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No word on update for original Galaxy S4 on the carrier

The tri-band Galaxy S4 (that's the one with Sprint Spark capabilities) is the latest Sprint device to get the recently-introduced Wifi Calling feature. This means after the update you'll be able to make completely free calls when connected to Wifi without the potential of using up your minutes if you don't have an unlimited talk plan.

Best of all the service itself is free, with no strings attached — your phone will handle the move to Wifi calling seamlessly in the background. The update for Wifi Calling will be rolling out to all tri-band Galaxy S4s (sorry, the original Galaxy S4 isn't included in this rollout) starting today, with all updates being completed in a few weeks.

Sprint still plans to bring Wifi Calling to additional devices throughout the year, but it's good to see it at least getting to the most popular devices first.

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Tri-band variant of Sprint Galaxy S4 receiving update to enable Wifi Calling


Interesting. I suppose this would solve the dropped call issue the network upgrade has caused over the past couple of years unless incoming calls cannot be handled through wifi though I am unsure how it works. Airaves use wifi but they also boost the Sprint signal in your area. Does wifi calling do anything for your signal? If you have very low signal to begin with will the Sprint network know to route incoming calls over wifi? Does this help with texts at all? Another article states a CDMA signal must be present which would make thing seem a little less usefull.

I wonder why they still haven't updated the Nexus 5 for Spark yet. Unless we are waiting on Google for that which would be kind of funny...

To enable SPARK on the Nexus 5 go to XDA and search, or call Sprint's customer care from a phone that is not your Nexus 5.

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I have read I can enable those extra bands but I thought an actual update was needed for it to work the way it does on other Spark phones.

As far as I know Sprint hasn't released the update yet, but they are willing to manually help you turn it on.

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Wifi calling is what Sprint is doing to phase out the Airave.

Wifi Calling is basically a software only version of the Airave.

(Use another Internet connection you pay for to get the services you pay Sprint for, but can't get.)

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It's really nice to see the Wifi calling update on a phone that no Sprint store actually carries. Got the LG G2 because I couldn't find a SPARK enabled S4 anywhere.
I thank you Sprint for forcing me to realize LG has better quality than Samsung.

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T mobile... I wish T mobile had something like this for us on the 100 min 5G data plan (using an unlocked phone)

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Yeah, unfortunately the wifi calling on TMo is only for TMo branded phones. It is too integrated into the OS itself to release just an app.

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Tmobile does have this feature on unlocked phones. It's called Google Voice. (Use it while connected to Wifi with your phone in airplane mode.)

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Does this use GPS to ensure you're in a sprint location? ( aka can it be used when traveling abroad and on Wifi etc)

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Please tell me that you aren't one of those people that walked in and didn't read any of the product info or the box your device came in.

Carriers love those types of people. It's easy to get over on them.

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I wonder if they are doing this slow roll out to test it and then when all current phones have it they will eventually lose the Everything plans for the Wifi?

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Anybody know what ports need to be open on a firewall for this to work? Doesn't work on behind my corporate firewall.

My firewall saw outgoing TCP 444 and TCP 10086. Once I allowed them WiFi calling started working and no further denies were seen.