Droid Flash update

Verizon this morning made it official: The update for the original Droid that will enable you to officially run Adobe Flash is being pushed out. Here's the word:

Verizon Wireless has begun pushing an update today to the DROID by Motorola (introduced November 2009) that will allow customers to download Adobe Flash 10.1 via Android Market. Flash Player 10.1 provides access to millions of sites with rich content including animations, casual games, videos, rich internet applications, audio and much more.

Get your update yet? Let's hear it in the forums.

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hotkoko says:

I smell more bullshit

That's direct from Verizon, and not "Somebody told somebody." So exactly what is your problem with it?

hotkoko says:

well.. its always from Verizon. the article the other day actually showed from vzw website it was supposed to be pushed out on the 24th. its always bullshit.

That was leaked by who knows whom. This was put out by Verizon proper. Big difference.

hotkoko says:

who cares who leaked it. it was still from vzw and date still said 24th

dustinfrank says:

Yes, and on the 24th, the TEST roll-out DID happen. Go get some happy dude, eat a Twinkie or something....

sword_chucks says:

So it enables me to run flash, but it wont install flash? Fantastic! I was hoping that it wouldn't get installed.

hotkoko says:

ill hold my breath.

moosc says:

My Droid still hasn't received the first update

Laalipop says:

Cyanogen ftw!

Darian says:

Still don't understand why this wasn't included in the first 2.2 update.... jeez Verizon, your getting kinda sloppy and slow with your updates.

slayerpsp says:

why not just download the apk file install it your self why wait on Verizon its easy enough to find

hotkoko says:

yeah.. I tryed that. it wouldn't let me download it

DC TGN says:

Is there a manual update available?

pseudoelf says:

Do a search for that is supposed to be the version loaded on the Droid 2.

DroidWill says:

Well, I tried 2 different beta apk versions of the flash on my 2.2 droid with the first update within the last week. It is TERRIBLE. I don't understand how people are saying it works. It just doesn't. It is easy to find and install...it just doesn't work. But it appears some DROID's work with 2.2 and the flash apk and some do not. I'm the latter, so I am really looking forward to this OTA push.
I'm not rooted by the way.

pseudoelf says:

The newer official build runs much better. I used the beta 3 (ver I think) and it was very jumpy. The version that was purportedly pulled from the D2 ( is much better on my 600MHz D1 and my wife's stock D1. I haven't tried the latest ( yet.

DroidWill says:

I tried the It's better. At least the flash demo works mostly. Still laggy and slow. I tried the beta 3 with my droid last week and beta 2. I think I tried the Nexus one final version. No go.

I loaded beta 3 on a co-workers droid. Laggy also. I didn't try though. I don't get it? Oh well..maybe I will be OK with the latest OTA update. Fingers crossed.
I'm gonna root anyhow after this last one and overclock to 800mhz.

Nolano386 says:

My friend's stock Droid runs the final build of flash I sent her just fine on the initial Froyo update.

mdionis says:

If you use appbrain and install the fast web installer on your phone you can then login to appbrain on the desktop side and click the install button which then sends it to your phone which installs the flash player app from the market.

cea1203 says:

It is MORE Bullshit , also there is nothing special about froyo , this is just an attempt to build it up to so much more than it actually is its hilarious , they get everyone in a frenzy, and by the time most get it they are already discussing the next ( cheap) build of Android , then the whole process starts all over again and the whining begins , Hook, Line and Sinker come to mind every time this crap is posted

TvTechGuru says:

I don't understand, is this a whole new OTA 2.2 OS update? Or are they just publishing the Flash app to the market? Why can't they just do that? Why do they have to push a whole separate version of 2.2 to be compatible?

murraybowles says:

I got my first 2.2 update 15 min before their deadline, so I assume I'll get this one. I hope they slip in a fix to the half-dead flick-resistant homepage that they broke in the first 2.2.