Tiny Tower

At long last, Tiny Tower -- the 16-bit game that crams SIM City into a skyscraper -- is available on Android. You control "blitzens" who live and work in the building as you erect new floors and businesses. The elevator is obvious mode of moving up and down, and you can easily start and stop, making this a great game for those down times when you don't want to get too terribly involved.

Tiny Tower's free, and we've got download links for ya after the break.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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kameleon says:

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot..... Not compatible with either my Optimus V or my G2x.... something ain't right there. lol

PoLaRBe4r says:

X2 on my G2X

PoLaRBe4r says:

Worst part is it works well on the G2X, find the APK on google, download, install, it will tell you your device is not supported and to email them if you run into anything, walla.

Time killer :)

gsmalleus says:

Been waiting for this, but it isn't compatible with my OG Droid :( One more reason Samsung and Verizon need to release the Galaxy Nexus so I can upgrade!!!

Also permissions required include: Fine GPS location, Read Contact Data, in addition to a number of other permissions.

willfalls says:

Apparently it's not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Tab either, because it keeps saying, "item not found" when I scan or search for it. :o(

kameleon says:

kinda makes me wonder what exact phone it IS compatible with. lol

El Jefe says:

Its working on my Droid X

Nirvana328 says:

works with my almost 2 year old Nexus One. Gotta love Vanilla Android!

muscal says:

I used to play Sim Tower a lot! Is this game like it?

OHTodd says:

I was excited about this until I saw all the permissions it was asking for.

Chance says:

The permission's are ridiculous. Especially for a game.

HUGE WASTE OF TIME....I'm embarrassed to say that I played this game. Word to the wise, spend your time doing something meaningful or playing a better game. It's monotonous, time consuming, and ultimately pointless. There are much better games out there, which are more challenging and fulfilling then Tiny Tower.

This game is the Tamagotchi of 2011 but worse.

Kekoh says:

Jesus, these permissions are way too much for a game... The app they posted yesterday, Sprinkle, is an awesome game and it only wants network access.

I went through and blocked a chunk of those permissions in Tiny Tower and it seems to be working fine.

PaulH2 says:

Hmm, no love for the XOOM either, oh well...

GensBB says:

Market says its compatible with my Xoom and Droid2.....

godsidekurt says:

So I am a former SimTower gamer...and was excited to learn about this game. However once I checkout the ratings I learned some about these permissions? I wondered if they are really something to worry about? Would someone be willing to explain that to me? Why do they need access to my contacts or GPS for example...

Waiting to download for now,