Thive Update

Look at what we have here, an update already for the yet to be released Toshiba Thrive, that a few lucky folks have been able to land their hands on. While there is no detailed break down of the update available currently, it does lead us to believe that Toshiba is still hard at work making sure that the device is perfect for the official release. If you have been able to land a Thrive early, have you updated yet, and if so have you noticed any changes? Be sure to let us know all your thoughts and findings in the forums!

Thanks, Ken!

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Hitch_Itch says:

The update went smooth for me, Still haven't been able to figure out what it has changed.


pDoG says:

I really REALLY like this tablet. Working at best buy in lewisville Texas in the computer department and with the tabs I am always just messing with it. I wish the back wasn't so plasticky though.

blackbyrd says:

What do you like about this in regards to the other android tabs out there? Does this one add anything new or different when compared to the g-tab 10.1, transformer, xoom, or iconia? I have the ASUS, & while i really love it, i know the only thing that really sets it apart from the other HC tabs out there is its dock. Does the thrive have anything like that?

blackbyrd says:

Double post. Sorry.

moosc says:

and look it has 3.1 already

candroid90 says:

WOW. Moto can learn a thing or two from Toshiba.