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Same 50% off up to $100 will apply when sale comes back

If you've headed over to the TYLT website to get in on its Cyber Monday sale today, you've likely had some issues getting through the checkout process. Go to the store now and you'll see the above message that's a bit more reassuring. As often happens to sites during huge sales, TYLT is having some stability issues with its system — and they're big enough that it's postponing its sales to another day.

The Cyber Monday sale over at TYLT is offering 50 percent off your purchase with a maximum discount of $100, and that's a pretty huge deal if there are a few neat accessories you've had your eyes on. The remedy right now is to give your name and email address to TYLT, and be notified when the sale will return.

It's not the best situation ever, but it's great to see TYLT offer the discount for those who showed up on Monday for the sale.

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moosc says:

If u want a solid qi charger for nexus 5 or nexus 7 the VU is perfect for it. And a great deal.

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Thanks, moosc!! I'll check it out.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

I wonder will Motorola will get on board.

UJ95x says:

Was about to comment this

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Zurvivor says:

Muahaha mine went through just fine >:D

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Link was not actually provided, a competing website has provided it, however.

I tried to give the link, but it won't let me.

EDIT: And now my original comment has been deleted. Really guys? REALLY?

Hey, Alvin. Sorry for the trouble. We're doing some work on our comments system and things are wonky. :-/

It probably confused my comment with spam because I was trying to share the link to sign up for the make-up sale.

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Johnny Z says:

I have heard of issues with the TYLT VU qi charger causing the Nexus 5 to overheat to the point where it is too hot to pick up. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2522361&highlight=tylt

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Amazins71 says:

I would highly recommend the TYLT VU charger. I use it with my Nexus 7 (2013) and I have no issues with it. It's a charger and a stand. I use it with the daydream feature on my Nexus 7.

lakaw says:

I'm using the Vu with my G2. Works great, albeit @ a slower than A/C charge. Have not experienced any heat issues.

ctk4949 says:

I have been trying to place an order for 20mins now and each time my cart goes crazy!! It keeps adding more stuff. I just want ONE Tylt Vu charger!!

prissysox says:

Has anyone had success today? Have you gotten an email?

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ultraviolet says:

I tried a little while ago and it looked like it was working. I tried the 50off_ty!t code and it said it expired. Have not received an email....

I guess they're not too worried about making up for the lost sales.

djousma says:

Emails have gone out, and I just placed an order that was 50% off. Thanks Tylt!

asuri0423 says:

I was able to place 2 orders on their website on Monday (took like 2 hours). I recieved confirmation emails for both, but when I go to their website and try to look up my order based on the order number they provided it just says "no records returned." I also filled out the form above, but never received an email with a code. Is anyone else having this problem? Should I just assume my orders that went through got canceled?