other phones.

briankurtz79 says:

Sprint lost more than Verizon with their crapple deal. I've never seen a $299 phone in sprint sceptre for the iPhone.

andoman says:

You have to remember they plunked down 3 billion to buy spectrum from the tv service providers, you can make the numbers look however you'd like.

briankurtz79 says:

Go anywhere else and it is cheaper. Verizon doesn't do cheap. They actually think their shit don't stink

Whitmireww says:

I'm due an upgrade, been debating. Leaning this way, but knowing Big Red, they'll release an even faster, bigger, badder phone in about a month. Last annual upgrade, too, so I want to make it count.

deedee20 says:

I totally agree! This is my last annual upgrade as well. I got the Droid X last year and a month later, the iPhone came to VZW.

robung says:

Whitmireww meant "badder" as in "better" and not "worse" as in iphone.

Wait until after MWC . . . Especially look out for HTC. I think they'll have some HEAT at the show since they didn't show anything interesting at CES

Androidpwns says:

Yes, picking 1 up.

fatboy97 says:

My Thunderbolt is being replaced on Thursday with this!!!

venom845pd says:

Same here I had enough of the thunderbolt!!!!

kinster02 says:

If I was on Verizon I would buy this Maxx just for the battery life.

AndroidXTC says:

I just returned my Samsung Nexus, Its just to cheap feeling and the battery life is terrible. I will be there Thursday morning for my new Maxx.

03sp500 says:

I have an upgrade as of today, I too am stuck at what to do. wait a month or so and get the MAXX hopefully cheaper, or just jump on it and grab it thursday. No matter what you buy I think there will be bigger and badder phones right after you sign. Its the big red way.

Havent really seen any bad reports on the RAZR so a better battery must be good.

Unless you go through an Indirect dealer I doubt the MAXX goes down in price for 2 or 3 months.

markabele says:

In all fairness...isn't it more of the Android way, not Verizon? (this coming from a huge Android fanboy, me)

jbair2 says:

Got a Nexus last Friday, already on my second phone in less than 4 days. I'll be returning it on Thursday for The Maxx.

Who? says:

What happened to your first Nexus? I returned a Nexus too. Thinking of waiting for the next Nexus, really have no interest in skins.

jbair2 says:

I picked the phone up on last Friday, had no data connection, it would jump in and out of a data connection. Not sure if the Sim was bad or the phone, but I wasn't taking any chances. I'm really not impressed by this phone!!!!

Who? says:

Thinking about it, but I'd hate to reward Motorola for their behavior. I also have no interest in Blur.

Either way, it doesn't make sense to buy a phone before MWC.

I love how they give release dates on this POS, but waited until hours before the Gnex released.

ANOTHER touch screen LTE Android phone. Yawn. Still waiting for the Droid 4. When will ANYBODY release an LTE phone with a decent keyboard!?!

I just wish Moto would have given the Droid 4 the MAXX's 3300mAh battery since it's going to be non-removable.

Amen to that! They will probably have a Droid 4 MAXX a couple months after I buy the Droid 4.

RETG says:

Will the Maxx come with a 16gb memory card? Right now, on Verizon's site a Razr with 16gb (no SD Card) is 199.99, a Razr with 32gb (16 internal, 16 SD card) is 299.99 and now the Razr will be 299.99.

It will be real interesting to visit Verizon's site tomorrow to see if any of the priced drop more.

bigjess300 says:

I have heard that the MAXX will come w/ a 32GB (16gb internal & 16gb sd card).

neckbone#AC says:

That's what I heard too

lyrictenor1 says:

I just bought a Razr almost two weeks ago, and if the MAXX feels good in my hands I will exchange mine while I still can.

bigjess300 says:

I got the RAZR on 12/31/11 and loved it. It was fast, took a little getting used to the UI differences between Motorola and HTC. But a week later I heard the MAXX was coming out, took the RAZR back and went back to my slow ass ThunderBolt. I will be picking up the MAXX on Thursday.

3rdpig says:

Waiting for MWC next month. After that I may pick up the Maxx or wait until the next Nexus. Or maybe by then there will be an update that turns the Gnex into a decent voice phone.

ebarr727 says:

Bought the RAZR on 1/6/12.
Returned the Razr on 1/19/12.
Will be picking up the Maxx on 1/26/12.
Great phone. Quality build. The battery was fine (as compared to my Dinc) 1 day charge on both. Just couldn't see keeping it once I knew the Maxx was just days away. Felt the $35 restocking fee was worth the extra juice, especially as the batteries are sealed.

lugnuttz#AC says:

Yes I returned 2 Razr's during the trial period, and been back using my OLD Moto-Razr for a week waiting for this to be released. Just for the extra battery life. Nothing was bad about the Razr, but extra battery life was worth the $35 fee. I will have 2 Maxx's on Thursday for the wife and I! Cant wait, its been hell being without a smartphone for a week now.

Did you have the older Unlimited Data Plan? Hopefully you didn't lose it when you switched to those non-smartphones.

neckbone#AC says:

Try calling them by phone and having the $35 reversed. I bought the Razr on the phone returned it to the store so I could wait for the Razr Maxx and the store charged me the $35. I called them after I left the store because I was told if I returned the phone within the 14 days I would not be charged the fee and they are going to credit the $35.00 to my next bill

ulnek says:

any rumblings of a razr maxx hd? they already have the hardware with the 13mp camera. any chance that makes it into a maxx form? >_<

jwsnj3rd says:

Does this thing have a removal battery or is it the same as the OG razor