Vector 41: Mergers and accusations

Vector is Mobile Nations technology news and analysis show featuring the biggest stories, the hottest trends, and the most interesting guests in the industry. On this week's show, Ben Bajarin of Techpinions talks with Rene about mergers, including the just-completed Microsoft and Nokia, the ongoing Comcast and Time Warner Cable, the just announced AT&T and DirectTV, and the rumored YouTube and Twitch and Apple and Beats deals.

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Vector 41: Mergers and accusations


The guy on the left in the picture looks like he's thinking "What the fuck is that thing?", lol...

as the guy on the right says. "I have one in each pocket. See how much my jeans are stretched out, walking is so easy with my new 5.7" screen phone. I have to walk cause I cant bend my leg to get in and out of the truck"

listened to the podcast on this one great job Rene keep them coming there were some great points there made you think of how the landscape is changing and how it benefits us and the companies along with down sides and good sides.

I quit listening to Vector because no matter the topic, the podcast always seems to be Apple centric and seems to elevate Apple above everything else. Why don't you just call it what it is, the iMore podcast.

We try really, really, really hard to make that not the case.

I think there's also some hypersensitivity, but that's a symptom of how the news handles Apple in general.

Calling it the iMore show is just silly, though. I really hope we don't have too many people with partisan, extremist views on Mobile Nations because wondrous diversity is good for everyone.

If you don't love what Apple, Microsoft, Google, and other companies are doing these days, you have a problem. We're getting great stuff from everyone.

My apologies Rene. You're correct. I need to be more open minded. Just listened in full to this podcast and it was excellent! Not Apple centric at all. :)