Dell Streak

The bad news: The U.S. version of the Dell Streak launched with Android 1.6. The good news: It might skip Android 2.1 altogether and go straight to Android 2.2. Normally I'd never pass up a perfectly good Eclair (to which my waistline would sadly nod its head in agreement), but in this case I'll make an exception. A leap to Froyo would make sense, and let's hope we start seeing a few other phones (cough, Xperia X10) follow suit. [@LionelAtDell via Engadget]


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U.S. Dell Streak may skip Eclair, go straight to Froyo


Knocking at the door? Froyo has long since beaten down the door lol, his cousin the Gingerbread Man is coming a knocking soon :)

It's hard to understand why it comes with 1.6. Unless it was in some some long development cycle since 1.6 was new and the devs weren't comfortable porting it at the time 2.x was announced.

And even then maybe they planned on releasing it LONG ago and got delayed. Not way after multiple Android OS iterations.

Otherwise I can't think of a reason for 1.6.

"See that I'm purchasing one of these Thursday for my wife to be used on T-Mo that would really be nice for her."

Hope your wife is ready to switch to AT&T, being it is locked to AT&T only.

Dell fails hard releasing this with 1.6. Aren't they also releasing some phone with 1.5 version. Seriously Dell WTF?!?!

Google should revoke their right to the market, they are just giving android a bad name releasing shit phones like that.

By the time this thing gets 2.2 if ever it will be 2011 and ginger will be out.