If you're making use of a rooted device, chances are you have a screenshot application installed. If nothing else, rooting your device for the fact you can then easily take screenshots is enough alone. Being unrooted and trying to take screenshots just sucks. That said, many of you out there are likely using ShootMe as your screenshot app of choice and if so you'll want to hit the Android Market as soon as you can and grab the latest update that is now available.

Having been just a pretty basic screenshot app in the past, ShootMe has now evolved into a screenshot and screencasting app. A new user interface is now in effect and ShootMe is looking pretty damn awesome. The new screencasting portion, while not perfect, is a pretty sweet inclusion to the app allowing you to record videos off of your device right up to 10 frames per second on supported devices. No audio recording is present, but that's not essentially vital to the apps working as you can easily voice over a video at a later time if need be. Plus, there is always the chance it could be added in a later update. Awesome update to say the least. Hit the break for the download link if you're on a rooted device. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Updated ShootMe adds screencast support and a new user interface


Pretty slick and works well on the Droid X, once you start the continuous what is the easiest way to turn off? Hopefully without going back into Shootme and Quit.

Yeah.. you do have to click on the icon until the quit pop up comes up. Not that big of a deal though.

I love it abut wouldn't it be easier to use a feature like HOLD THE BACK button for 3 seconds instead of shaking my phone lol. Also I have a EVO 4G unrooted and it works perfectly.

Its weird how it works on my EVO 4G unrooted but a friends Droid Incredible unrooted it doesn't work at all....Verizon!!!!

My guess is that audio recording while screencasting will come eventually. Why? ShootME requires permission to record audio.

The developer is working on it. It's listed in the update information on the Android Market. Should have said that in the post itself but I didn't notice it until after I had already posted.

the screencast is pretty cool; works just fine on my rooted and unloved ("No FroYo for YOU!") FASN8. too bad the frame rate isn't a little higher and the video a little bigger but thats ok. me likey. :)