There's a whole lot of people waiting on the Jelly Bean update for the HTC EVO LTE. They are an anxious bunch. There's a good reason for the anxiety, as dates keep coming and passing, with no update being delivered. It's frustrating reading about all the Jelly Bean features, having a phone that's kick-ass enough to run them like nobody's business, and having to wait for it. 

Maybe. just maybe, the end of the waiting is near. A look at the most recent Sprint Playbook shows the 3.15.651.16 update becoming available tomorrow (Dec. 13). Of course, it's not the first date the Playbook has spat out that didn't come to fruition. Nor is it the second. In fact, it's reached the point where we have no idea what to expect or believe. We just know that your EVO LTE will be better, stronger, and faster when it comes.

I sure hope that day is tomorrow. You'll know as soon as it happens if you follow along with the hawks in the EVO LTE forums.

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LTEVO update


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WeGlobal says:

I have no use for this now, but I hope all my fellow EVO-lutioners that are unrooted get the update.

a22matic says:

I do, so let's just hope it's true. A lot of EVO LTE owners would be very happy.

My EVO LTE has given up all hope. It's resorted to writing emo haikus and wearing black eyeliner. 

crowrb29 says:

bahaha. I'm about to run mean rom.

Coolnee says:

According to, the phone is Android 4.1. Hmmmmm Maybe sometime this afternoon we will see an update.

junebug72 says:

To little to late.. I switched few days ago to the note 2 because of my issues and no solid info on fix. And definitely feel I made good choice.

Sweet! We're "Hawks" now!

Stovicek says:

Save the update. I'd rather have some LTE love in my service area. I'm already giving T-Mobile a trial run with a Nexus 4 and I'm surrounded by HSPA+ at one third the price. Looks like a carrier switch is in my near future.

84guy says:

how would them stopping an already finished update, speed up LTE roll out? O.o

BrianBaker says:

Bwahahahaha...This better be 3rd time the charm for our Poor little red headed step child One X's in Sprint land.

crxssi says:

Might be a red-headed stepchild (or at least red-striped) but it has a kickstand, an SD card, a bigger battery, a camera shutter button, and a metal case! Me thinks it the One X that is "red" with envy :)

SooksVI says:

Haha, if anything, the Evo LTE is the quiet nerdy outcast that grows up to rule them all.

What about the AT&T One X?

mazzmoney95 says:

Seeing as AT&T was the last carrier to update the S3 to jellybean besides verizon, I'm not surprised that this phone gets it first.

mazzmoney95 says:

While I have already made the switch from sprint to tmobile and a nexus 4, this update is a little too late for me. I still have my evo lte though, so i might unroot it and test this out when i find the time.

axllebeer says:

It really bugs me that on Sprint my BlackBerry Bold 9930 was always updated before any of the ones on all the other carriers, now that's I have my Evo, I'm playing the waiting game again. I blaming HTC this time around.

Fingers are crossed for this update so tightly that I'm loosing blood flow in them!

kullkid92x says:

NAAOO. JellyBean NAAOO. numnumnum :))) (((:


WOOOOOOOOO!! This looks like the real deal!!!

hmmm says:

No mention of LTE connection fixes. I doubt they have fixed anything at all. They shipped this stupid phone knowing that connecting to LTE didn't work right and they don't know how to fix it. Shouldn't have to toggle airplane mode all the time. One bar of LTE is better than sprints fastest 3G. LTE should overrule any 3G connection on Sprint.

Mrshades says:

Well, I know MikeyXDA will be whipping up some Jelly Bean luv soon!!!

Yes sir, can't wait for MeanJelly!

Yeah, I jumped ship on the Evo LTE and am now enjoying Jelly Bean on the Galaxy Note 2. I do miss HTC Sense. Here's to hoping HTC gets their act together next year with the Evo line and release a phone absent of fatal flaws like their unique multitasking "feature" and can go toe to toe with Sammy

WeGlobal says:

Phone is running Android 4.1 according to the Sprint site. Its getting close.

Coolnee says:

I see that too. I'm thinking around this afternoon we will have the update. It's a shame That this phone came out before the GS3, yet that phone, (the Sprint version that is) already has the update.

kinster02 says:

I'll be joining the Note 2 camp next week as a Xmas present. Love the Evo LTE but someone else will have to enjoy the update.

bigtank says:

all these folks saying they have already or will jump ship to a Samsung device must be paying full price for their units. Unless they are leaving Sprint and going to another carrier.

Yeah that's just nuts. Only way I'm leaving is by getting a Nexus. It's just not with it yet to me. They might also have paid for the Evo ave used the upgrade for the Note.

hmmm says:

I did this once by selling my current phone and then buying the one I wanted on ebay. (Sold an EVO Shift and bought a Nexus S) You will lose some money but definitely not the $550-$600 buying it outright would cost.

Just received jelly bean at 1:28 here in Washington,DC