Verizon upgrade policy

Verizon's getting ready to change (they call it "simplifying") its upgrade policy starting Jan. 16, and it's not quite in favor of the consumer. As you can see in the above training material, customers on a standard two-year contract won't be able to upgrade in months 13 through 20 and instead must wait until the contract is nearly up. Also, the "New Every Two" program will be phased out as those customers re-up. Customers on one-year contracts won't be affected.

So it's a step backward, and it makes it that much more important to pick a good phone (and be willing to spend a few extra bucks to do so) -- and that much more important for Verizon and the manufacturers to update phones as best they can.

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Yep. If they don't update the phone over a two year period, time to switch carriers.

stoneworrior says:

I cannot wait for LTE to become standard throughout the US so we can buy ANY phone and use it on ANY carrier. This BS of holding us hostage has to stop sooner or later. I'll pay three times the amount for my phone as long as I have the flexibility to swap out a sim card anytime I want.

stoneworrior says:

Of course this will all be contingent on the carriers radio bands and phones that are produced hopefully being compatible on any carrier. Only time will tell.

Roshizzle731 says:

Lol @ stoneworrier being a douche and getting pissed for being called out. what a douche bag.

johncihak says:

Just like we can switch between Verizon and Sprint because they use CDMA?

stoneworrior says:

Didn't think that comment through did you? If you did your showing your ignorance, ie sim cards. CDMA does not use a sim thus you must use the carrier to activate the phone based on MEID number. On LTE all you will need is a activated sim. So if/when the carrier tries to lock down a phone you just root it removing their ability to control you. The caveat being the carriers having the same radio bands. Nice try troll.

BurgerBoy says:

Cool your jets, stoneworrior. No need to knock someone just because they don't know as much as you. That's why these message boards exist - to share knowledge.

stoneworrior says:

Ask me a genuine question in a polite manner you'll get a kind considerate answer. Try and be a smart %$%$ and you'll receive the same in kind. And my jets are cooled, not angry just responding "in kind" :p

TheMan876 says:

Pretty sure c.hack was being sarcastic...

stoneworrior says:

Im so sorry, I apologize. Heaven forbid two people have a disagreement in public. Now lets give everyone a trophy for participating (Because we cannot have any losers, that would just hurt peoples self esteem) and we can form a circle and sing kumbaya or kum ba yah or cumbayah. Pretty sure I covered all different ways to spell it. Don't want to offend anyone.

TheMan876 says:

Quit whining, just pointing out that you didn't even need to reply to his comment since YOU were wrong.

There's already news going around that Verizon's LTE might not be compatible with ATT's and that it's possible they could block phones from swapping around.

Jjpp23 says:

Obviously c.hack was being sarcastic... Settle down spaz..

bousozoku says:

Where do you get an activated SIM card that isn't activated by a carrier? You forge one to work on a carrier's network?

krisguy says:

That's probably not going to happen. Phones sold for one carrier will not support the bands for another carrier, and the carriers haven't decided how to do voice over LTE yet. GSM carriers fallback to HSPA+ for voice, while voice is carried over EV-DO on VZW.

I don't see full interoperability unless the FCC steps in.

AntiNorm says:

VZW still uses 1xRTT (2G) for voice. EV-*DO* is data only.

the carriers will still lock the phones to their network. Look at the Iphone 4s. The very same iphone can run on att (and any gsm carrier willing to take it on)/verizon/sprint but the carriers have been locking the phone to the respective carriers and verizon/sprint will unlock the sim for international use only (not true unlocks) in certain situations sprint requires an account to be in good standing and be enrolled in an international plan verizon just needs the account to be good standing for a period of time and from my understanding its done automatically after that point. Bottom line? sure all carriers might end up using the exact same standard for wireless transmissions (LTE) but the carriers will still lock phones thus most people will be stuck with a carrier and have to buy a new phone anyway

sed says:

mother fuckers

chaloney says:


slayerpsp says:

lame Sprint just keeps looking better new phone every June for me i have a lot of friends on Verizon they will not be happy

bousozoku says:

You'll be able to call them for free.

davidr521 says:

Yep. Free 24 x 7 x 365 cell-to-cell calling to anyone on any network. And I got my Evo on Day #366; the "New Every Two" on Sprint actually allows the primary accountholder (me) to upgrade after each year (but only if you're a Premiere customer, which I am).

Quite happy with Sprint...been a 10+ year customer.

mattchew86 says:

Same here. I'm so sick and tired of verizon and their BS policies. Sprint sounds better every day.

try saying that when you find yourself on a broken network able to use it one place unable another and just plain super slow (15 mins to load a webpage) in another place all while working great in the one place you dont need it to and watch the company go under before they get to fixing your area because the company they are strongly supporting goes bankrupt taking sprint out with them. Things arent looking good for sprint and its only getting uglier Shame too with unlimited text/data and all but as is i have no confidence that they will be able to deploy thier LTE network/andor fixing thier network AND staying alive

wffjr3782 says:

So if i buy one before the 16th am i still in the old grouping? this is why i buy my phones from craigslist and let my contract go to month by month. bullshit.

and i bet the first round of 4g LTE phones come out the 17th, right?

Niteperson says:

We have 4 lines on our account, so someone is always close to an upgrade. If someone wants a new phone, we get it. Doesn't really affect me personally.

Android_Lee says:

I'm in the same boat at Niteperson. I have 4 phones and one of them is always up for renewal every 6 months.

Android_Lee says:


Well, I couldn't resist so I called VZW....and OF COURSE they told me they had no knowledge of NE2 going away and they assured me NE2 was not going who's lying here?

Kodros says:

I think the name NE2 will be going away, but the concept of being able to get a discount for a new phone after 20 months will become the standard.

Niteperson says:

I really don't see how this is different than what they're doing now. I have NE2 on my primary line, and 2-year contracts on the other lines. All are upgradable at the 20-month mark. I'm having a hard time understanding what has changed here.

milrtime83 says:

Your primary line is upgradable at the 12 or 13 month mark right now (they just didn't advertise that fact very much) and you would still get the discounted phone price, just not the NE2 credit. They are getting rid of that and making all lines wait until 20 months to upgrade.

Steve B says:

Is that "early" upgrade a 1yr discount or the 2yr discounted price at the 12th/13th month?

xeroslash says:

NE2 customers could get 'discounted' pricing starting a year into their 2-year contract (months 13-20). Of course, the best pricing was always after 20 month or so mark, but the option of being able to upgrade earlier was there. This change removes that option.

Most VZW reps are finding this out today. This includes me.

ekt8750 says:

The joys of being a Sprint Premier customer. New phone every year.

vgsantiago says:

exactly, it boggles my mind why people think Verizon is SOOO much better than Sprint. the recent data simply doesn't show that. but hey Verizon customers go ahead and keeped getting shafted.

Evo2DroidX says:

When verizon is the ONLY cartier with 3G in my area I an pretty much forced to take there bs what's up with all the other carriers sucking on north west region coverage? I wish I could have stayed with sprint

cea1203 says:

Yeah the joys of sprint locking you in to there crap network every single year! What fun lol!!

WhitePhone says:

Crap network? Hey Verizon-Idiot, that's your own network you are calling crap! It's the same service and coverage, moron. Except, we can upgrade our phone every year, pay less, and get unlimited data and better voice rates! And it is their not there.

We aren't the same network. Sprint and Verizon both use CDMA, and we do share SOME towers, but it's certainly not the same. We also have agreements significantly more regional cellular companies. Do your research "Sprint-Idiot".

WhitePhone says:

I'm not that much of a moron. I know that they are run separately and on different frequencies, I'm just saying, that fact I can set my phone to roam only anytime without additional charges, is kinda the same to me. I wasn't trying to say they were identical, I was trying to keep it short because of this dam spam filter!!

WhitePhone says:

I'm not a moron. I know that they are run separately and on different frequencies, I'm just saying, that fact I can set my phone to roam only anytime without additional charges, is kinda the same to me.

WhitePhone says:

(CONT.) I wasn't trying to say they were identical, I was trying to keep it short because of this dam spam filter!!

froyoYum says:

That's a bad move on Verizon's part

chefkeyser says:

This looks to gear up with the impending iPhone release. If Android owners have to wait 20 months for a new phone, Verizon/Apple may believe that more people would be willing to switch to a phone that doesn't upgrade as often. It could be part of Big Red's contract with Apple. I'm stuck on my Hero with Sprint until June, but if I were on Verizon, I'd have to wait until December. This is bad news for Android owners on that network and disappointing from the carrier that owns the Droid.

slinky317 says:

They don't have to wait 20 months. They can still use their Annual Upgrade in month 12... but after month 13 they're stuck with it. I think.

Edit: After re-reading that... it looks like they're completely retiring the annual upgrade program. What a joke.

sjenkins1009 says:

Annual is compeltely gone. Which is why I am going to spend the extra 100 from now on and keep the 1 year contracts with them. This is BS

its only like 70 more for a 1 year contract phone compared to 2 year(unless they change this for the new plans)

greygoose0 says:

I concur.

Mikey47 says:

Here's a hoot for you....what if Jobs got to VZW and had them switch this policy for every phone EXCEPT the iPhone?

slinky317 says:

I bet they're going to do the same thing AT&T did with the iPhone 4 - give everyone an upgrade. So then a lot of people upgrade to the iPhone (not me, I'll save mine for the Thunderbolt) and then they're stuck with it for 20 months.

hotkoko says:

they will all soon follow the same path

ricbon says:

first and foremost if this is the case they need to drop the price of the early terminiation they need to support the phone for those 20 months. Look at the eris it was only out for about 4 months wtf is that!! I'm going to see how this plays out to see if i'm gonna stick with verizon.

slinky317 says:

The Annual Upgrade is still there, correct? You can just now only use it in month 12 of your contract.

The fact that they're getting rid of NE2 though is quite disheartening.

BoNg420 says:

I dont quite get this.

What do they mean by

"customers on a standard two-year contract won't be able to upgrade in months 13 through 20 and instead must wait until the contract is nearly up"

Does this mean, say I buy the HTC Thunderbolt when it comes out and get on a 2 year contract. Does this mean if a new phone comes out that I want to change to and pay full price for that I would not be able to buy it at full price and change phones?

slinky317 says:

No, from what I can tell, that's referring only to Annual Upgrades. Essentially, they're limiting the amount of time people can use their annual upgrade to like 1 or 2 months.

Edit: Nevermind, it does look like they're getting rid of the Annual Upgrade program completely. That's ridiculous.

Niteperson says:

It says 1-year contract customers are not affected.

froyoYum says:

No, if you pay full price you can switch to anything you pay for. Verizon is just getting rid of the ability to purchase a phone mid-way through your contract, at the discounted price. :/

Dark_Blu says:

AT&T's upgrade policy is like that. I had to laugh at that. A vendor who would rather adhere to a daft policy rather than accept full price for a phone is short sited.

sandplasma says:


brackett5 says:

Looks like sprint will be getting a new customer!!!!!!

Dark_Blu says:

Come on over. Sprint's unlimited everything plan is less expensive than Verizon and while we don't have LTE or the HTC Lightning or Thunder or whatever it is, we do have the EVO.

hoosiercub says:

You can have your EVO and I'll raise you not having nationwide 4G coverage in the next 12-24 months, in addition to the already metro-spotty Spring CDMA network. Cheaper yes, but you do get what you pay for.

ekt8750 says:

With the roaming agreements Sprint and Verizon have with each other, network coverage isn't an issue and contrary to what you believe LTE is just as "metro spotty" as WiMAX is and in 12-24 months at the rate Sprint is going they will have 4G lit up in just as many if not more markets as Verizon.

jarobusa says:

Have you heard of free roaming?

TheMan876 says:

When I had Sprint it would lose signal all the time, and if it did switch to a different network, there was no 3g. Now I'm on Verizon and I don't lose signal in these same places.

You really think that within 12 months sprints 4g won't cover more ground?? Come on dude.

mykpfsu says:

Lets see I have a 1400 minute plan with Verizon. The same plan on Sprint costs $130, I pay $110. So $20 more a month for 100 more minutes. Mmm, no. Not cheaper.

leerage says:

Yeah... that extra $20 gets you UNLIMITED data... how much do you pay PER LINE for unlimited data $30~45 ? gtfo

deaofly says:

Dude do you REALLY want to go down that street? I pay $130 a month for a 2line contract with 1500 mins and Unlike Verizon I can call AnyBody on Any carrier for FREE NOT JUST my same carrier as Verizon does. Plus unlimited data, ok now you made you self look like a complete Ass by saying your single line plan is better then my 2 line plan with more features. Ok I use about 200 mins out of 1500 because they are for landlines and all my 2line mins come from my Free mobile to Any mobile phones.

jarobusa says:

You are joking right? Meant for the VZ fan above.

thebizz says:

Hmm so either a one year contract or I'm switching carriers. Its doubtful most of these phones will receive support for the two year period. Come-on Thursday my decision will be made then

SmileyXX says:

Come on over to U.S. Cellular where you can still upgrade in 18 months or if on a belief plan in as little as 10 or 11 months and have better service

moosc says:

So simple plan pay extra $ and do yearly upgrade.

How has everyone so far failed to comment on the creeper that is thinking about railing those 3 skanks on that desk?

en28so says:

Wait a minute, I just upgraded on the 15th of December, and it said I'm eligible to upgrade until 20 months from now? So I better call them to ask wtf is going on(it's a secondary line). I thought it was because I upgraded the phone through Dell, but I guess it's not that.

froyoYum says:

There's no way the phones will be supported for that long, espicially with Android. As someone said earlier though, it may be a strategy to usher people to buy the iPhone, seeing as how its upgraded once each year. Personally, I feel like Verizon is going to lose money on this in the long run.

So they're stopping the new phone every 12 months for the main line? Will this effect me since i started a contract in Oct? Say it ain't so.

...In other news, that graphic is terrible.

greygoose0 says:

Isn't this what t-mo does? I have 5 lines and I have to wait 20 months to upgrade(full), and hell, last summer they changed the rules,with out telling the public, about using another lines upgrade as your own. Not that it matters, I used my sisters upgrade to get my MT4G. Either way its just another rule that we as a community will find away around.

otto says:

One of the things I love about t-mo is that if you are a long time customer they will waive just about anything. They really treat long term customers very well.

craigrn16 says:

I am confused maybe someone can help me. I have an upgrade available for me now. Its less than 20 months into my contract. I'm holding out for the Thunderbolt to use is. You mean to tell me if the Thunderbolt comes out after the 18 I will no longer be able to use my upgrade? All of a sudden Sprint is starting to look good

you should be able to use it just when you sign the new contract with the thunderbolt you will no longer have the upgrade at 20 months the next time you want to upgrade, you will have to wait til the contract is almost out(whatever verizon considers that as)

froyoYum says:

I think you'll be able to upgrade, seeing as how you are already eligible. Verizon can't just say no, you're too late (I hope Haha).

otto says:

And this my friends is why I will never leave T-Mobile.

So, they are breaching their contract?

dcviper says:

No, I just spoke to a Verizon rep, and she assured me that all the T & C's that were in the original contract are still operative, and will be until you sign a new one. Also, regarding switching to Sprint, when I first switched to Verizon, I couldn't wait to go back because of the customer service. But recently, Verizon has been getting much better.

BoNg420 says:

Yea they wouldn't make this change to people in contract. If they made a big change like this the customers could get out without paying an ETF, so that is why that have a start date and after that date any new 2 year contracts get the shaft.

good thing I only get 1 year contracts anymore!!

beargold23 says:

This is BS, how bout verizon put there customer first instead of there wallets SMDH

x2Caleb2x says:

so i cant get a 1 year contract?

gafly says:

Yes you can... Get a 1 year contract and this stupid "simplification" policy will not affect you.

No more 2 year contracts for me! VZW is uber retarded if they are doing this to please Apple like some people believe.

BoNg420 says:

Screw Apple Iphone. They should just continue the Droid rapage. I really hope Verizon doesn't taint their network with Apple Trash. Overpriced and overlocked-down phone. I hate Steve Jobs. Hes a straight up douche.

rippley05 says:

Thank god I'm with Sprint.

It amazes me that enough people are still not smart enough to see Verizon for what they are. Crooks... yea they have a great network, but at least in my area in Virginia.. I have absolutely ZERO issues with Sprint's network.

My bill stays the same every month, nothing extra besides the craptastic 4g fee.. but that pales when compared to what "big red" does.

deercreek says:

The great network is what keeps me. They'd pretty much have to anally rape me to run me off, and even then I might still forgive them.

Everyone I know who had Sprint around here has left them because of poor coverage. Things may have changed, but once you find something that works it's hard to give something that didn't work before another chance.

hmmm says:

Same here. I have always been a little jealous of other carriers phone choices but Sprint's coverage where I live(Minnesota) has been great( I even live in 4G area). I have always wanted T-mobile phones(Nexus One, G2) but I have two different friends with them and their reception is always cutting out on me.

deercreek says:

So, other than phone pricing, there really won't be any other reason to sign a 2 year contract. With the NE2 gone and the ability to upgrade after a year gone, it might be worth the extra price up front to sign a 1 year contract. I'm not too upset about this. I've only got a new phone before my 2 years was up once... when I went from my enV touch to my Droid X.

Kodros says:

I'm a bit confused. How is this any different then the way it is now. Currently, a 2 year agreement typically allows upgrades after the 20th month. Only in certain circumstances, do they allow upgrades prior.

slinky317 says:

There are Annual Upgrades for primary line holders that have calling plans of $49.99 or higher. That way you could upgrade every 12 months instead of 20.

Kodros says:

Ahh, I guess it just doesn't show up that I'm able to do that. My primary phone says that it's every 20 months and my plan is $60.

hmmm says:

The requirement is a plan with a cost of 69.99 or a family plan with a cost of 99.99. Must have one of those two for 3 months before it takes effect.

You also get this status if you have been with Sprint for 10+ years.

so since i am eligible for a one year update it seems i should do it now before January 16th.

johnny99 says:

If they are going to make customers hold on to phones for a longer period of time, they had better provide high quality support over that period. That includes pushing out the latest Android updates.

Icarus4219 says:

This. If they keep the phones updated, I don't care. 2.2 was supposed to provide, what, a 2-5x performance increase over 2.1? You can't tell me the older hardware wouldn't benefit from that far more than the newer hardware, but only the newer hardware got 2.2.

johnner1999 says:

I thought I saw it right. On one of the leaked boxes for the thunderbolt it said includes upgrade size tube of KY jelly ;-)

gonzoguy24 says:

So...can you guys help me out with this. I am currently due for an annual upgrade on my 2 year contract...Will this disappear on Jan 15h??? Or will this change come into play once people start NEW 2 year deals AFTER jan 15th?

katvo says:

I've never had a phone from VZW last me more than 6 months without having a replacement. I've never gone more then 15 on the same phone because by that time I've had so many replacements, I can't take it anymore. If this is their new game plan, they better have better support to go with it. Too bad my husband just upgraded to a DINC 3 weeks ago, or I'd switch. BS!

noszero says:

Verizon is evil. We all know this.

jayhawkfan18 says:

This is freaking ridiculous. If I am not eligible for my annual upgrade because I am the primary line on a family plan then I will be leaving Verizon. I never understood why cell phone companies crap on existing customer who are just looking to give them more money. So what if I want a new phone every year? I'm signing a TWO YEAR contract..

gafly says:

Sign a 1 year contract and be done with this mess.

Kodros says:

"I never understood why cell phone companies crap on existing customer who are just looking to give them more money."

Because you aren't really giving them more money. Who do you think is paying for the subsidized phones?

boohoo you wont lose your annual upgrade you have now but it will be the last one you get.

kilofoxtrot says:

Humm.... I wonder if Verizon will be waiting until after Jan 16th to release any of their new LTE phones that will be announced at CES?

I am eligible for a annual upgrade now, but was hoping to use it for the Thunder. If the Thunder is released after the 16th, then I will probably use it on a DroidX prior to the 16th and sell it along with my Droid Pro to purchase the Thunder at retail.

Make sense?

SparkyXI says:

Usually, I'm one to want the latest and greatest ASAP, but since I got my OG Droid, I haven't really felt the need to upgrade NOW. I'm totally happy with mah Droidah, and when the time comes for me to be fully eligible, and I can get a steal of a deal, I'll look at my options.

I come from a time where this (20-24 months) was the norm for an upgrade, so I guess that's just what I'm used to. Just remember, ALL mobile companies are evil at this point.

This is really turrible! Just turrible!

Titan808 says:

This gives me no reason to stay with Verizon anymore, I will be switching to T-MO, cheaper prices and 20 month upgrade anyway.

rahlquist says:

Its stupid decisions like this and the crappy way AT&T and Samsung are handing updates that caused us to start our migration away from subsidized phones. Bought my wife a Nexus S this weekend off contract and I will be buying all my phone this way from now on, that was as soon as the carrier irritates me I can roll to another.

Chris3D says:

I'm anything but a Verizon fan, but I'm not sure I understand all the outrage. Just sounds like they're enforcing what people sign up for - a two year contract. If you want to upgrade every year, don't sign up for a two year contract.

ronniesonger says:

this is bull shi*!!! at&t looks better and better every month. i've been screwed over by verizon several times. i hope they lose big time with this announcement.

except with at&t you dont get unlimited data ha

This shit is dumb

Ytaay says:

meh, I got my FASN8 online for a cheaper price then the NE2 promo price, which amounted to $50. And they only let the primary account holder use that NE2 discount; other phones/lines on your account don't get squat for discounts. and who's got the money to blow on a new phone every year? Is this really a big deal? No, I don't think it is.

People are so dumb if you read the damn thing it says you wont lose it until you sign a new contract good thing to see we have a bunch of illiterate people on these forums

Titan808 says:

I did read that and it's still BS! Verizon never gave me the opportunity to do a 1 year contract, it was two year only at that time. I just upgraded 3 phones and added a new line (5 total) and have one line eligible because it's the primary line. Weather I'm stuck to the old upgrade policy is beside the point. I never had a chance to do a 1 year contract.

You have to ask for a 1 year contract because they dont make as much money from you with a 1 year contract, they dont ask if you want 1 year or 2 just sign you up for a 1 year contract should have done some research then you would know.

76+ comments... Angry verizon customers are angry.

tim242 says:

You sign up for a two year contract for that upgrade. You're lucky you get an upgrade before your 24 months are up. Gotta love this sense of entitlement. You'll tote "support the devs" signs all day long, but don't want to support the company that has to build and maintain the network you abuse. Stfu you losers.

jarobusa says:

2 year contract to stay with Verizon.

trenen says:

How is signing another 2 years ($3,120 in my case) in exchange for a new phone every year (that I still have to pay for), not supporting the company? I'm not asking for anything free. I'm asking for a reasonable discount on a $600 device ONCE a year in exchange for $3,120 of my loyalty. How is that wrong? Sounds like a good deal to me.

tim242 says:

For the company to pay for the phone, provide you with services, pay their 90,000 employees, pay their bills, upgrade/maintain their network, and turn some sort of profit...they need to sell not only service, but phones as well. They are losing money on early upgrades.

trenen says:

No they aren't. Companies like VZW buy so much bulk of items that the price you and I see (even after subsidies) is not the actual price the company paid. They still make profit. Besides, it's a well known fact that these companies make their money of their SERVICE not the devices. If it was all about the devices (or if those devices mattered that much) we would probably see upgrades at least twice a year.

Menno says:

No, they really don't. That phone you bought for 199 is listed as a retail for 589. Verizon paid a MINIMUM of 550 for that device. Yes, there is a small profit there. but that 40 isn't enough to run a store off of, let alone a network. Phones are EXPENSIVE. Yes, they are marked up, but they're marked up by HTC and Motorola, not by Verizon and Sprint.. When the company gives you a discount on a phone they are LOSING money, which is why you have to maintain service with them for a certain amount of time before they give you a discount.

If they lost money as you say, they would have done this years ago. This is just a way to make more money from the American consumer. That's what the stockholders demand, that's what is done.

netposer says:

How can a 4" phone cost more than a 7" tablet?

trenen says:

Ask them. Before the GTab dropped to $500 it was $600. The Droid X currently retails for $570 new (so I exaggerated a phone by $30, sue me) and the Fascinate for $580 PRE-OWNED.

okay thats good news... i thought i would lose my 1 year upgrade on January 15 ( i didnt realize it was in the contract). I'll just wait for the thunderbolt now.

theglow#AC says:

This Guy only took a pic of the first page u will have the choice to do one year contract and pay $70 more for the phone and can upgrade every 10 months for those of us who buy phones all the time

trenen says:

That just seems silly to me. If anything, VZW shouldn't permit early upgrades on ANNUAL contracts. Look at it this way - an annual contract doesn't guarantee the carrier another year of revenue after the current. A 2 year contract with an annual upgrade virtually guarantees (bar someone paying a $375 ETF to ditch) at least another year or two of solid revenue. To me it seems like we are missing information because what we are reading doesn't seem like good business practice (from an economic standpoint).

netposer says:

Verizon will sell you the Droid X for $269 (after rebates) for a 1 yr contract. Worth it to me considering the plethora of new and coming soon Android phones. So for a $70 premium you cut that 2 yr deal in half.

471405 says:

So with a 2 year contract I am eligible for a 1 year upgrade. Can I get a Droid X now and have 30 days to return it if the new LTE phones come out?

notavzwsheep says:

Anyone who says there really is no policy change or "I have 4 lines so I every 6 months one of them is eligible" is either a Verizon employee or has a family member that is one.
And for the person who says Verizon customer service states they're not changing the NE2 policy.....get real, they'll say anything to get you not to change your carrier. Did you skip right past the screen shot of Verizon's policy change at the top?

Kodros says:

There is no way that they are going to stop offering upgrade discounts.

Niteperson says:

So if a line is added every 6 months, the upgrades wouldn't be 6 months apart?

crabjoe says:

Maybe it's being done to keep the phone prices down.

Kill NE2, but use the savings to keep the price of new phones at $199 ... These upcoming phones have to cost a lot more the what's currently selling ... Dual core, higher res screens, more memory, more sensors, etc ....

Sprint could have done away with their annual upgrade and could have used that savings to keep from charging the $10 premium data fee.

Kage87Z says:

Verizon is the only coverage I can get out here.


Where's sprint where I need them?

Kage87Z says:

Verizon is the only coverage I can get out here.


Where's sprint where I need them?

albokay says:

Unfortunately us Android fans are paying for the gouge that is coming so verizon can make even more off the iphone.

I wish they would just do this for that phone and leave the rest of us out of it.

terryzx says:

I just spoke with Verizon and they tell me that on my 2 year contract, I can still upgrade after 12 months. Of course that would mean signing a new 1 or 2 year contract. Likely I will get another 2 year with the stipulation that I still CAN do another upgrade after 12 months with the discounted pricing as I have been doing. I plan to stay with Verizon as they have been good to me for 20+ years so I can't the service just works (for me) wonderfully. I'm planning a new upgrade at the start of Q3 and there should be some even better LTE phone to replace my WONDERFUL Droid INCREDIBLE then.

Doc Harley says:

I think AT&T allowed everyone to upgrade to the iPhone 4 to lock them in to a new 2-yr and at the same time raise the early termination fee from $175 to $350 (or whatever, $325?) because this was the last upgrade before they lost their exclusive contract.

I'm disappointed that Verizon is pulling this change, especially for customers who are expecting this under their current contract.

kabukijoe says:

LOL!!! It's almost as if they are just trying to push their customers buttons to see how much they can get away with.

This won't go over well with the general customer base AT ALL, people are still up in arms about the mandatory data plans on dumbphones, this will probably be the last straw for a lot of them. This is especially true for long time customers, they already expect more as it is because they've been with the company for 10 years or whatever.

tgrant1975 says:

This is exactly why I love sprint.... 12 months for my upgrade. I'm not gonna lie, verizon signal is a little better than sprint, but not big enough for me to switch. To b honest I can't remember the last time I had a dropped call. It really isn't that bad. I've been with sprint for about 7 yrs. and I'm pretty satisfied. Prices r great as well as their phones and customer service has improved ALOT!!!

Roshizzle731 says:

so now there is absolutely no reason to pay verizon's high prices.

Jolokia says:

So, is this change enough for us to get out of our existing Verizon contracts?

From what I understand, when Verizon changes the contract, we can use that as a reason to end the agreement without paying ETFs.

Does this change count for this purpose?

Menno says:

No, because your current contract isn't changing. At all. This only applies to people who upgrade after the date.

richdroidx says:

Doesn't effect existing just new after the january date.. but I agree if you want a phone every year sign a 1 year contract ..

That's what ill be doing. I've had good luck selling my older phones for new ones too so that hopefully keeps working for me.

donnie623 says:

Wow Verizon customers are getting the shaft bad. Network with the most subscribers but one of the last major carriers to develop 4G, ugly phones, and now you cant even upgrade to another ugly phone lol Sprint is about to be number 1 again just like before the Nextel buyout. Verizon is much money spent on rediculous network pumping commercials (remember the bb storm flop lmao) and not enough going to the customers. Verizons network could be much better, but its average. The future is in data and thats where Sprint leads the way. They had 3G way before att and verizon and they did it again with 4G all while keeping their prices low.

trenen says:

The World doesn't care about WiMax - the future is LTE. Looks like Sprint messed up again.

dguidry12 says:

You guys sure do let Verizon and AT&T get away with murder. By making the the largest carriers in the world they repay you with a constant greasing..LMAO all in the name of "good" coverage. My Sprint coverage is wonderful and in my case I'm saving approximately 890.00 a year by keeping them over the top 2 carriers. My data is fast as heck..don't need to use 4G and my text fly faster than the speed of sound..If i need to roam then im chilling on Verizon's network..LMAO at the ignorant American Consumer!!

trenen says:

"LMAO at the ignorant American Consumer!!"

Then what does that make you? You're on Sprint, an American network. Hypocrite.

gafly says:

"Please hold while the sprint subscriber you are trying to reach is located" is ONE OF THE MOST ANNOYING THINGS IN THE WORLD!

Ewing33855 says:

This paves the way for the iPhone...not that i care for that phone. VZW looks like they're prohibiting people from using their annual upgrade for the iPhone.

loooney2ns says:

It figures. My early upgrade date is January 31st. 2 weeks too late!

terryzx says:

If only the other phone companies had the GOOD phones instead of locking them to just one carrier, then we could go wherever we want and the prices would suddenly become reasonable.

mattchew86 says:

Times like this when I could afford the ridiculous ETF that verizon's charging. Amazon has the Evo for $99 x(

vzwty says:

Wow another reason for people to leave Verizon. Makes my decision to leave verizon for sprint 6 months ago feel even better. Not only did I save $40 a month, I have the best smartphone out right now in the EVO, and I am able to upgrade after one year of service. Soon I'll have two Android phones in a year's time. Sprint's CS has vastly improved and their network is just as good as Verizon's where I live.

lil_sunshine says:

Well, with the iPhone and LTE launching this year. I suspect that Verizon is trying to mitigate against supply problems. Their suppliers are not going to keep up with the demand for the iPhone and LTE devices.

wow never read so many arguements on whats best carrier for you me and anybody else.use what you got or want and quit trying to be a salesman or woman.people calling names and stuff nobodys depends on what you want to deal with or without.

FreakinDroid says:

I retract my last comment...I read it again and I was wrong..sorry..long day

riffdex says:

We signed up for our VZ contract last March and I expected to get an annual upgrade for my primary line pretty soon. Does this mean I don't get that annual upgrade anymore? Please someone answer me I really needa know... I went to My Verizon and it says I dont have an upgrade until 9/26/2011. It doesn't specify anything about my early upgrade. I was under the impression I had an early upgrade and they couldn't take it away from me..

culline59 says:

wow thats great that we only have to wait for 20 mins for new phone. That will be great for development services. Thanks