Try to contain yourselves here, folks, but the upcoming (and still unannounced) Samsung Galaxy S III apparently will use a quad-core Samsung Exynos system, a "high-ranking" Samsung exec told Korea Times. Shouldn't be much of a surprise there — Samsung's been using Samsung chips (and displays, and who knows what else) in its own phones for quite some time. The bigger story perhaps is that it looks like Exynos processors finally will be playing nice with 4G radios (remember that NVIDIA Tegra 3 chips are finally getting there, too, as seen in a Fujitsu prototype), which will allow Samsung to forgo using other manufacturers' processors.

Of course, we still have no real idea of when we'll see any of this come to market. When Samsung announced its new 32nm Exynos 5250 in November 2011, it said it was scheduled for mass production in the second quarter of 2012.

Source: Korea Times


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Upcoming Samsung phone to use Samsung processor, says anonymous Samsung exec


What does it have to do with Exynos 5250 if the guy said it will have a quad core chip? Exynos 5250 is dual core.

Well there is the 5450 which is quad core...fingers crossed that that actually ends up being the chip...sadly though, its probably going to end up being the 4412 instead

Thank god - then maybe we'll get a batch of SGS3's that aren't crippled like the 2's ended up. I know lots of people who went on and on about how performance was comporable - but I had a Tmobile SGS2 then "upgraded" to an Epic Touch 4g and it was a noticeable improvement in both general purpose navigation and game performance. The Exynos is a monster - can't wait to see what the quad core can do!