Android Central reader meet-up

The time has come, boys and girls. We're in New York City (when are we not, these days?) tonight for the first official Android Central reader meet-up. (Official as in nobody's going to have to file a restraining order when it's over. We hope.)

We'll be meeting with a few of our favorite fellow Android blogers -- and most important, 500 or so of our closest friends. You! And for those of you who were able to score tickets, a few giveaways are in order. Samsung's going to be on hand to show off the upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 (among other wares, most likely), and will be giving away five of the Honeycomb devices. They'll also be giving away five smartphones. And we've brought along a few T-shirts and other swag to put on the pile.

For everybody coming tonight, see you at 7. (Full details are here.) For everybody else, we'll be covering the event as only Android Central can.


Reader comments

Tonight, we take New York ...


WE'RE SOLD OUT! We've had a number of email requests for access but we're at capacity. Please add yourself to the waitlist and we'll contact you as tickets become available.

will you wear a name tag? or will we all just flock around Phil to recognize each other? :)

EDIT: i will recon Phil by his hands, so familiar from dozens of unboxing and review videos

I shall be there tonight as I was one of the people who went on the wait list and received an email for registration and ticket.

Next time pick a bigger venue, I think you guys underestimate your following, especially in New York! Have fun everyone wish I couldve made it!

How feasable would it be to have an event like this in major metropolitan areas?
I am in Dallas, for example.
Or have several that are regionalized.

totally sucks!! was gonna go for it as would have loved to meet up with you guys but i have class tonight in college :( oh well maybe next time.

I say you all should do a meet up in Houston Next. Come on us people in the center of the country feel left out of all these cool shows.