Twitter for Firefox OS

Twitter has announced that they will be among the first marquee applications to support Firefox OS. Mozilla announced yesterday that Firefox has committed mobile operators in 18 markets, and that Alcatel, ZTE, and Huawei are partnered to build devices for the new OS.

Android Central at Mobile World Congress

The interface they are showing looks very much like the Android app, and Twitter says the application offers a rich experience, and is easy to use. In addition to the standard functions, Twitter plans to take advantage of Firefox OS' unique Web Activity feature, and users will be able to tweet out from any app that supports them.

For more information about Firefox OS, visit Mozilla's blog, and for information about Twitter for Firefox visit the source link.

Source: Twitter


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Twitter announces support for Firefox OS, app to be in Firefox Marketplace when devices ship


That's what I'm wondering. Ubuntu Touch and Firefox OS seem to be on the rise. Perhaps webOS Nation could be turned into a site for all three open-source, little-used (currently, anyway) mobile OS's.